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December 21, 2009



When I was a young mother and dirt poor, a friend gave me a basket of different shades of plum wool yarn and a booklet on how to knit. I made my mom an afghan for Xmas with that yarn. For many many years I taught myself what I could out of booklets, then the wonderful internet opened a whole new world to me.


I learned to knit from a neighbor who was also our babysitter, at about 8 or 9 years old, using pick-up sticks. 4 years of 4-H knitting followed. I knit off and on after that, but my sister introduced me to the wonderful world of handknit socks several years ago, and sock knitting is now my favorite.


My Grandma taught me how to crochet when I was very young, but I had forgotten by the time I reached high school. Then a friend gave me a learn to knit kit (like the PP!) and I tried it, remembering how much I liked to crochet. I gave up after awhile, not thinking I liked it that much, until I got to college and just happened to be paired with a roommate who loved to knit. She got me back into it, helping me when I was stuck, and now I looove it!


I taught myself to knit when I was about 15 or 16 from one of my Nana's old "how to" booklets from a 5 & 10 cent store (Woolworths). I wanted to make a baby sweater for an older cousin's first baby, and it turned out really bad. I later took knitting up again when a friend was expecting their first baby. But by that time - and there was quite a gap - that I filled in with quilting - but I then had the internet and the instructional video clips, access to well written patterns and written step by step instructions and much better how to books. I continue to learn from more gifted knitters who share techniques, patterns and how to articles or video clips on the internet.

Beverly Shearon

I took lessons at a Sears store when I learned I was pregnant 34 years ago. I wanted to knit a sweater and booties for my little one. I quit knitting after that and then picked it up again about 5 years ago after reading Debbie Macomber's books that centered around knitting. It's a great pastime and helps me to relax.


My mother first taught me to knit when I
was about 10 years old. Then I picked it
up again in my 20's. However, with raising
my children, I put it on the back burner
and started knitting again when they were


I learned to knit as a child, but never made anything. I dabbled in college, making an ugly poncho and a couple of simple blankets for my bed. Tried again a few years later--project was too ambitious for a beginner, so that was put aside. About 6 years ago, I made some scarves, started feltling bags, then moved on to socks. Think it has "stuck" this time!!

Nancy N

I taught myself to knit from a book years ago, but I was doing something wrong. My stitches all had a little twist to them, and the cumulative effect was fatal to the sweater I was attempting. I recently tried again with online video tutorials--what a difference! I'm having a great time knitting now.


I had a terrible first knitting experience, where I tried to make a HUGE garter stitch scarf (2 feet x 8 feet was the goal) out of sport weight acrylic. Needless to say, I never finished, and was so frustrated by the process I put away the needles for years! Then I discovered knitting blogs, and I decided to give it another try. Now I can't imagine not knitting!

Pat Kelley

I taught myself to knit from a book when I was a teenager, mostly afghans. Thirty-five years later, newly married and semi-retired, having moved to a small town in Maine, I discovered a LYS in a nearby city. When I walked in, the owner greeted me and with great enthusiasm pointed out the wall of sock yarn. I was hooked, started taking a weekly class, and have been expanding my knitting horizons ever since.


My MIL taught me when I was dating my husband. I knit until my 3rd child and then stopped for about 20 years. Now I've learned all kinds of techniques thanks to the internet and I want to keep learning.


Learned to knit from my 4th grade teacher. She taught all of us and we knit during recess time. I never made anything, we just knit and ripped it back.


My grandmother tried to teach me in one hurried lesson as I was getting ready to drive back to D.C. one weekend. When I got back home, I opened a stitchery-type book and said, "Oh! That's what she was showing me!" and everything just clicked. And the rest is history.


My mom taught my friend and me to knit when we were in our early teens. We made simple raglan sleeved cardigans and mittens. Zoom ahead 10 years... I made a pullover for my 2 yr. old. Zoom ahead another 20 years. My daughter now in her 20's wants to learn. My mom had also taught her, but she had forgotten. Mom was now gone and couldn't help. My daughter went and got "Knitting and Crocheting for Dummies" and we learned again together. We haven't quit since!! Mom would have been so proud!!

