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January 08, 2010



That Pagewood Farms colourway is gorgeous!!!! Sorry I missed out on that one!


I have the Pagewood Farm yarn that was part of the sock club and I love it. Have any ideas for a pattern that would work well--pretty but not so difficult that I can't work on it during the Olympics? My default pattern is always the monkey socks.


Nancy, If you haven't used the Spring Forward pattern, I've knit that with PF Denali before and really liked it.

It's a really simple pattern- one that you really can't lose your way in, so it owuld likely be really good for Olympic watching.

Anyone else have any other suggestions?


Thanks Allison, I just pulled that pattern (had already copied it) and think it would be perfect. I am all set for Feb 1.


I have some SSYC Alchemy Juniper Rio, Aquamarine, Joshua Tree, Amethyst, and Jade stashed. But I'm going to use the Rio for the knitalong. Just copied the button and will be posting it to my blog soon.


Hmmmmmm. I too have that yarn & love it. But I am in the mood to knit something other than socks. Perhaps a small triangular shawlette or scarf. I have a nice small triangular scarf that is fairly simple to knit. I'll have to check to see how much yarn it takes. If I don't have enough of the PF maybe I'll use some if the DIC Starry or the Butterfly. It has to be fairly simple because we are going on a family (extended - the 2 of us, my 2 daughters, son in law & the 3 grands) for a week next month. We are going to Legoland & environs. So there won't be much knitting time during that week!


Allison, thank you very much for the idea of Spring Forward. I might try it: it looks lovely :)

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