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December 20, 2009



Yes!! Allll the time! My office space is a freezer this time of year, so I keep a shawl or stole or two kicking around just in case. Having a couple around also means I can share the warmth! I like working with all types of yarn , and recently made an Ishbel from sock yarn as a Xmas gift for granny.
Happy holidays to all :)

rasa chambers

I've knit 2 shawls - the first was a test using sock yarn - it turned out to be more scarf size that shawl size. My second shawl I used lace weight yarn - merino wool and new zealand possum, which gives it a beautiful haze. The shawl is very big and I wear it for dress up. I want to make a more practical's in my queue somewhere:)


Yes one shawl, not really impressed with wearing it though.


Yes I'm knitting my second shawl. The first I used sock yarn (Dream in Color) and this one is classy worsted weight. My favorite pattern right now is Mara Shawl.


Yes, I have made a shawl out of sock yarn
and it came out very nice. It was a gift.
I can't recall the name of the pattern


I have knits shawls from heavier weight yarns but have to use sock yarn. SOme of the most beautiful ones I have seen are from sock weight yarn. I have 2 patterns in mind, one the JoJo land swirl that the Harlot has made popular and one from Smooshy. Sigh- maybe next year.


No I haven't ventured into shawl knitting yet but it's definitely on my to-do list...


I want to make shawls, I made one that I sold, admire others wearing shawls, but feel frumpy looking when I put one on myself.
Maybe I just haven't found the right pattern yet.


I'm not a shawl person though the longer I look at all the beautiful patterns and yarns I just may become one!


No, I don't wear shawls. I've never knit a shawl, and I've never used sock yarn to knit a shawl.


I have a commercially made shawl that I keep at work summer and winter for those days when the air conditioning or heating isn't quite right. I haven't knit a shawl yet but I hope to make an Ishbel or a Damson soon.


That pink yarn is gorgeous!
Yes, I have knit two shawls. Both Gail (rav pattern) Mine was in seasilk, the other with sock yarn as a gift. I haven't worn it yet, but I will.


Would wearing an afghan around the house count? I've only knitted one shawl, but it still needs to be blocked. Many more are planned, though, using both lace and finger weight yarn.

Carla in MT

No I don't wear shawls this time of year - but then, I don't wear shawls at any time. And I have only used lace weight yarn to make shawls. Maybe someday....


I have made a clapotis that I wear. I currently have another clapotis on the needles that would be good for this time of year. Other then that I dont have any shawls. Hopefully in the new year that will be something I will get more into.


The next thing on my knitting project list is actually a smaller size shawl for me. I got the free pattern on line - Multnomah Shawl. It uses fingering wt. yarn (412 yds) on sz. 3 needles and perfect for me to wear in an office setting. Not complicated - looks mostly like garter stitch with feather and fan border. Have to decide on a yarn though. And find just the right shawl pin as tying this in front won't work for me at work.

Nancy N

I don't have a shawl yet, but it is definitely on my list for January knitting. I sit in front of a big window at home, and a shawl would be perfect for me at this time of year. Thanks for the inspiration!

Pat Kelley

I wear shawls all the time since we keep most of our house is pretty cold this time of year. I haven't made a shawl from sock yarn yet, but have made some scarves.


I just knit my first shawl, but haven;t had time to block it yet. I always keep a shawl close by this time of year, tempuratutes are never quite right.


I only got the hang of knitting with such fine yarn a couple months ago, and have been mostly knitting socks with sock yarn. *grins* HOWEVER, I just bought quite a few skeins and am currently bracing myself for my first attempt.


I do not wear shawls or knit them.


I'm hoping to make one soon so I can say "yes" the next time I'm asked. Right now, I don't.


I just finished knitting the Multnomah shawl with sock yarn- it is ready to be blocked. The Traveling Woman shawl is on my to do list for 2010.


I WILL be wearing shawls, as soon as I finish knitting them. Lately when yarn shopping, my thoughts turn to beautifully intricate clouds of lacy warmth. :)

Carla Boustead-Willingham

I don't wear shawls because, even though I knit them constantly, they never stay around long enough!!! LOL!! I've used sock yarn many times to knit great shawls!! I just have to use multiple skeins since I like really big shawls!!
:D Carla


I have always admired a lot of shawl patterns, but I never knit them because I didn't think I would wear them. Now I live in a new place that is drafty, so I am thinking about making one for around the house. And I would definitely think about making one in sock yarn.


I wear shawls all year! They are great to keep neck and sholders warm in over airconditioned offices or as a scarf in cold weather. I have knit and wove them out of yarn from lace weight to worsted, but fingering (sock) weight is my favorite. I actually wear shawls more then I do sweaters.