Mary A

I made a pin cushion in 7th grade, then saw a knitted Santa Christmas stocking years later I wanted for our first child, a green Coats & Clark How to Book was my friend. I love the thought of a MIL being a teacher.

Lennette Daniels

I taught myself to knit in my early 20s. Since I had these vague memories of my Grammie knitting (she died when I was young), I had wanted to learn to find a way to "connect" with her. So I taught myself from a book and once I got the basics, it was a breeze.


My G-Grandma Greene taught me to crochet when I was a little girl, and I HATED it. I thought the only thing you could crochet was doilies. I learned knitting the first time in college, when it was all trendy, and being a contrarian, I hated it. I finally re-learned knitting AGAIN this past year. A friend taught me the proper way, and showed me how to read patters and the myriad things that one can knit. And I fell in love.


I taught myself to knit from a booklet I bought at included some needles, and some rubber tips for the needles. I knit only dishrags from Sugar and Cream for a very long time before I branched out to scarves!


I learned when I was a kid, then again in my 20's and finally took it up again in my 40's. I think now it will stick around!


Believe it or not, I don't know how I learned to knit. My mother taught me to crochet, but I think I learned to knit from books. I knit a few things, including a sweater for my dad, before I had kids, then stopped knitting for about 25 years. Seeing some friends knit got me interested again, and since then I have been obsessed!


I first learned to knit a knit stitch and made a long garter stitch scarf from a neighbor when I was about 10 years old. I never touched a knitting needle again until maybe 35 years later when I bought a Learn to Knit booklet at a local hobby store. I bought a ball of yarn and some needles and knit another garter stitch scarf. After that, I didn't stop!


I learned to knit in 8th grade but could only knit a scarf. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 10 and I thought it was so much easier. So I didn't knit much. But when we were stationed in Italy, I had an English friend who got me started knitting again (I was 27). I've been knitting up a storm ever since!

Tammy Edwards

My grandmother taught me when I was young but I didn't stay with it. After 25 years of cross-stitching I wanted to do soemthing both beautiful and useful, as well as a craft where I could learn (I had learned everything possible with cross-stitch), so for Christmas that year my Mom gave me some white Lion Brand Fun Fur already cast on to needles for a quick scarf and I have not looked back (or cross-stitched!). Now I knit all sorts of things and am obsessed with learning and developing my skills.


My Nana tried to teach me when I was young - maybe 6? She assumed that I would knit left handed because I write left handed so that's how she tried to teach me. And I just couldn't get it so we gave up. Then 11 years ago my friend Lois taught me to knit - and I knit right handed! I bet if my Nana had tried that I would have been knitting at a much younger age!

I taught myself to knit when my grandfather was dying only I thought I was doing it wrong. About 5 years later when I was in a very bad place a friend who had knit since she was 8 and who didn't know I had tried before kept saying you need to learn to knit I'll show you - so she did and I was like hey I already know how to do that! That was 2000-2001 and I've been knitting ecer since.



My best friend and I crocheted since we were wee little girls. When we were in our 30's and wanted to quit smoking, I signed us up for knitting. I took to it right away and she hated it! Then she took a class where they taught her to knit continental and she loved it too then! Now we are knitting fools and smoke free!


I was crocheting for awhile and I tried to teach myself to knit from a book but didn't have any luck. I stumbled upon a yarn store while on my honeymoon in Sonoma, CA and someone there taught me with some big needles and a skein of local wool. That scarf is an excellent souvenir from my honeymoon :) And I've been hooked ever since!

Carla in MT

Mom tried to teach me to knit when i was 8 or 9. During summer break, I'd sit in the big chair w/ yarn & instruction book, and try to knit. I had already learned to crochet. But somehow, it never worked. Fastforward to 8th grade... my best friend Belinda knew how to knit. She is the one who showed me how it works. and Voila!! it was like I had always known how to do it! I couldn't figure out why I had so much trouble all those years earlier. Thank you, Belinda!!


