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January 26, 2010



Good luck with the potty training.

With regard to the other parents. Every child is an individual, and you and Joe are in the best position to know what is right for James, so do what you think works for your family, after all what is best for someone else isn't necessarily best for everyone.

You are seriously tempting my Mini Mochi addiction here!


I felt a great deal of pressure to potty train from other moms. My son's child care provider helped me get straight though. She said as long as he wasn't wearing diapers when he went off to college we were cool. Of course I didi not take her lterally but it gave me pause enough to realize the problem was MINE and not his. He would do it when he was ready and he did.

Cyndy C.

There will always be other parents bragging about something or implying that they have the inside track on the best preschool, classroom teacher, summer camp, etc. It makes them feel better but half of it isn't true. It is hard to ignore isn't it?

One strategy that seemed to work once my son was interested in potty training was to check the diaper frequently and lavish praise when he was clean and dry. All three did better using a small seat on the regular toilet seat. There was much sitting on the potty and singing and dancing to the video but little or no "action".

Must signup for theFeb KAL. Nutkins!!

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