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December 19, 2009



One of the most thoughtful gifts I ever received was a Noah's Ark Precious Moments set from my husband. He knew that I liked Precious Moments figurines, and we had recently decorated our baby's nursery in Noah's Ark theme. I had no idea that a combination of them existed. It was a great gift.


Everything my husband gives me is thoughtful. He likes to shop and remembers all the things I mention or show interest in throughout the year.


My husband is useless at shopping, he hates it. Also he works long hours miles away from anything vaguely like a shop. So I tend to get my own presents.

But 9 years ago we got Asher. We went to the cat rescue home and there he was. My big lad, my darling boy, it was love at first sight. It was just before Christmas, but we tend to have a quiet Christmas so it was all cat orientated.
And he's still my darling cat, and he's the best present I've ever had.


I guess that one of the most thoughtful gifts we have received in recent years was last Christmas when our kids asked us what we would like and we suggested a new back door. What a great gift. Every time I walk back there it just makes me happy that there is no cold air rushing in around it and it always reminds me of what wonderful kids we are blessed with.


The most thoughtful presents I have received are the ones that show the person really put some thought into it - not just bought things I had asked for. For example, my boyfriend noticed that I didn't have a watch and bought me a beautiful one that I love. Years later I'm still wearing it every day.


A beautiful hand knitted scarf from my sister.


my sister gave me a beautiful 11 piece Nativity scene. she was still in school and didn't have a lot of money, but really wanted it for me. The local christian bookstore owner could see this and ended up giving her a really good deal so that she give me all the pieces. It's so very special because each time I get it out it reminds me of the love of my sister and the kindness of a stranger.


One of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received, and I often think of it and dearly wish I still had it, was a scarf that my Nana crocheted for me. It was filet crocheted with fringe and very long, very warm, and very dear to me. It was somewhere between a very light aqua and mint green color - Red Heart (all she had to work with) and I used it for many years throoughout highschool into adulthood when it just totally was unusable anymore(sigh). But I loved knowing that little Nana had sat in her tiny "Nana chair" and made that especially for me. Was like wearing a hug from her.


My wife is a very thoughtful gift giver. Her gifts are always filled with meaning and utility.

Mary A

A calender of Granddaughter pictures has to be the very best.The next year has plenty of smiles that way.


My best friend in college made us a beautiful leaded glass lamp shade for our wedding. Years later the lamp tipped over and the lamp shade broke. I cried a little as I put the pieces in a box and tucked it away in storage. Several years later my husband found the box and, secretly, took it to a stained glass shop in town and had it repaired. Tears come to my eyes when I think about this -- I was gifted it twice!

Deborah Fillmer

One of the best gifts I ever received was the time my mother spent with me during the holidays, having me help her with decorating the house, etc. She always made me feel like my ideas and talents were appreciated and I will never forget that.


The gifts I treasure the most are the gifts of time and effort. My daughter sees what needs to be done - i.e. pictures hung - and schedules her husband to do them. What I would *really* like, though, is someone to clean the litter box!

Pat Kelley

A beautiful bracelet, leather, with large blue beads, each of them different, that my stepdaughter got for me at her high school's pre holidays craft fair. Perfect!


I would have to say one of the most thoughtful holiday gifts that I received was a evening purse that had belonged to my mother. My cousin found it when she was cleaning out her father's house. I believe my mother and her mother both used the purse and since I am the only other daughter and I have a daughter and she does not she gave it back to me to pass on to my daughter eventually.


baked goods from customers...yummy


My 7-year old nephew, Sam, gave me a small notebook and a pen (he picked out himself) because he knew I always made notes by the phone when clients call. I know it doesn't sound profound but to me it represented a young mind actually "thinking" about the gift he wanted to give.


One year we treated ourselves to having my mother-in-laws old hutch refinished. It arrived on Christmas Eve and I love it to this day. My in-laws won it at the worlds fair in 1936.


A small necklace given to me by a group of friends. Every time I wear it I feel blessed to have them all in my life.