My sorority house mom taught me how to knit during my sophomore year of college. My first project was a Harry Potter scarf for a friend. I loved it immediately and have been knitting ever since.

Amanda Cathleen

before my 3rd child was born I worked as a certified home health aid. Mostly I would stay at one persons house for the course of 6-8 hours. It wouldn't take me long to get all the work done, which I would try to do while my charges slept. I needed something to do with my hands so I wouldn't fall asleep. I tried a bit of needlepoint which I had done some of in the past, but there is only so many needle pointed things one can have! I can't remember why but I asked my mom to teach me how to knit and its been an obsession ever since! I hear ya, its amazing how far one can go in such a short time. Back then I never would have thought I would be designing my own patterns.


My mother taught me how to knit about 40 years ago when I was 6 or 7. I remember knitting a basic jumper when I was about 16, but how I knew how to do it I can't remember. There must have been some knitting done in the previous 10 years.

I knitted matching jumpers for myself and then boyfriend, and he still married me.

I knitted steadily then for the next 16 or so years, working through various lots of baby wear and children wear as the children arrived and grew up.

I left the knitting for a while when I was at college completing a foundation course, then four years at University.

I came back to knitting after getting my degree, and found socks. I was hooked and I've gone one to love knitting socks, and shawls, and I've been more adventurous since returning.


I learned when I was in my 20's and had a very patient friend who mentored me. I put it aside when my children were young. I went back to sewing for many years then. When I returned to working outside the home in my 40's and took knitting up again because it is so portable and was easy to take with me to work. It has been 10 years now and I am going strong. I love all the fibers available now!


I learned knitting from my mom when I was 6 or 7. Then I abandoned knitting for a long type and re-started a few years ago. The magic of making something with your your own hands enchants me.

Marianne C

My neighbor who was 2 days older than me taught me when I was 9 ish. I knit as a teenager but not well. I remember very clearly not understanding what I was doing! Now, I teach it and am a knit doctor many, many years later. There is rarely a day that goes by that I don't knit!


I was 6 yrs old in the first grade of school and the teacher taught everyone in the class to knit because we couldn't go outside for playtime. Even the boys learn to knit and we knitted squares for an afghan that the teacher put together for the veterans that were in the army hospitals after the 2nd world war.

rasa chambers

My mom taught me when I was a young girl. I learned how to cast-on/cast-off, knit and purl. I never learned how to read a pattern or make a project and so it never became an obsession until 5 years ago when my sister started to knit...I bought the book stitch and bitch and it's been "down hill" ever name is Rasa and I am a knitaholic:)

Jennifer D

My mom taught me to knit when I was about 5-6. I remember the huge pink needles and some crunchy red acrylic, both relics from the 60's. I made a few projects in the next couple of years by teaching myself some more techniques from library books then completely forgot about knitting until shortly after I went to college and the bug bit again. I picked it up without a problem and have been happily knitting since!


I vaguely remember learning to knit when I was a little girl, but I only ever learned to knit, not to cast on, bind off, or purl, so my options were limited. When I moved to MN to live with my (now) wife, she got me Barbara Walker's Learn to Knit Afghan book and I was in love. That was in 1998 and I have mostly taught myself out of that book and by using the internet.


My mom tried to teach me to knit when I was 8. It was supposed to be a dishcloth. It ended up a triangle. I got frustrated, threw it down and walked away. Twenty-five years later, I picked up a book and knit a scarf. Then I graduated to socks. It's been downhill since. I believe my mom still has the triangle...


I tried to teach my self as a child but wasn't successful. I picked up knitting needles again in my early twenties and I haven't put them down since.

Lisa P.

My Mom taught me to knit, knit stitch only, I knit a few barbie blankets with red heart variegated yarn. My Mom didn't really knit but she was a great seamstress (which I am NOT).

I then took a knitting class at a yarn shop when I was in my early 20's and really enjoyed it. I knit several sweaters, baby things for friends, etc. then had a dry period when I first had kids, (they're 18, 16, and 12 now!)

