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December 18, 2009



I too have alternated between making cards from my scrapbooking supplies - makes it more personal when I don't plan to send out many cards - but I will look for nice box cards after the holidays are over to send the following year. I never receive as many as I send - due to most people dashing an email greeting - but I DO like to send and receive cards by mail. Have never sent New Year cards - just Hanukkah and Christmas cards. My mother & son are the ONLY exception - they get special cards just for them bought at the card shop.


Every few years I get around to sending out Christmas greetings. This is not one of those years. I'm just too busy trying to finish up the last few pairs of socks I'm gifting. When I do send out cards, I sometimes make my own or purchase handmade cards at bazaars or wherever I see them.


I send both hand made and bought cards as well as e-mail cards. All depends on the time I have. But the important thing is staying in contact and letting folks know how much you care for them.

Donna Nelson

I buy them and include a note written inside each one.


I usually buy some cute cards and send them with a hand written note. I save my crafting time for knitting gifts.


I have made my own in the past, but for the last couple of years they have been shop bought, though I get the charity cards, some from Oxfam, and some from the local cat charity.


We usually send out a "newsletter" with updates from the preceding year. We usually just send it out as an email. Ocassionally we will send out cards, but they are invariably store bought cards.


Christmas cards! The last few years I've made my own, but only send out a few. I can't stop -- my grandparents are big fans of this procedure!

If for some reason I know I'll be doing a boatload, I usually try to buy them through charities. (And then make one for my grandparents anyway. ;) )


I usually send out Christmas cards that
I make on the computer. This year I wrote
a Christmas letter about what Christmas was
like at our house when our children were
small. I guess I send or give about 25-30
cards. Not much by some peoples standards.

Cynthia Landers

I fight each year to get any kind of card sent out. I search and search for the perfect Christmas card and many years before I know it Christmas has come and gone and not a card has gone out. Maybe I'll start sending out New Years cards. Things always slow down the day after Christmas.


We send a picture of our boys (now 21 and 19 yrs old!) Don't know when we'll stop that! Some years we are on top of it and the cards are in the mail early and then there are some years like this one...


Every year I intend to do cards but it never happens...maybe next year!

Mary T.

I only send out 4-5 cards so I go to Hallmark and get individual cards.


We do the obligatory toddler photo cards! I send about 40 to friends & family.


I love store-bought cards and work hard to find ones that express our personalities. Then I write personal notes and decorate the insides with seasonal stickers before sending them out to 40 or so family and friends.


I have for the past few years made my own Christmas cards and really enjoy it. However this year, I didn't have the time and I actually had cards that I had bought over the years... It was something of a relief actually since I was starting to get stressed. I send out about 40 cards and it takes quite a while to make that many cards..


Oh wow, I've made my own. I love it, but I have yet to send out the ones I made last year. Big city living just doesn't lend itself to a free weekend to send out card.


i always want to, but haven't sent any out this year. if i get to it, it won't be homemade :)


We send cards every year. We usually buy three or four different styles and send them. Every few years we do a photo card. I always write a little newsletter with the high points of the year, just for fun. And, for the record, I love getting holiday letters from other people. I find them fascinating.

Pat Kelley

We buy them, but each year seem to send fewer and later.


I buy my cards each year to send, only about 10 this year. We spend a few days over the Christmas with the families all getting together so I only send cards to members who live at a distance and can't be with us.

Lennette Daniels

We send out store-bought Christmas cards. I usually send out about 20 to friends and family, and send an online message to my email-only friends. My daughter and I also buy at least one box of cards to send to soldiers stationed overseas and recovering wounded soldiers.


We do send cards/letters to approximately 125 people (LARGE extended family!) -- utilizing photo cards from Shutterfly or some such service.

Nancy N

I send cards to family and friends who I don't see very often. Although I buy them rather than making them, I do send a note with each one. To me it is a nice way to keep in touch and to mark a special time of year.


I buy my cards. This year we had the picture ones done since we had some great pictures of this year's wildflowers, which were spectacular.
We send around 20--the list seems to get shorter each year, and I try to add at least a brief note to personalize them.


We haven't sent out a card in a while, though I took a picture of my cat with antler on and looking pissed about it last year and that was meant to be this years' card. It unfortunately didn't happen...


I'm restarting the Christmas letter tradition, sending one off with the cards. I truly enjoy receiving a Christmas letter. I send these in a card. I often end up writing a long more personalized note on the card as well as inserting the letter.