Nancy N

I have received many thoughtful gifts, but one memory I cherish is the Christmas when I was 18 and away from my immediate family for the first time. I was with my mother's sister's family, and she got me a gift from each member of the family, including a pair of elegant leather gloves. She made me feel both grown-up and like a well-loved child all at the same time.


Since it's just the two of us, my husband & I don't do much in the way of gifts. But I do cherish the thoughtful ways he treats me. When I'm super busy at work or just want to bury myself in a knitting project, he'll help out with housework or cooking and give me the time I need. He has his hobbies too and I try to reciprocate. He makes a great curry.


I'd have to say the most thoughtful gift I've received was from my boyfriend. We had recently moved in together and were looking for art to decorate our apartment. We fell in love with a long, chinese scroll style painting of two herons on a lake at our local farmers market, but decided it was too expensive. When I opened it as my gift, I found out that not only had he bought it for me later, but that he drove an hour to the artists house to get it during the week so that I would be surprised. :)

rasa chambers

The year of our 25th anniversary, my husband bought me a very simple, yet beautiful bracelet. The incredibly thoughtful part of the gift was that he bought it at the jewelry store that my father bought my mother's engagement ring - which I wear daily. My parents are both deceased and were at the time of the purchase - which made it that much more special.


My husband is good at surprising me with things I didn't even think to ask for. I couldn't pick a most thoughtful one :)


The only thing that comes to my mind is the year my Mom taught me how to knit. She got me some super bulky yarn and big needles. She cast on a scarf for me and by New Year I was knitting. What could be a better gift, a gift that keeps giving. :)


My husband always gives very thoughtful gifts. They don't usually cost much, but he puts a lot of effort into finding books or jewelry that he thinks I'd like -- and almost always he's right.


This one's easy! When I was a little girl my sister (who is 11 years older than me) sewed me a doll. She was about 3 feet tall, and made of all cloth with beautiful blond (yellow!) yarn for hair, and I LOVED her. Her name was Laurie.
Over the years Laurie got worn from being loved so much and taken everywhere with me. I even tried to style her hair once, and it ended up being a hatchet job (big surprise, right?!), so I glued some gold yarn to her head, which made her head crusty, and, well, gold instead of the beautiful yellow Mother Nature (my wonderful sister) intended.
Fast forward to about 3 years ago...I'm in my 40's, my sister in her 50's, and we're talking about the good old days, and we laugh about what I did to Laurie, and I mention that I can't believe that one day out of the blue my mother got rid of her as she was prone to do with toys that she thought we should be ready to be done with. (But usually weren't....don't get me started on my blankie!)
A few months later, at Christmas time, my sister presented me with a brand-new Laurie doll! She'd tracked down a kit on E-bay and sewed, from scratch, a new doll for me!
I LOVE that doll, possibly more than the original, because now I can appreciate all the love that went into her. She sits in a chair in my room, and my kids are not even allowed to touch her! (Sadly she's missing an eye, because right after I brought her home our new puppy found her, but that just makes her that much more like the original!)
Every year my family gives me great gifts, but I'm not sure anyone will ever be able to top that doll!


Oh it was a gift from my Grandma when I was about 8. She was very poor and always felt bad about not even having yarn to make gifts. But she knew how much I loved her homemade doughnuts. She made me a batch of them and on Christmas morning I got a greasy paper bag, Was a little dismayed until I opened it and found her doughnuts and doughnuts holes filling that bag. She told me that they were just for me and that I did not have to share them with anyone! And I didn't! I ate doughnuts all Christmas day and have never felt so loved or so lucky. Still the best gift other then her love.


I agree with a previous post. All gifts received are special in their own way. My children always ask me what I want When they were little it would be the small gifts they made which were special.

Kristie Hammond

Looking back over the years I have to say the Christmas I was 12 I got my most memorable gift. My grandma sewed me two skirts and matching shirts. At the time of course, being just 12, I did not appreciate the thought, time and love that went into the gift. I have always felt sort of bad about being so unappreciative, and now that I knit gifts for people I have come to realize how much more goes into a hand crafted gift.