Sue H

I love to knit shawls but they seem to end up on someone else! Guess I haven't found the right one for me. I've used lace, sock and DK weights and they've all come out lovely!


I knit a shawl from a merino/nylon blend sock yarn and was disappointed that it did not hold its blocking. Even though I have knit a few shawls, I haven't knit one that I like to wear. Yet!


I have knit several shawls with sock yarn. But I have yet to wear any shawl!!! I sure do like making them though!


Yup! I love a small shoulder shawl as an accessory this time of year. I've used Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn for a shawl and Schaeffer Anne for a shawl and I'm sure there are others that I can't remember right now.


I've only ever begun a shawl, and I recently ripped it out after it had been sitting in the bottom of my knitting bag for years. It was an overly ambitious project, back when I was still new at both lace and DPNs. I have a few in my queue now that I hope to complete in 2010, we'll see!


Yes to both questions. I do wear a shawl....but the most frequent one I pick up is knit from worsted weight. The fingering weight one is more of a shawlette, or as I call it, a scarf!


No shawls worn by me, nor have I knit one... yet. I have ventured into some lace knitting recently though.


I have two worsted-weight shawls for me, and about a dozen sock yarn ones in my queue. I love the snuggly worsted ones this time of year.


I have not completed a shawl yet, but I have patterns in my queue and yarn in my stash to make some out of sock yarn.

Cindy W.

I have sock yarn just for this purpose, now have to do it. Look all the time at how beautiful the patterns are.
Cindy W.


I knit a Barbara Shawl from Myrna Stahman's book out of Jitterbug. It's great.


I've knit lots of shawls for gifts and a couple for me. One of those, I wear a lot. Lately, I've been on a sock-yarn-shawl kick, and have knit several as gifts. After Christmas, I plan on knitting one for me!


That yarn is gorgeous.
I once crocheted a 'granny square' shawl. It's not very warm. I should really get knitting once my holiday projects are finished. (six down - one to go!)


I haven't made one yet--too busy knitting socks, but it's a possible project in the future and I sure know where to find the right yarn!


Yes, I have knitted a few shawls. I actually prefer to knit them with sock-weight yarn. I have made one with lace-weight and the fine gauge combined with the almost-black color nearly did my eyes in! I am planning to make a very special lace-weight shawl for a wedding in 2010, though. I also have made one in DK-weight, which feels a little heavy, but that't probably just my yarn choice. All in all, I prefer to use fingering-weight; it's the perfect combination of size and workability for me.

Now, as for actually wearing the shawls, I must confess that I don't wear them a lot. I have to wear a lab coat at work, and I can wear a triangular shoulder shawl under my lab coat. Larger shawls are mainly for other occasions, so they are worn less frequently. I really should remind myself to go grab one of my shawls when I am sitting in the house knitting, and feel a little chilly!

J.T. in missouri

Planning on making the Swallow-Tail shawl from some sock yarn.


I made a Charlotte's Web using Socks that Rock and wore it for our family pictures. Otherwise I don't wear shawls much, but I would like to. :)


All the time! I always, always have a Prayer Shawl on the needles, usually using Lion Homespun. I use my own a lot, year round, but only at home. I made a Multnomah with sock yarn (Fleece Artist Nyoni) as a Christmas gift. It is gorgeous, and small enough to be worn more as a scarf if desired. I'll probably do another for myself, then move on to other patterns. Traveling Woman is likely next.


I've never worn a shawl, when I get a chill I need something more substantial to keep me warm. I think some shawls are very pretty and some are way too fru-fru for my taste. I haven't knit a shawl only because I don't know anyone that would wear it if I gave it to them.

Kathleen C

Haven't used sock yarn for a shawl yet, but one is planned. I've made a couple of shawls, which have been given away. I want to try a rectangular one for me - after I stop making gifts. Wonder when that will be? :)


I haven't knit any shawls yet - too addicted to socks. I miss my sock knitting and can't wait to be done with all the Christmas knitting so I can get back to it! With Cat's new sock template book!


I don't wear shawls at all. I'd love to have one for myself but I keep giving them away.

I have used sock yarn to knit a shawl. I've used just about every weight of yarn for shawls. Right now I'm knitting a shawl using a sport weight boucle' cotton and a very easy lace pattern on large needles. It's looking pretty good, if I do say so myself.


I do like to wear shawls this time of year. I have one, a simple garter stitch Faroese shawl (I like that it stays on my shoulders). I have two more shawls on the needles but of course they get put aside to work on other gifts. I have tried sock yarn for a shawl yet but have used sock yarn for lots of scarves!


I'm not in the habit of wearing shawls and haven't yet knit one (out of sock yarn or anything else), but I'm considering it.


I've sock yarn to make a small shawl or two. Wore them in the fall. Right now I am all about Malabrigo scarfs...