I picked up a book on sock knitting at a local yarn shop a few years ago and have been hooked ever since.

I have (somewhere) a set of double pointed needles that were my great, great grandmothers. I've never used them yet, but I love the connection to doing something this distant relative did too.

Linda B

My Mother taught me to knit, but I'm not sure how old I was, perhaps 10-12 years old. But, I do remember those red size 10 1/2 needles, which she still has in her knitting needle container. As I remember, it wasn't love at first sight and the early projects were, well, early projects!! I think I've improved over the years and my projects reflect that!!


I taught myself to knit, using mostly the internet. I had discovered the kitty hat (from Stitch n Bitch) and desperately wanted to make it. So I taught myself to knit. And it exploded from there.

Anna Alkema

When I was 6 (in 1967) I wanted to learn to knit so badly, but my mom didn't know a thing about it. She bought me one of those hexagonal shaped boxed knitting kits in the toy dept. She'd noticed that every week when she got her hair done, there was a lady sitting under the dryer who was knitting. My mom asked this lady to teach me and she did--never even knew her name! I still think of her and I am 48 years old!

Kathleen C

My Granny taught me to crochet when I was about 8. Nobody in the family knit. I wanted to learn, so at about 13, I bought the Coats and Clark Learn to Knit book and knit my cousin a scarf for Christmas (after a failed attempt at a drawstring garter purse that my Granny salvaged into a dog coat!). That was the only thing I knit until the Knitting Olympics 2006. I tried a scarf, got bored silly, made a hat instead... the rest is history! The only major thing I think I haven't attempted is a full-size adult sweater. That's my Olympic Knitting project for 2010!

I still crochet, too. If I need it quick, it needs to be crochet!


My mom taught me the basic knit and purl, but my grandmother (her mother) used to make "knitties" (slipper boots) and I wanted to make them too. They're a very simple pattern:
- size 13 needles
- 2 skeins of worsted weight held together (use 3 for extra thick & warm).

Cast on 50 and work 8 rows of garter stitch.

Knit 22, K2 tog, K2, K2 tog, knit 22.
Purl 21, P2 tog, P2, P2 tog, purl 21.
Continue in this pattern, reducing 2 stitches per row, until the last row is K10, K2 tog, K2, K2 tog, K 10.
Then work 8 rows of garter and bind off, leaving a very long end for sewing the seam from heel to toe and tuck in ends securely.

I can make one "knittie" while watching a football game (2 if I've had coffee). They make great Christmas gifts and are SO toasty warm. I framed the pattern Nana wrote out for me on an index card.

Anyway, it wasn't until Nana's pattern that I was really hooked. Last June a friend taught me to knit socks, and now I'm addicted with no hope for a cure, thank goodness!


I started out sewing & quilting which then led to the discovery of the craft blog...many of the craft bloggers were also knitters and I really wanted to learn! My mom knit growing up but I never got the hang of it as a about 5 years ago I asked my friend who knit to teach me. She taught me how to cast on and knit, then I learned the rest from Stitch & Bitch and online videos.

Andrea (@shutterbitch)

When I was a kid, a neighbor friend's mother taught me the knit stitch. She also taught me to increase, since my first ever project was a dishcloth. Unfortunately they moved before she could teach me to decrease or purl, so the rest of my knitting expertise comes from the Internet. Particularly


My Grandma taught me to knit when I was very young. I wasn't allowed to use real yarn until I had perfected my technique with saved second hand string! I was an avid knitter through my childhood and teen years. As a busy Mom, not so much. A few sweaters for the kids was about it. As an empty nester I have discovered the joys of truly beautiful, quality yarns, and the love of knitting has been rekindled.


I taught myself how to knit from a book about 6 years ago. I fell in love with it and now knit everything. My favorite thing to knit are cables and lace.


I learned when I was a kid. My grandmother tried to teach me--that didn't work out so well. A while after she died, I tried to teach myself and that went better. I sort of didn't do it for a while (a bit off and on, but much more off than on) and then picked it back up for good when I was in my mid-20s when I was dealing with a bought of depression.