One of the most thoughtful gifts I've gotten from my boyfriend is a collection of rubber duckies. He adds to it every year and it's just to fun to go through and use them.


For me it was a beautiful necklace from my best friend. She knows me well!


Ok, now I have sat here for 5 minutes crying out of gradatude for reliving that memory of Grandma and her doughnuts, so I have to say Thank you. This blog was a gift too!


When I first started knitting, my (now) husband gave me a subscription to a knitting magazine. I was so touched that he saw how much I liked my new hobby! I still subscribe to that magazine, which I probably wouldn't have discovered if not for him!


A hand carved wooden necklace. It was in the shape of a mobius which I was also knitting one of the mobius scarves at the time.

Anna Marie

The year my daughter first learned to drive, she went to the mall with my son and they took pictures together, like when I used to take them when they were young and gave me the pictures framed for Christmas. You better believe I cried like a kittenhead that year.

Marianne C

Anything my daughter, who is 28 now, gives me is extremely thoughtful. She just gave me a b-day gift of a bunny made out of birch shavings. It is gorgeous and was so glad she thought of me when she saw it!


One of my clients gives me yarn shop gift cards each year. She puts a lot of thought into which one she buys. I really appreciate having something I can use and keep getting joy from.


One of the most thoughtful gifts I received from my 2 daughters was a family album - or - should I say family albums. They took all our pictures that were loose all over the house and organized them into 5 large albums. I think they spent the whole month of December working on this.


One of the best presents I ever got was a surprise handmade quilt for my unborn daughter, from my mother. It was a total surprise and really sweet.


My friends gave me a gift card to one my favorite movie theater. They knew that I liked movies and went to that particular theater often. I thought that was incredibly thoughtful.


The most thoughtful gifts I can think of offhand were the new sewing machine and buffalo roving and yarn that my boyfriend bought me last Christmas. I think I might have mentioned something about them once, and he remembered....I was so surprised and pleased!

Susan Foulds

The most thoughtful Christmas gift I ever received was from my mother. My mom was a war refugee from Latvia, and was separated from her family at the age of 14. She came to Canada on a refugee program. She taught me to knit as a young child as we lived in a rural area and I lacked playmates. I became quite a knitter by the age of 16 and knit a beautiful pair of socks for my boyfriend (now my husband of 30 years, I am 51) for his birthday. My mom never had much money as my father believed the money was his and she existed to make his life comfortable. One of her treasured possessions was a set of straight knitting needles in a vinyl case which we as kids bought her from Eaton's one Christmas. Six Christmases ago, she wrapped this set of knitting needles up and gave them to me as she felt she could not knit anymore. She suffered from severe chronic depression and had developed various other serious medical conditions. While other mothers have passed on jewelry, china or money, my mom had virtually nothing precious. Even after six years I still either cry or get teary eyed whenever I look at this set of needles in the worn vinyl case. My mom passed away in April of this year, and her gift of knitting as a child, plus the knitting needles, are probably the gift of irreplaceable value.


Handmade things specific to my taste -- always the most thoughtful.

Tracey Carsto

My DH every Christmas wraps a gift early and lets me "play" with it to try and guess what's inside. We call it my rattle box. The contents aren't what matters, but he knows how I like to puzzle things out so he gives me a puzzle every year. In 24 years I've yet to figure out everything in the box. :)


As far as physical gifts, not sure I can pick one out. But it's extra nice to have a Xmas where everybody is healthy, happy, and speaking to one another. Doesn't happen very often that way, unfortunately, but those are the Xmas' that stick out in my mind as being the best.

Lisa P.

The most thoughtful gift I received was a 3 day spa vacation in Utah for just ME, not friends, not kids, no nothing! from my husband.

His elderly mother and mentally disabled sister were living with us and our 3 kids and two dogs at the time!

