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January 14, 2010



So sorry you are sick. I too would often just lay on the floor with a pillow under my head and try to just keep up with the running dialogue my girls would have as they played with their dolls, puzzles or whatever they were doing.
Hope you feel better soon...


I have an only, so I've been there. I found snoozing on the couch while she played with noisy toys (that way I knew where she was). She also didn't like movies, so I couldn't count on that distraction.

Lisa P.


bummer for you. My "kids" are now 18, 16, and 12 and it's still a challenge when I'm sick.

No big words of wisdom, but I too would often lie on the couch while they played nearby, or popping kid videos in the tv one after the other till they rebelled.

Good luck, I remember my Mom during these times would just gently remind me that it would eventually be back to normal and you just have to sometimes push through it.

Good luck, and get well soon . . . .

Amanda Cathleen

so been there. With my husbands work schedule I am always up a creek when I'm sick. When Kailey (who's know 3) was younger I would put her in the playpen with a few toys that where in the "emergency backpack" (which holds toys, copies of insurance cards and a bit of money in case we have to run to the ER, dr's office, or the toys for a long car trip) I would use the playpen only when I had to cook dinner, there wasn't anyone to help me keep her away from the stove. So I would stick her in there to keep her safe.
I've also been able to get my kids to cuddle on the couch with me and watch tv. I'm a very light sleeper so them moving wakes me up. when I tell them that I don't feel good they seem to try to help out. There have even been a few nights where I've had horrible migraines and we've had cereal for dinner (total last resort). I hope you feel better soon!

Debbie B

So sorry to hear you are sick and hope you feel better soon. Even though you may not think so, you are doing the right thing. Every kid is different, every mom is different and we all do the best we can to cope. I can remember more than once being so ill with a little one, with them crayons and colorings or play-doh.
I really detest people who seem to come out of the wood work with horror stories for pregnant women, don't you just want to slap them? or maybe it's just me.


I've had a migraine since Sunday and can so commiserate. When my children were little, I often got migraines several times a week. That's when we would lay on the sofa together and watch TV, or play quiet games. One of my favorites was to take a stack of cards (numbers, alphabet, word, flash cards...whatever was appropriate at the age they were.) I'd show a card and if they were able to say what was on the card they kept it. If not, I kept it. If they got too noisy celebrating when they got a card, I GOT TO KEEP IT!!! That way they stayed quiet, they learned and they kept their voices down! :o)


You just have to do the best and whatever you can to take care of yourself until the meds / antibiotics kick in. This is one of those things that never makes it into those parenting books. I remember what it feels like to be sick with little ones - you can just feel like crying... I went through cancer treatement when my son was 12 and daughter was 9. I had to talk my son through making dinner many times then. Wasn't easy but you do what you have to do. It's more important to take care of yourself than catch up on business, housework, etc. They'll still be there in a week and a year. Just rest as much as you can. As far as meals - that's what canned soup, microwave meals, take out, and sandwiches are for:-) The best mother isn't one who keeps a spotless home and has wonderful meals all the time - the best mother is the one with a big heart & who loves much - and takes care of herself - even when she isn't sick. Hope you feel better soon Allison! Wish I could email dinner to you....


I am so sorry you are sick--know what a bear that ear/sinus stuff can be. I don't have any children so no good advice, but maybe it is time for a real SOS. Does your mom live close enough to help with James for a day or two or a friend that could sit with him for a few hours so at least you could get a good nap.


So sorry you are not feeling well - the only thing worse than a sinus infection is a sinus infection while flying or while having to parent. I think the reason you don't hear too many people talk about how they coped with being sick & having to take care of little ones is that the memories are just a blur. I think your method - trying to stay aware enough to keep James safe while lying on the floor or couch - is probably the most common. Only once was I sick enough for long enough that my Mom came to stay with us (I was falt on my back with a horrible, horrible viral throat infection for THREE WEEKS). Other illnesses only lasted 2 or 3 days & generally, I tried to make it thru the day (which unfortunately usually involved getting at least one of my girls ready for school/pre school) until my husband came home from work. Once we both had bad cases of the flu & I remember the girls had toast & tea & PBJ for a few meals. I find that kids also seem to sense when you don't feel well & make an effort to be extra good.


It isn't easy when you have kids and get sick. Do you have a friend nearby that could help by taking James for a couple of hours so you could rest? Don't worry that "stuff" piles up - it will be there when you are feeling better and you can tackle it then. Bottom line is moms don't get to get sick -


Oh, you poor thing! It's definitely easier when they are a little older, and the attention span is a little longer. However, I do remember piling books and toys around my kids, and lying on the couch while they played on the floor in front of me. It's not ideal, but you can con yourself into thinking you're getting a little more rest. As for everything else not getting done, don't beat yourself up about it - it'll all still be there when you perk up again!

Feel better soon!


When my daughter was a toddler, I would block off the living room, fill it with toys, and sleep on the couch in the room with her. She was as safe as I could make her and I knew that she would cry, crawl on me, or otherwise let me know when she needed me. Everything that wasn't absolutely necessary was put on hold. And my definition of necessary pretty much included changing diapers and providing food, that's it - no baths, no laundry, no actual cooking, and no working!

Have some hot tea, chicken soup, and feel better as soon as you can.

Marti Johnson (aka Sock Queen)

Allison: If I couldn't dump "child watch" on my sympathetic husband, I'd call a friend with a child and ask for her help; since she knew that I'd return the favor when she was in a needy position, it worked perfectly. My wild 2-yr-old daughter would spend the day with them, and I'd sleep all day. Husband would pick up daughter on his way home and watch her for the evening. A day or two of this, and I'd know by then that I'd survive.

Andee in aZ

I can completely sympathize! My kids are grown now but I remember having a 2 and a half year old with WAY TOO MUCH energy (he turned out to be high functioning autistic) while I was pregnant with my daughter..I was SO sick the whole time, I can't even tell you. I babyproofed his room, and when absolutely desparate would lay in it across it on the inside and doze on and least he was safe. It was a long pregnancy! Hope you are feeling better soon!


Pretty much what you did!! I'd lay on the floor or couch and just make sure they stayed alive that day. If I was REALLY sick (like the time I kept throwing up), my dh would stay home from work. But for those days where I was sick (but not feeling like I was dying), I would keep Nick or Disney on all day for the distraction and just make sure they kept out of harm's way. Not much more you can really do....

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