Marianne C

I would if I made myself one. I make shawls for my sisters BUT I have one on the needles right now that has my name on it! I will wear it next year.

Lisa P.

I have yet to knit a shawl, but it has been intriguing me.

My Grandmother had a crocheted white shall that she used to wear on special occasions.


Havn't worn a shawl yat but I'm thinking about knitting one. This is a good time of the year to start one. I'd probably want to make it a triangular one, use a dk yarn with lots and lots of colors.


Yes and sort of. I wear shawls this time of year all around. I have lots of warm and cuddly ones at home, and pretty and lacey ones at the office. While I've not knit a shawl in sock yarn, I did knit a wide scarf in sock yarn. You could use it as a stole in a pinch.


Yes and yes! In fact, my first shawl was out of Koigu. I've been getting a lot of use out of my Swallowtail and my Multnomah lately.

Dani C.

I've only been knitting for a little under 3 years now, and socks have ruled my life:)
I haven't gotten around to knitting a shawl yet, but many are in my ravelry favorites.


I don't wear shawls too often, though I want to. I have made shawls out of sock yarn, I think it is a great way to use the sock yarn. The most recent "wrap" I made was a Clapotis using sock yarn.


I'm getting ready to make the leaf lace shawl out of sock yarn. I prefer my shawls smaller, kind of like a slightly bigger scarf. I can't wait to get started but I'm still working on Christmas knitting!

Debbie B

I have started the Cherry Blossom Shawl and this is my first shawl. I had to put it aside for now for some Christmas knitting.


I'm working on my first shawl (Multnomah) in sock yarn! It's supposed to be a present for my mom for Christmas but I'm not sure if it is going to be finished. This pattern takes only one skein of sock yarn, which is great!

Linda B

This questions was so appropriate for me as I recently finished a shawl in a very basic lace pattern. The weather in Wisconsin has gotten "cooler" and so I have been wearing my shawl, especially while listening to tv and knitting. I know as soon as my sister sees it, I'll be knitting another one.


The only one I've made was a black laceweight stole which I wear for weddings, going to the theater, etc. Now that I'm working in an office, I think a more practical shawl would be useful as it does get cold in there. Will have to add it to my queue.


Shawls are perfect for me to wear this time of year. I like to wear them in my office because it's often chilly. I don't wear them over my shoulders though, I wear them bandito style around my neck.


I don't wear any shawls, because I don't yet have one, but I did make a shawl for my mom this year. I made Girasole (pattern by brooklyn tweed/Jared Flood) and I used Baby Ull yarn.


I wear shawls almost constantly, especially in winter. And yes, I use sock yarn. Specifically Malabrigo Sock, because it blocks like a $2 w----!


I don't wear shawls yet - but I've bought sock yarn specifically to make some!


The only shawl I wear is the Portuguese Fisherwoman Shawl from DyeDreams. It is a perfect working shawl. Google it or DyeDreams to see it. Also, it's on Ravelry.

I have been having great fun using handdyed sock yarn or my handspun to knit the Baktus scarf for winter-wearing. It is the perfect pattern for a high-yardage sock skein. Here is one link but google for others:

Terri Brinegar

I have knit one shaw,and I gave it away, so I don't have a shaw to wear this time of year.


I don't think shawls would be very flattering on my body type (male ;)


I don't wear shawls, but love them just the same. I have done two circular shawls from sock yarn but only big enough to make a wall hanging with a circle quilt holder.


Absolutely! And every one of them has been from fingering weight, mostly sock yarn. In fact, after burning out on socks last spring after Sock Madness, I've been using my sock yarn exclusively for shawls and baby sweaters.


I have been wanting to have a shawl to wear this time of year, but haven't gotten a chance to knit anything for myself lately with all the Christmas knitting I've been doing. I would love to make a lace shawl from sock weight yarn, but haven't decided for sure on which pattern I will use. There are so many to choose from.

Ann Moore

Yes, I use sock yarn for shawls and it's wonderful!

Jennifer D

I don't wear shawls so much as oversized scarves! I've made them from every weight of yarn imaginable, except cobweb.


I have a Clapotis that I keep at work to cover my shoulders when it gets chilly. I've only knit one other small shawl (an small Ishbel) that I wear as a scarf under my jacket. Now I think I need to knit a larger one!


I've knit several shawls, although none with sock yarn.

I always feel like a klutz trying to wear them and keep them in place, so they reside in my closet unworn. I've decided I'm not a shawl person and I've stopped knitting them.

How do you handle the question of washing and blocking when knitting gift shawls? Everyone I might knit one for would never be able to or want to get through the blocking step after washing.


I've done a lot of "Mystery Shawls" with lace weight yarn. I did do one last winter using noro sock yarn. I used a fan and feather pattern I found on Ravelry. I love to throw one on my shoulders to ward off the chills. My husband says "It's cheaper than gas for the furnace!"