I really needed a break. It was the most extravagant thing I've ever been given and the first time in YEARS that I truly had time just for me.

I am very blessed


One of the most thoughtful holiday gifts I've ever received was a coat my dad picked out. Not fancy - I wouldn't have wanted fancy - but very well-suited to me.


My husband and daughters do a good job with gifts, but honestly they're not usually much of a surprise. I make lots of suggestions, and they know they can always get me jewelry or a yarn gift certificate. However, a couple of years ago, my husband bought me an iPod. I didn't even know I wanted one, but it turned out to be perfect for my daily two-hour walks. I love it, and HE thought of it!

Kathryn in Minnesota

My sweetheart gives me a thoughtful gift each day when he cooks dinner. The last week of the semester is always insane -- I listen to hours upon hours of performances by piano students and write comments as much as I can. By the time the work day ends, I'm absolutely fried. As in, can-barely-remember-my-name fried. This week, Hector called as I was leaving work to say he was cooking crawfish etouffee. Fabulous crawfish etouffee. It doesn't get any more thoughtful than that. :)


hmm...I really don't know. probably yarn and knitting-related stuff.


When I was growing up my sister received a fairy tale book that we all loved to read. A couple of Christmases ago I opened up my gift from her and it was the fairy tale book! It was fun to see again b/c I probably hadn't seen it since the time we both left home about 25+ years ago.

I still love to read it!


Anything that my husband gets for me-he remembers things that I mention I like throughout the year and always gets me something that I love but wouldn't buy for myself.


This year I got the most thoughtful, meaningful gift already besides the ones
that my children and grandchildren made me
in the past. My son and his wife are going
through a messy divorce and I am very ill
and can't go out. I have a great grandbaby
born last January and I have never seen him.
My ex-husband sent me six wonderful pictures
of the baby. He is adorable.


Most thoughtful gift was Christmas baking when I was on crutches due to a nasty fall down some outside steps. Didn't do much for my waistline though due to lack of exercise!!!!!


No one thing comes to mind. I always cherish the things that have thoughtfulness for my needs and wants — quilting or knitting supplies, tickets to a concert or a book that the giver knows I'm interested in. A recurring theme is any type of foot and hand warmer as my family all know I suffer more than usual with the cold, and I always appreciate those!


My friends and I are middle class, enough money to get by, we all have our own homes and lots of stuff. We draw names for Christmas, and give a nice gift for our "name" and stocking stuffers for the rest.
One year, my gift was a card - acknowledging the receipt of a donation in my name to a favorite charity. I was touched and so pleased to be able to share Christmas with others.


One year I was walking dogs, and during a really bad winter, I was always cold and wet and miserable, everyone in my family bought me something to help keep me warm. Little inserts for my boots, long johns, hats, mittens, even my boss bought special dog walking gloves that let you hold a retractable leash without freezing your hands or letting go of it, but still staying warm. Very thoughtful!


It's hard to think of the one most thoughtful gift ever. One Christmas I was due to have surgery. So my mother gave me a royal purple robe so I would have a nice new robe to wear in the hospital. She passed away year in the December the following year. I'm still wearing that robe with its worn thin elbows. I can't bring myself to replace all these years later.


A set of knitting needles and crochet hooks both in their own cases. It was just when I was starting to craft. After that it didn't matter what the pattern was I always had the right needle or hook for the project.


I received an early Christmas gift from a friend this year. Our family's been going through a hard time with our son's chronic pain, and my friend, Jeff, thought I needed a lift.

In a used bookstore, Jeff found a book that had once belonged to my beloved late uncle. The library seal with my uncle's name and the name of his partner is embossed on the flyleaf. It must have been a bit of Christmas magic that he found that book. My Uncle Harry has been dead for nearly fifteen years, and his residence was in Philadelphia. Jeff lives in Ohio.

I am just amazed by this gift and am still utterly speechless when I pick the book up and look at the seal.


An electric blanket which has kept me toasty warm for many years


I love it when my husband gives me Key Lime truffles from Godiva.

