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January 20, 2010



Rudi gave me a skein of Crock-o-Dye for Christmas and it is exactly the sort of skein you want as a pet -- luxuriously soft, beautifully colored, and without the tendency to leave hairballs in the path between bed and the bathroom.


Did you just put the Pewter color up today? (I don't remember it from yesterday) - anyway I just bought the Pewter and the Chocolate. Can't wait to see how they knit up. Your Pagewood Farms socks are SO pretty - will have to try that yarn next. Re- K4ME in 2010 - I was just reading a blog (forget which one) where the blogger listed all they knitted in '09. Something like 21 hats, 2 prs. of socks PER MONTH and some scarves and shawls. I think my bamboo / birch needles would have heat char marks on them - holy cow!


How beautiful is your sock.. I bet you can't wait to finish the other one so that you can crown your feet with prettiness.. I love the colorway.. The Pewter is also lovely. A pair of gray socks may be needed..


Diane, I'm wondering if you are referring to Carole at ? I recently read her 2009 list and was very impressed. Yes, I just put the Pewter up today- for some reason it didn't end up on the website and I like that one the best!


I am just drooling over those Pagewood Farm socks. I'm going to have to find mine. I've been thinking about the Crock O Dye ever since I found out about it. Somehow I missed that you carry it. I feel another order coming on! Love the Pewter.


Allison - no that wasn't the blog - although I just read that one and she is impressive too. The one I saw was
And I mis-read what she wrote - her stats were her goals for 2010 - but she does have a long list of knit items and she says before 2009 she never knit on dps, etc so this was her year of knitting first and lots of very nice things she had completed. She has some photos of her completed projects. I don't dare set long term knitting goals for myself. I would rather surprise myself by all accomplished than to have list hanging over my head. She actually has a meter on her site for how much yarn she has knit over the year. I am afraid that is out of my league too :-)
Looking forward to the Crock-O-Dye to arrive.

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