Debbie B

I was about 7 and wanted to learn how to knit. A woman that lived in the house kitty-corner to us taught me (she also taught me to crochet). I walked around with a needle or a hook and a skein of yarn for a lot of my growing up. The weird thing is I'm a lefty and do everything lefty, except knit. My teacher was a righty and I think that is the only explanation. Knitting is the only thing I have ever been able to accomplish with my right-hand.

Dawn K-M

I am still learning :) I wanted to learn a few years ago and I took a class at the local big box craft store. I was performing the action of knitting, but I was holding my kneedles way wrong. I took another class at a yarn store and that went better. I like knitting, but my fingers end up getting tired quickly so I don't knit as much as I would like to.


I learned to knit in 5th or 6th grade from a neighbor. I did a very little bit for the next couple of years. I had a horrendous time manipulating the yarn and needles (throwing at the time).
When I was 25 I found Continental (picking) and have knit actively and avidly ever since. I don't want to imagine my life without knitting.


I learned to knit when I was 6 or so. I had been crocheting for a year and loved it. Hated knitting! It was so slow compared to crochet (at the time, now I'm pretty darn fast)! I tried to get into knitting again in high school (early 90's), then college (mid 90's), and then it finally stuck with me when I tried again while working an incredibly unsatisfying job (2004). Suddenly it all felt right. :)

Kathryn in Minnesota

My mom tried to teach me to knit when I was in middle school. Maybe I lacked patience, maybe it was the horrid acrylic yarn; either way, it didn't take. Then, when I was in my thirties, a LYS opened in my small town. They had a great relationship with a local dyer, and there were always fabulous-looking samples in their display window. I kept trying to buy the samples, and kept hearing "We can't sell you the samples but we can teach you to knit." They taught me, and I never looked back. So I guess you could say it was a cluster of handspun, hand-dyed skeins that got me. :) Oh, and the perseverance of Jessica and Amy! Thanks, Cottage Industry!

Sue H

My mother taught me to knit when I was in elementary school (eons ago) but other than a couple pair of single point needle mittens I didn't do anything with it. Did a couple granny square afghans in the 80's but it wasn't until a couple years ago when I attempted a Pink Lemon Twist Mystery LACE (no less!) KAL that I got hooked. My mother is the one who makes sweaters and jackets. I stick to shawls & scarves. Haven't mastered DPNs tho - I'd love to have a pair of handknit socks. If I can do it on two needles I'd give it a try!


My grabdmother Anna taught me to knit when I was about 7 or 8 years old. It was not love at first. But the big turnaround in my attitude towards knitting was when I read EZ's Knitting without Tears in my early 30s. Since then it's been an addiction!


I learned to knit from my mother when I was quite small, but only knit a few small projects here and there until part-way through college. At that time, I re-taught myself to knit with a book and the internet and have become unstoppable. :)

Mary T.

My Mon taught me to knit when I was about 8. I knit off and on over the years (more off than on) until about 4-5 years ago when picked up the needles again and haven't put them down since.


I learned by watching my mother knit when I was six or seven years old. I didn't do anything beyond a scarf to get a Girl Scout merit badge. When I was in my teens I found a book on lace making and took up knitted lace. I didn't do any serious knitting until I had my son, then I made sweaters and mittens. I rediscovered knitting last year, taught myself how to work on two circs and work with magic loop. Socks are my favorite thing to knit- I can take them anywhere, just tuck my knitting in bag and go!

It's a life-long thing, knitting. While I made mittens for my son and stepson while they were kids, my granddaughter begs for socks. She lives in New Mexico and I live in NY. I can't wait for my next trip to visit her, so I can teach her to knit. =)


My midwife showed me in the summer of '03. I've been obssessed ever since!


My mom got a book and we decided to learn to knit together. This was about 3 years ago and I've become totally enamored with knitting.


I taught myself just a few years ago. I had one learn to knit book and the Internet. It was love at first stitch.