Kevin P

One of the best gifts was a skein of yarn and needles and that started the love of knitting for going on 45 year. The gifts that take thought seem to be the best.


One year for Valentine's Day I received a Tivoli PAL portable radio. It's a radio with REALLY good sound but it also has an input jack for my mp3 player. AND... it's water resistant, so it lives in the kitchen and can take all the steam and humidity in there. It has a rechargeable battery inside, so it can go into the backyard for music or radio when we eat or hang out there. I use it daily and it's one of the best gifts I've ever received!


From my husband: a bunch of tickets good for dinner and a movie. It means that we'll have time to spend together!


My husband surprised me with a garnet ring which is my birth stone. We had a break in to our home and one of the things that was taken was a garnet ring that belonged to my Great Grandmother, it was her wedding ring.


My engagement ring. The last box I opened started a treasure hunt around the house which ended in a proposal.

Ann Moore

A set of 3 angels from when I was little. It's not Christmas without them.


The most thoughtful gifts I have ever received were those given from the heart -- handknit sweaters from my grandmother, the wedding cake baked by my uncle, and a needlepoint Christmas stocking from my sister-in-law.


My husband gave me my first digital camera when I had no idea I wanted or needed a digital camera.

Now I can't imagine being without one.


One of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts I've received is an oak quilt rack that my husband and children gave me. I've made many quilts and have some antiques from my family, but I had no place to display them. It sits at the end of the hallway, outside my sewing room and is filled with family heirlooms. I treasure it.


My husband is the best at Christmas. Several years ago he gave me 5 skeins of the most luscious cashmere yarn. I would have never splurged on this for myself. I made a shawl and every time I wrap myself in it I think of this thoughtfulness.


That is a toss up. My Nightmare Before Christmas stocking, or sock yarn that was hand-picked for me. Both were bought by my daughters.


The year we met, my husband wrote parodies of all of the songs on Weird Al's album from that year and recorded them for me. The parodies all had stuff to do with things I liked, or hobbies of mine - took a lot of research on his part!

Pat Martin

The year I turned 16 my aunt gave me a 14K gold locket which opens up and has room for 2 very small photos. She had placed a photo of my dad, her brother, in the locket. He died when I was 8. She also engraved my name and birth date inside the locket. Whenever I wear it (often) of think of both of them

Kathy N

A dear friend of mine made me knitting needles from a dogwood on her property, and knitted a small shoulder shawl from them! Truly a gift from the heart.


My mom knows how much I knit - and how much I knit for other people, which is probably 90% of my knitting. For Christmas she bought me some gorgeous yarn and strict instructions to only use it to make something for myself. The gift wasn't just the yarn, but the relaxation of making something just for me!


My daughter, Michelle, born December 25,1968.

Bunny Queen

My dad passed away shortly before my 14th birthday, and while I had high school stories about him from my mom, I didn't know anything about him when he was little. His mother is very much a "live in the moment, don't talk about the past" kind of person and she simply would not tell these stories or even show pictures. I always assumed she didn't have any. Two years after my dad died, my aunt (who is typically the really flaky one in the family) went over to my grandmother's house and talked her into digging out photos of my dad when he was little and handing them over. I received an entire album of pictures, report cards, his birth certificate and confirmation certificate. I cried most of the rest of the day, but in a good way.


every year i get earrings in my stocking from my mom, and I know she puts thought into thinking about what i'd like, etc.


Three thoughtful gifts.
One son moved my entire cookie baking process to his house. He makes the dough, I cut, decorate and bake, then go home to my clean kitchen. Another son gave me a book of gift certificates to a great car wash. Unusual, but it made me happy for a year. A perceptive grandson gave me two bags of Starbucks coffee!


Anything my dad takes the time to go purchase on his own, without help from my mother, has always been super special to me. He hates to shop but every now and then he'll surprise me with something. It's always very well thought out and means the world to me.


