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January 05, 2010



Excellent idea! I agree. That's the colourway of Antonia I have my eye on.

How about "2010 - year of ME"?

I'm going to try to use some of those really pretty skeins that I always think are 'too pretty to knit' to make myself some socks this year.


Sock it to ME?
Super cheesy!


Allison - I sent you an email with my suggestion to go with your idea. JPEG attached...SPEAKING OF KNITTING FOR YOURSELF - did you see this man (Brian) knitting 7 prs of socks at the same time for himself (I am assuming they are for him)? Has one for every day of the week and a video clip of him explaining the different socks. He apparently was at Sock Summit. Just found this yesterday.


Yes, I talk to him quite often at Skacel, and seeing those socks on one long needle was pretty cool, wasn't it?
Thanks for the button- I think it's a go!


It was cool and I liked his idea to have a specific pair of socks for each day of the week - he has me thinking about which yarn reminds me of which day of the week - I think I will try that but one pair at a time :-)

And maybe birthday party socks too...for just in case.


I have decided to do this, too! Do you know the only scarves I own were bought for me at mass retail stores by other people? Ack. So I'm knitting/crocheting mainly for myself this year, and only for other people when the mood really strikes me, or maybe for their birthdays. I'm nearly done with a scarf/shawl for myself now, and am moving on to a Cashmere cowl next. Mine, all mine!
Thank you to you and your like-minded readers who make me feel less selfish. :)



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