I bought a sweater kit to knit for my boyfriend in college--thinking "How hard can it be?" What a disaster! Nevertheless there was something fun about knitting, and after crocheting for several years, I decided to try to knit again. I learned to do socks from internet instructions, pictures and videos. I also found a good sock yarn company and the rest is history, I don't know if I'd call it an addiction or an obsession, but I do look forward to knitting a few rows every day, and when I'm expecting a yarn shipment, I can't wait to get home!


I first learned to knit from a self-taught booklet when I was a teenager, and made a few things. I even made a sweater for my boyfirend (now my husband of nearly 37 years -- no boyfriend curse on THAT sweater) when we were in college. In my 20's I became discouraged after making a cardigan jacket for myself and it did not fit. I put the needles away for over 20 years, and then picked them back up about 6 or 7 years ago. The knitting universe online hooked me, and I quickly learned all kinds of techniques and discovered wonderful new yarns. I became addicted to knitting socks, but I also enjoy making sweaters, vests, and accessories. Now, I can't watch TV without feeling like I need to be knitting! I don't think I'll be putting the needles down again.


I didn't learn to knit until I was in my 50's and it happened totally by accident. My husband was in the hospital and while he was having a procedure I decided to take a walk. I walked by a yarn store and it looked so beautiful inside with all the colors, so I went in. I left 30 minutes later having signed up for beginning knitting and haven't stopped knitting since.


My mother taught me how to knit when I was 9. When I was 13 I made a Barbie coat. When I was 20 I made a sweater. But it was when I had my son that I took up the needles with a ferver and I haven't stopped since! (He just turned 11)


My grandmother tried to teach me how to knit when i was little, but I couldn't get the hang of it. The yarn kept slipping off my needles and I was told I couldn't bring my fingertips up to hold the tips to keep the yarn on :( Frustrated I gave up for 20 years. Recently a friend showed me her knitting and I loved it, and she taught me how to knit by sending me youtube tutorials. I've been hooked ever since!


I taught myself to knit from a small green covered book from a 5&10 which cost .15. No one in my family did needlework; they were all good cooks and bakers. I was 11 and had no trouble with casting on, knitting and purling. When I got to cables for the back of a mitten it took me days of frustration to figure it out. Anyway I loved it and anything else I wanted to knit I learned from a book or pattern and it was most rewarding. In later years, when I taught knitting, the experience helped me understand the difficulties my students were having and I was able have them all knitting quickly.


I learned to knit when I was 25. My new mother-in-law taught me. Although I knit a few items at that time, I didn't really pick it back up again until a few years later. I started collecting yarns, and it just got worse from there! I'm so glad to have something to share with my mother-in-law.


I learned to knit in college when a fellow RA in my building did a 'learn to knit' program. As a crocheter I thought I'd go and learn a new yarn skill and support my co-worker. It was fun, but I didn't have time to work on the scarf until ... 3 years later. Then the internet and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Knitting and Crocheting I finished that first project and wanted more!


I met a young Mom from our church and greatly admired her felted purse (I think it was Noro yarn---beautiful!!) Before I could ask her if I could pay her to make one for me, she said "I'm going to teach you how to knit." I'm like, "No, no...really, I've tried crocheting in the past, really, no...." She wouldn't take no for an answer--I'm glad she didn't!! She taught me, I practiced, then made a felted bag (great starter, since mistakes don't show!!) and have loved it ever since!!! This came at a time when our daughter had moved to Colorado (from WI) and it helped fill a huge hole in my life. Plus I met so many wonderful friends through completely and forever hooked!


My grandmother was a missionary and overseas most of the time. When she came home for several months at a time, she would come and stay with us for a few weeks. Each time she came she would teach and re-teach me how to knit, though never had me do any actual projects. I didn't go anywhere with it. When my daughter was about 7 she wanted to learn to knit so I re-taught myself from a kids book so I could teach her. We are going on 8 years and haven't looked back. :)


i was in grad school and my cousin (a real rocket scientist who works for nasa) was knitting a hat for her soon-to-be-husband at christmas. I found a couple pencils and she taught me and another cousin the basics. I went home, bought some cheap yarn and cheap metal needles and a "I Can't Believe I'm Knitting" and kept working at it until I figured it out.