Mary A

Nope, haven't done so in years

Linda B

As with all good intentions, I "plan" to send hand made cards, but store bought are just as nice! I send upwards of 25-30 cards. Each one has a little note expressing happy new year greetings, etc.


Since the business my Hubby and I run is music-based, we're running non-stop until after the New Year. For the past few years I've been sending e-cards, but since everyone's so afraid of getting a worm on their computer, I'm Photo Shop-ing a card for our friends this year.


This year we're sending about a dozen store-bought cards (with home-made cookies). Some years I make the cards, some years I forget to send them. :)


I gave up on holiday cards YEARS ago. Consequently, most people have stopped sending me cards as well. Except for Animal Control, my paper carrier, my next door neighbor (and he sends it through USPS - jeesh, I live NEXT DOOR!), one friend who I would rather meet for coffee, one friend from HS who never gives up on me, and one cousin.

Kathy N

This year I sent out about a dozen bought cards - mainly to older friends and acquaintances who do not email! I have notieced that very few cards have arrived in the snail mail this year.


I send about 20 store purchased cards. I have made my own cards some years, but now I would rather spenc my free time knitting.


This year we will probably send out an e-mail greeting to our friends.

Cyndy C.

No cards...good intentions but alas none.


I haven't sent out any cards for a few years now. When I did I would look for humorous boxed ones.


No, I don't send cards. I used to but it is one of the holiday things I've given up over the years.


Now that I have kids I send out a holiday photo cards with a family picture. I'm hoping to make cards next year with the kids and enclose a family photo. That will probably take a lot of planning and thought on my part so it might not happen.

Marianne C

When I did send out cards, which I stopped doing about 4 years ago, I always made them. Loved doing it too and everyone got a diffrent style. I love embroidery on paper!


When my kids were really young we sent out photo cards. Last year I tried an audiocard for the first time (the Audacity software is free online, the same thing many podcasters use). That was a fun project. Everyone in our family did some talking. It was pretty "green," too - no paper or postage or delivery. I want to do it again this year but it's not going to happen before Christmas... maybe in January, though!

I, too, have a lot of leftover scrapbooking supplies from my pre-knitting days (no time to scrapbook anymore!). I use them for birthday cards and gift tags. My kids love making gift tags - selecting paper and stickers and writing on them.

Dawn K-M

I do send out Christmas cards. I don't think I have missed a year since I moved out on my own. For the first 3-4 years I bought them. Now I make them. Typically it's cardstock with a rubber stamped image. Depending on the image, it may be colored in. Some years (like this year) they are fairly simple and other years it takes me a very long time to make them. I usually send out about 40.


I usually make my own cards - most likely a watercolour or coloured pencil. If I am short of time I sometimes cheat and use an original watercolour and print it out on card stock. I haven't bought commercial Christmas cards for years - it is very satisfying to create cards every year and people certainly seem to like them.


I have gradually phased at large amounts of CHristmas cards. I give a handful store bought with brief personal messages mostly for close familyand friends that live at a distance. I do like receiving notes in cards to catch up on folks from far away.


I always intend to send cards, and manage to buy some about every other year, but they never seem to get sent. I do buy and send cards for immediate family, and those must be funny. :)


There has been years I have sent out cards and also years I have not. I have done the stamping and also done the computer generated cards. This year time got away from and so I am thinking cards are not going to be sent to anyone. If I do anything it will be ecards for a few online friends. I guess the only way I will make my cards is if I start in the summer.


Nope, we don't send out cards.


I usually wait and send Valentines! I only send about 10.


We usually do but we haven't this year. Ooops!


We are one of those families that send out a Christmas letter, with updates on family members and a couple of photos. We send some electronically. That is a new addition in the last few years. And we send some inside a regular store bought Christmas card. We send around 90 or so. We have lived in different places and so have some friends far away!


I sometimes send cards to close friends' families, but not on a regular basis. I don't know if card-sending is a big thing for my generation [I'm in my early 20s]. We're all so closely connected through the internet that physical mail seems almost unnecessary.
...Now I'm feeling vaguely guilty about this. Maybe I'll send out cards to everyone this year! :-D

Denise Sheaves

We actually do not send cards. Each year we donate the cost of what we would spend in cards and postage to our local SPCA. Our family and friends are aware of our yearly tradition and support it!


I used to send out Christmas cards that I always bought the previous year a couple days after Christmas when they were on clearance. Since The Squid was born, we are all about the picture card! We keep them on the frig, it's wonderful to see how much he has grown year after year.