I don't wear shawls much - possibly because I don't have a sock yarn one. The main one I've finished is silk laceweight, and it's almost too fine (weight-wise) to wear often. It sticks to things and isn't really warm!


Yes. I wear my shawls all year long. In cold weather I throw them over my jacket for added warmth (and to show them off, of course) or wrap them around my neck as a scarf. I love, love, love to knit shawls.


I wear shawls year-round (especially at the office), but haven't knit myself one yet. And those I have made have been out of heavier weight yarn, although I'm not averse to knitting one out of sock yarn if the right pattern jumps up and shouts at me.


I've recently started wanting to knit shawls in sock yarn. I have the Milkweed shawl on my to knit list. First, I have to finish some of my WIPs!


Yes to both. I usually have a shawl or scarf draped across the back of my chair at work because I sit next to poorly insulated windows. I've used DiC Smooshy for an Evelyn Clark Forget-me-not shawl, and my next project is the elann Flower Petal shawl ( with Schaefer Anne.

Mary A

Yes to knitting and yes to wearing but I'm really liking them with beads and I had hoped to knit a bunch of small beaded scarfs for Christmas, when I made the first one taking two weeks the math did not work. I've told myself to start soon to have them done next year. Sure need to stop getting excited about new projects to make that happen.


I have knit two shawls but I don't wear them this time of year. I live in a cold climate and tend to wear thick, wool sweaters this time of year. I like shawls for other times when it gets cool at night and it's nice to have something to wrap around you. Never tried sock yarn.


Yes, I'm wearing one right now -- made out of Noro sock yarn. I wear it to work, too.


I love wearing shawls over "dress up" clothes, they look glamorous on everyone. I have made one out of sock yarn and will do more but mostly like to use lace weight yarn and any one of a number of beautiful lace patterns.

Kathryn Sigman

I've knit three shawls this year, two for gifts. I love knitting them more than wearing them and I usually make them out of sock yarn.


I've only made one small shawl, and it was with sock yarn, but I haven't worn it because the color is too bright. I'm in the middle of another shawl (in lace yarn). hopefully I will wear that.


I knit one shawl out of a gorgeous yarn my mom once gave me simply "because I deserved something nice." I wear it in spring and fall when it's cool, In the cold of winter I cover myself in thick Lopi or alpaca.


I've not ever worn a shawl but I am working one right now in Melody. It's a Multnomah and I'm loving how it's working up! I can't wait to finish it and block it. I won't be wearing though, it's going to a friend for Christmas. :-)


I haven't worn a shawl yet, but I've just discovered the fun of knitting them. I'll be wearing my first shawl at my son's wedding Jan. 7. It's a Clapotis made with sparkly Dream in Color Starry and it's beautiful.


I knit a scarf for someone that I got linked with on the Ravelry Scarf Exchange. Later we met at Sock Summit. She knit the Gaia Scarf and sent it to me as a surprise gift! This was one of the most thoughtful things someone has done for me so I guess this could have been added to day 7 also!! I believe she used Noro sock yarn! I wear it all the time!! I love it! I always feel wrapped in love when I wear it!


I've never knit a shawl and probably won't do so for myself. Just don't think they'd work for me.


No I dont wear shawls but I will in 2010 knit and crochet a couple to give away to needy people who could use them all the time regardless of the weather


Yes, I wear shawls all the time! I always travel with one - better than the blankets on the plane and always a comfort as an extra blanket at night while sleeping! I love using sock yarn for shawlettes, they work up quickly and look great. Good one skein gifts.


Yes, I almost always carry a shawl or stole around with me even in the summer. Sometimes the air conditioning is more than I can stand without some wool-ish assitance. Although I've knit some larger shawls/stoles, I'm really stuck on knitting all the lovely little neck and shoulder thingees with wonderful sock yarn or other precious things. I've learned that in cooler temps, if I can keep my feet and neck warm, I'm usually fine. And that's what I'm knitting these days - socks and shawls.


I've only made one shawl, but I have plans to knit more! I have several skeins of sock yarn that I think is just too pretty to make into socks, so I will probably use that for shawls.


Easy peasy question.

I love shawls, and I'm wearing my latest one now.

It's the Daybreak shawl and it's lovely for keeping the shoulders warm when on laptop or knitting.

It's knitted out of STR and a yarn from a UK dyer called The Yarn Yard. It's on my project page on Rav.

I also have a huge shawl that is great when it's cold as it's an extra layer over a coat, or used to cover the head when raining, or as an extra layer with a jumper.

Then I've got my decorative shawls that I use when I go out, on those rare occasions.

I find that all my shawls get great responses and I find I wear them all year, in all weathers.

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