My grandma tried to teach me when I was about 7, but I didn't learn more than the knit stitch until I was about 20. I was away at university, bored and lonely, and taught myself using library books and the internet.


My MIL taught me the basic knit stitch, I figured everything else out (purl, casting off) a few days later by using a site with extensive free knitting videos on it. Within 2 weeks, I was attempting my first sock. (Which went rather badly as I 'forgot' to do the gusset in the heel area. Heeee heeee hooo hooo, was that sock WIDE. OMG FUNNY! I still have it hanging around somewhere.)


My mom taught the basics when I was in my early twenties and I have been kniting since.


My wife learned to knit, and I'm sorta learning to knit via osmosis. One day I may pick up my own needles, but for now I'm happy to look at patterns and go to yarn shops with her.

Terri Brinegar

I kind of taught myself to knit at age 10, but I was struggling a bit since I am left handed. It was actually the husband of my father's cousin, that helped me figure out a good way to knit. He use to watch his mother, who was German, knit, and when we were visiting one summer, he showed me a way that helped me knit.

sabina auburger

I learned to knit as a child when I was in Sick Kids Hospital for a month. There was a craft program. I have knit off and on for many years. The only time I asked for knitting advice was when I was knitting a leaving the hospital outfit for my granddaughter. Newborns always seem to be swimming in their clothes upon hospital departure. My local yarn store was very helpful and the outfit fit the baby perfectly. The past few years I have been knitting socks for everyone in the family. I am trying to branch out to other projects such as shrugs, cowls. My daughter would like me to knit her the cowl dress from the Nicky Epstein book with knitting projects from Around the World.


My mom has been a knitter forever, so yarn and needles were always around. I don't know when I learned to knit exactly. I dabbled in making blankets for my stuffed animals for years. My first real project was a sweater knit freshman year in college. I would knit a sweater every year or two from then until about 6 years ago, when I became obsessed and addicted. That's when my daughter became old enough to demand that I play with her, but playing meant sitting in a room with her and watching her play. I had a hard time quieting my body and mind to enjoy the time with her until I picked up the needles and started knitting socks. Since then I've always had at least one project, if not more, on the needles. I find that without the knitting, I still have a hard time quieting body and mind.

Kathy N

My mother taught me and my brothers to knit over 40 years ago. I explored other crafts for a few years, then came back to it in my teens. I cannot imagine a day without knitting now!


My mom taught me when I was 8 or 9. She was left handed so I thought I was purling wrong. I did a few projects in jr/sr high and then put it away until I was married. My husband prefers knitting to what was my major hobby (reading) since I can still talk/snuggle/etc. With a full stash and loads of ideas floating through my head I don't think I will put it down again.


I learned to knit from an older friend of my family one rainy summer when I was 8 or 9. I was er, an energetic, child, and they needed somewhere to send me to do something (anything!) out of my own house...
Mrs. Sessoms sat me down and, with exceptional patience, taught me to knit with some Harvest Gold colored acrylic worsted-weight yarn and pine-green straight metal needles (size 9) I remember knitting up the whole skein into a long wonky rectangle, tearing it all out, winding it up again, and re-doing the whole thing in the week between our second and third sessions.
She gave me some better yarn then, and I made a few "blankies" for my dolls, then put it all away when school started again.
I dabbled with knitting again in college, made a scarf for a boyfriend and a bag for another friend's mother, but didn't start knitting in earnest until I was 24. Then it WAS love at first stitch, and I haven't stopped since!

Pat Martin

A kind neighbor taught me to knit when I was about 8. I loved it but her daughter hated knitting. Grace kept working with me and I have knit ever since. As an exchange student in the Netherlands when I was 16 I learned the continental method and never went back (although it's helpful to know both techniques for stranded work).