The best gifts are those where someone has really taken the effort to get to know the likes and dislikes of the person receiving the gift. But sometimes someone just randomly hits a home run. That was the case with two of my favorite gifts: a leather coin ball and a horsehair braided key chain. I have had them both for years and use them every day.


Very late in life, after years of having my mother do all the holiday gift buying for us kids, the task fell solely upon my dad... the ultimate non-shopper. Each year he would find gifts for us kids and our spouses and the grandkids - the gifts were almost exclusively from LL Bean - his favorite store!

I have knit since I was a child, but a few years ago this pastime became an obvious obsession. That year he broke his tradition and ventured out to my LYS and purchased a gift certificate for me. I love his LL Bean treats, but that LYS gift card showed me that he really was trying to make my gift special!!!


My boyfriend got me a copy of Persuasion for Valentine's Day one year. It doesn't seem that special until you realize that A)I love Jane Austen and B) He nearly went mad trying to find a gift for me. He also wrote a cute missive on the inner cover.

Marti Keefe

My favorite gifts are from my son and his wife, especially when you can tell they put thought and effort in to choosing the gift. One year they gave me a knitting calendar, and another year they gave me a brass watering can for my houseplants. I also love the handmade gifts that I have received. And I always love to receive cash so I can spend it on knitterly things. This year I bought a new book with some gift money from my inlaws: A Fine Fleece, great patterns!


Pretty much any time I've been given crafty supplies, I guess. Can't think of any particular instance, though.

Tammy Edwards

One of the most thoughtful and precious gifts I have received is my grandmother's book. The previous year I had given her a blank book that had pages to fill out about her parents, childhood, marriage, etc.. The following year she returned it to me all filled in and with pictures. I got a glimpse of what she was like as someone other than my grandma; especially about her courtship and marriage since my grandfather died when my Dad was a boy.


I also had my husband give me a cabinet years ago.. He got it for free but it needed much work done to it. We were still dating but very serious. I can tell you that after I got the cabinet for Christmas,I knew this was the man for me. We have just celebrated out 22nd wedding anniversary and I have other objects he has made me, but the cabinet began it all!

Karen W.

The gifts that have been handmade for me are the most special.


My mom has given me the gifts that I remember best, from a complete hand sewn wardrobe for my Barbie way back in the day. Most recently, she knitted me a beautiful stranded hat and I was so touched by her effort and hiding skills. I live next door and we often knit together so it was tough to keep it a secret. It is so lovely and thoughtful.

J.T. in missouri

Yarn of course!


I don't think they were thinking of me, but the best Christmas gift I ever got is my precious grandson Adam.


I have several thoughtful gifts, I can't decide which one to mention. :) The first one, when my husband and I were first married, still in school, I really wanted a wooden cooling rack. He spent several days out in the garage making it special for me. I still have it and use it 20 years later. The second thoughtful gift is from my son. He found a beautiful Christmas scene tall mug for my coffee one year, many years ago. As a child, he thought I would like it. I loved it! A few years ago my sil broke it and we really couldn't repair it. We didn't find another one of the same quality. Last year at one of our local stores, we saw them again and he bought 2 to replace the one broken. Last year my daughter also bought me a gift certificate to a local spa for taking good care of her while she's been sick for the past couple of years. I know I am blessed by the thoughtfulness of my family, even though all I really want is just to be together with no need to exchange gifts.

Debbie H

My most thoughtful gift was a car from my Dad. He owns a used car lot and my DH and I were really struggling that year. It really helped. Debbie in Alaska


When I was pregnant both my husband and my mom got me gift certificates for a prenatal massage. They felt so wonderful and it wasn't something I would have done for myself.


A friend made me a little wooden folding stool/table that serves as my portable spinning stool. I've had it for twenty years and still adore it.


A gift certificate to my LYS from my mom.


One of the thoughtful gifts my husband gave me was a small radio/cd player I could take to work. I'd forgotten I even mentioned wanted to listen to my cds or even the radio while at my desk. I was very surprised! He always remembers things and is very good at surprising me.

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