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January 11, 2010



I don't even bother with a tapestry needle now:

It accomplishes the same thing but for whatever reason I find it so much easier.


Pretty socks! I usually do knit for me, but if the results don't fit me or look good on me, the object goes in the gift drawer. That drawer is getting a little full - time for a give-away!


Love the socks! The colors are great!

Linda Hillin

I love the idea of knitting socks for myself!


I just love your socks. Self striping yarn helps me to knit along at a faster pace.


Oh that was fast. Love the colour changes of Opal.


added to my blog! yay!


I really love these socks! Very cheerful!!! and I agree abt self striping socks, they seem to keep me interested. I can create goals of *I want to get to the grey stripe before I stop* which helps me knit a bit further a long in one sitting than variegated or solid color yarns.


Gorgous - my favourite skein of the Antonia's - you knit them so pretty!!!

best Ute :)

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