J.T. in missouri

I taught myself to knit in college with horrible sale yarn from a craft store and made a tedious scarf and scratchy. My mom had taught me how to crochet as a child, and I picked that back up again making layettes when I had my first child. I ran out to things to crochet, and had tendonitis from crocheting anyway, so I switched to knitting. By then, the nicer yarns were being produced, and I've been mainly knitting, with some crochet thrown in, since the early 2000s.


I learned to knit at Brownies when I had to knit and block an 8" square (the yarn was green) and by the time I finished I hated knitting with a passion. I can still see that yarn. As a teenager I learned to crochet and did that for several years before picking up knitting needles again in my early twenties when I knit an Aran sweater for my then boyfriend. Since then I've never looked back and never seem to have less than 6 or 7 knitting projects on the go and that doesn't include also having 3 or 4 different socks on the go at the same time!


My mother taught me to knit as well as to sew, embroider and crochet. While I was in high school I knit my first garment, an Aran Isle sweater with lots of cables and what not. Last thing I knitted until about 10 years ago. But I always did something with fiber - I did a lot of needlepoint and crewel embroidery for a while. Like everyone, I crocheted multiple afghans. Now I'm just hooked on knitting and exploring all the new fibers and colors available.


My grandmother first tried to teach me to knit when I was around 10 years old. We decided to stick with crochet. In my mid-20's I tried again, and this time it stuck.


Ithaca was COLD so my college roommate taught me to knit mittens.


I always wanted to knit.

Around age 12 (?) our neighbor, Mrs. Diaz taught me to knit with a terribly boring garter stitch scarf I intended for my father our of gold colored red heart. (I know, right?) This did not last long. Every few years I would check a book out of the library and try again.

Finally when I had small children and the old house was drafty and cold, I felt we NEEDED wool sweaters and socks. So I rented EZ's knitting workshop VHS tapes and learned once and for all and for real. And when I discovered I didn't have to knit with red heart acrylic, I embraced knitting whole heartedly and never looked back!


My mom taught me how to knit when I was about six years old. First the knit stitch and then the struggle with purl. I remember how completely exited I was with my first purl on my own! What a thrill! I love knitting and thinking of my mom, how proud she would be seeing all my accomplishments. Being a filmmaker, web and graphic designer now,, I even created a video on how to knit and how to knit socks, The Zen of Socks

Sarah O.

I don't remember learning to knit. I just know I've always loved it. My mom tells me she taught me when I was little. I also have a letter I sent my Grandmother when I was ten that tells about my camp counselor teaching me to knit socks. I do remember those socks, fitted knee socks made out of cream Red Heart.


My mom taught me to knit when I was a child. I would knit soooo tight tho' that I couldn't even get the needle into the next row - so it was frustrating! Later, in the 70's I learned how to crochet but I always liked the look of knitting for sweaters. In the 80's we moved to AZ and there was a wonderful yarn shop there. I took lessons and learned about tension and I have been hooked ever since. Knitting is my passion! (As well as my husband...heehee)


I learned from an old booklet before the days of the internet. it wasn't really love at first stitch. I didn't pick up the needles again until I saw a pattern (on the internet) for a scarf similar to one I saw in a movie. and *then* it was love.


My mother taught me and my sisters and brother around the same age. I am the only one of four who stills knits though. I find it is a way to relax and escape.

Dani C.

After yearning for several years, i finally just took a beginner knit class at Joannes. I hit it off with the instructor who was an avid sock knitter, two weeks after learning knit & purl she was teaching me how to knit socks! The rest is history:)


My mom taught me the knit stitch, and after I got tired of that, a family friend taught me how to purl. I learned to knit by "throwing", but after some wear and tear on my wrist I taught my self how to "pick" instead, and now I'm much faster. Most of what I've learned beyond the basic knit and purl I have taught myself using magazines and websites with great tutorials - I don't know what I would do without the WWWK (world wide web of knitting) :)


My aunt taught me to knit when I was 6 or 7. I knit at her house when we visited and then promptly put it away when I got home. I knitted off and on through my 20s and early 30s, but then got addicted about 2 years ago. Now I can't stop!

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