I typically send only a few, and have missed altogether some years. I don't mail cards to those I see or speak to often and am able to greet over the phone or in person. This year I'm going to go with e-mail greetings, and probably will expand the list.

rasa chambers

I send out Christmas cards every year. I maintain a list on the computer and print off labels every year - the labels have some clipart that matches the "theme" of the cards that year. Then I sit down and write out the cards - names of recipients, message, signature. With the cards for the US and those sent abroad, I send out about 135 is an obsession.

Jennifer D

I only send maybe 5 cards a year to family that I feel close to but aren't able to attend our gathering for whatever reason. I usually end up picking out cards at target and writing a personalized note in each. I stay away from picture cards and the "family letter" since not everybody wants to look at my cat (no kids!!) and I can't stand receiving the latter. I think the holidays get too stressful!

Deborah Fillmer

I used to send out cards, but no more. Now I send e-cards to my friends and family. I would love to have the time to create individual cards to send to special people, but I lack the Martha Stewart gene or something....


We send around 70 cards, so no I've never made them---think handmade are beautiful tho. I always send cards celebrating Christ's birth, since that is what Christmas is all about. Sending cards keeps at least some connection with people you don't see or hear from often, but don't want to lose all touch.

Lisa P.

We always send out holiday cards usually 50 or so. I send school photos of the kids to close family, and usually a family snapshot to everyoen else.

However, this year is so crazy, we did not get a good family photo. I thought I would be more bummed about it, but it's just the way it is.

I LOVE to receive cards which is probably why I still make the effort to do it every year.


We send out traditional Christmas cards. This year I didn't have to buy any. I found several boxes of cards from previous years.. There were enough to send for this year. We don't send many.....25 -30 each year.


I usually buy cards and send them out... but this year having already sent out two rounds of cards to my entire address book (invites and then thank yous) I just didn't have the attention span or desire to do it all again.

This year only the Moms, Grandmas and siblings are getting cards!

I kind of hope noone notices...

Debbie B

I have to say that some years I make them and other years I buy them. I send around 20-25 although it seems like my list is getting smaller each year.


I usually do send cards, but this year it just got away from me. Whoops!


In previous years, I have sent out cards. Store bought ones. This year... I'm not sure that's going to happen. I think my Grandma might get a card and a letter. Everyone else? Perhaps there will be a holiday email...


My card sending has evolved (and not necessarily improved). Now we do a photo card with the daughter and a letter from the dog. I like to personalize, but as I get farther behind, they get less attention.


We send out around 50 a year and it's my husband's job--thank goodness.!


Every couple of years, I buy a box of cards, intending to send them out. Of course, I never do. I have several boxes stockpiled for when I find the motivation to stop knitting and start writing cards. Now, my mother, sends them out faithfully every year. They're always a month or two late, just like her xmas boxes, but they do get sent. ;)


I don't make my own cards for Christmas, but I do make my own labels for my knitted gifts that I give to people (both in the garment and a paper label attached). I also usually do up a mini-skein of the yarn to go with it in case someone needs to repair.

linda in chicagoland

I send about 50 cards. I've never made my own, but I have taken a special photo and put it in those frame cards. This year I'm using premade, bought to support the Art Institute. And, they are still on my To Do list!


We send Christmas cards that I've designed featuring photos of the kids. We send out about two dozen though. Not many.


Every year I order a photocard with the funniest photo of the year and send it to my friends and family. It became a tradition


I send photo cards with a picture I have taken of something seasonal. This year I had to go back to Walgreen's 3 times to get it right. The first time, they gave me the wrong size envelopes. The second time, they didn't give me enough envelopes. Finally last night I got them all finished and Dale mailed them off this morning on his way to work. hooray!

Sue H

We haven't sent cards out in years. If anything we just do ecards.


I stopped sending them a few years ago. The price of postage just got out of hand.


I sent out Christmas cards every year until about 2 years ago when things were so crazy that I just didn't have the time. I realized that the world didn't crumble and then got lazy and didn't send them last year either. Now I'm feeling guilty and think I'll grab a box at the drug store later and get them in the mail. :-)


Generally, it's a store-bought card, but I tuck in a page with updates of the year and a pic or two. I keep paring the list I send to...just a signed card and no additional info doesn't seem to me to warrant me sending a card.(Getting older has made me 'picky'.)


I use photo cards. I use pictures of the kids and have our names included on the printing (no signing needed that way). We sent 25 cards this year, but I did have a few extras printed just in case.

