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December 08, 2009



I have a picture of my brother (I love to tease him with it) crying on Santa's lap when he was about the same age as James he was 46 last week.
Got light up on the front porch and wreaths hung.


LOL - I haven't seen hair like that since the late 60s early 70s! No wonder James is looking at Santa like that OR maybe it's because Santa isn't wearing ANYTHING that has been hand knit - hmmm. My sisters and brothers all reacted the same way to Santa - and I have a picture of me with that "little kid freaked out sitting on Santa's lap" look. My son used to have a hat like James's hat - was from the Strasburg Railroad gift shop - and he is now (yikes) 25 now - where does the time go?


Oh James looks so adorable! But then I think there isn't much that is cuter than a toddler wearing overalls - esp with an engineer's cap! I love the expression on his face - looking at Santa a little skeptically!

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