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December 14, 2009


Linda Doggett

Hung a wreath on the front door. That's it, nice and easy. The dog and cats don't care if I decorate or not!

Denise Russart

My tree - a white one I bought new last year and love - is decorated with all european type glass ornaments like the Radko brand etc. They shine lovely against the white tree but my favorites are the old european glass that were my great grandmother's. They've lost some of their sparkle but you can't tell when the tree is lit and are now nearly 150 years old!

Denise Sheaves

We decorate the entire house. Two trees, many wreaths, boughs on our banisters, above our kitchen cabinets. The outside is completely decorated as well. To bad most of it was covered in a recent snow storm! We love snowmen, so our yarn and house are adorned with many varities. Our kids love Christmas. We also have a large Nativity above the fireplace. This is the focal point of our family room. Merry Christmas!

Elaine Boston

We put up a Christmas tree this year after a long hiatus of 15 years with no Christmas tree. It was fun decorating it with all new ornaments. I put some mini knitted socks, mini knitted mittens and a few counted cross stitch ornaments on the tree along with glass ornaments. It looks like a nice "country tree."

Michele Catalano

I have some ornaments that were made by people who are now dearly departed... including my sister-in-law's grandmother. My sis-in-law loves seeing her Nana's ornaments on our tree Christmas Eve...


I like to decorate a live rosemary topiary tree with miniature Hallmark ornaments collected for many years. I add a string of lights and a bow to the top, and it makes a very cute addition to my fireplace hearth.

Deanna Johnson

Many years ago when my kids were small we made stuffed snowmen with OMG, store bought white socks! Oh the shame of that, but I didn't even know how to knit back then! lol! we molded orange carrot noses and button eyes and tied ripped christmas cloth around the necks for scarves. Each year my now teens, still get excited to open the box with their sock snowmen to put up around the house. Merry Christmas!

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