Molly Johnson

I did send out cards there for awhile, but things have changed and now I don't have the funds for it. When I did send, I made my own for the first year and then time got away from me and it was easier to buy them!!


This year I made cards in the darkroom. I cut up pieces of silver gelatin prints that I had used for test prints. I cut them down to post card size on a rotary cutter. The subject matter was animals in winter, so it seemed appropriate. Then I could mail them with post card stamps. I think I sent around 40 of them the other day, so it wasn't very expensive.


I've done both, but it seems my desire for making cards by hand has passed. I doubt it will ever return. I could see using my stamps and paper for something else, gift tags or ornaments.

(I also have to say I've really enjoyed seeing the yarn photos you've featured each day!)


Like you, I used to make my cards, but now with two children, I don't have the time. We always take a holiday photo of the family for the front of the card and I usually send a newsy letter with it - to about 75 people. This year I'm behind (I unexpectedly went back to work half time) and I'm trying to let the card thing go, or at least be deferred until the new year, but I am having a hard time not being compulsive about it. Fortunately the work and the holiday knitting are conspiring to keep me distracted!

Kathryn Sigman

I usually send out cards but I am just too tired and stressed out this year so I will email cards to my family!. Cop-out, I know, but it's been a rough year!


We used to send out Christmas cards for the 1st 5 or so years of our marriage, then a few years it was a Christmas letter. We haven't done cards in probably a good 10+ years. This year my daughter wants to send out a Christmas photo, but she told me about it just this week, so it will end up being a New Year photo of our family and new puppy. :)


I don't send to in-town people - I give them a personal greeting :) And there's only a couple of out-of-towners, so they get a bought card. I get so many from charitable organizations, it seems like I should use them up. I try to send a family picture in them if possible.


The only cards I send out or give out are the ones with gifts at Christmas parties or with year end tips to service people. A nice boughten box lasts more than one year at that rate.


I really take my time and search for unique Christmas cards to send out each year. I try to find ones that really stand out and are special. I do mine by hand and begin the day after Thanksgiving. Usually I send to about 20-30 people each year. I think that an old fashioned card is so nice to receive in these days of email!


I send out a photo card for whatever random holiday is nearest the date I get my act together (Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day, first day of summer...). I write a brief letter that has stories highlighting favorite moments during the year as a "family letter," but add a personal note too.


I've felt like one of Santa's elves making those bags! Hope they find good home this holiday season!
- Stacey

Cards?! I'm a maker! I L-O-V-E to make holiday cards! Sometimes they end up being New Years cards, rather than Christmas, but my recipients are quite patient.


I started doing photo cards a few years ago. I just have a little message printed on them which saves me alot of work not having to sign each card etc...

I think I send out around 30 or so,

Kathryn in Minnesota

I try to buy cards on sale after Christmas for the following year's cards. Some years I've really stocked up, so this year I'm working through my card stash. (Full disclosure: I did break down and pay full price for these:

'cause I thought they were cute.) I don't know how many cards I send out -- it varies from year to year depending on how swamped or into the Christmas spirit I feel. Good thing "Season's Greetings" don't expire on Dec. 25!


I don't send out cards, but I might start if they had pretty pictures of yarn on them.


I buy my cards and send out around 20. We send out a letter with them and a picture of our kids. While I don't send a personal note in each card, I have everybody in our family sign the card and always keep one for myself so I can see how the kids writing changes year to year.

Dani C.

We send out about 40 Christmas cards to friends & family here & overseas. Usually, I have them out by the first weekend of Dec., this year theyre a bit later,but should be on time.
I looooooooooove this color way! So pretty:)

Kevin P

Bought card as to busy making things to give. Special cards to family and special people, anf boxed to the rest as i need between 40 & 60.


Hi... You brought back memories of the many Christmas cards that I handmade when I lived in Atlanta. I had so much fun with all the stamps, colors and trinkets. I still have all the supplies.

This year I am sending out around 20 cards to family and friends. I bought my cards at Target too! I still miss those days when I handmade the cards but something called life took over!

Happy Holidays to all!

Crystal R

We send out Holiday cards (making sure they're as secular as possible since we have friends of many spiritual paths), and we usually buy them. As the kids get a little older I'd like to try making them ourselves. This year we're sending out about 20.

Terri Brinegar

I always buy store bought cards. I send out 50-60 cards and usually my boys school pictures are in them.


Nope. Gave up on it several years ago.


For years I've been sending only cards with the illustration of a Lion and Lamb together..peace.


We vary from buying cards to "catch up" newsletters with photos. This is definitely an "off year" for us.

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