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December 16, 2009



wow, looks like I'm the first one.
No special holiday pattern in mind, but I've always wanted to make a felted poinsettia wreath, there's several patterns out there.


Well I don't know if this qualifies for an actual Holiday Knitting Pattern - but the Knitting Pure and Simple sock pattern for children knits up quick and they are small enough to work in some color work to make small "gift stockings" and you only have to knit ONE SOCK per person. Perfect for tucking in a cash gift, gift certificate, teeny stuffed animal, jewelry,(whatever will fit) and some tiny wrapped candies - and if you attach a pretty coordinating ribbon or I Cord - the recipient can use it as a holiday decoration on their tree. Great for trying new knitting patterns or experimenting with color work or using up your bits of left over yarns.


No, I do not have a favorite holiday knitting pattern, but I often make knitted slippers for the kids in my family. Last year I knitted little Christmas stockings and stuffed them with candy canes.


Sorry, no special patterns, but I do have a couple of people who want new Fiber Trend's clogs to replace their worn out ones almost every year.


Great question! I don't have a favorite, but I'm looking forward to seeing other people's favorites!

Anna Marie

My favorite holiday knitting pattern are those cute little miniature sweaters to decorate the tree. They are the most adorable little things


I've not ever tried a holiday pattern, but am looking forward to seeing what others post. I don't get to knit as often as I like so I can be pretty slow to finish a project. Thus, I haven't been confident enough that I would finish in time to try knitting for the holidays.


I don't have a favorite holiday pattern. It think and pattern can rapidly become a holiday pattern in the right context. The right yarn, beads, jewelry, or even the right place, and surprise, instant holiday.


I made this snowflake last year and thought it looked really pretty:

I hope to make more as gifts!


The only thing I've knit that could be considered a holiday pattern was a mini sweater ornament. It was cute!


I keep meaning to knit some tree ornaments but I have yet to get around to it. The ones that look like miniature sweaters are really cute!


It's not really a Holiday pattern, but I knit lots of Grandma's Favorite dishcloths to have on hand when you want to give a little impromptu when a nice neighbor stops over with fresh baked goodies.

Donna Nelson

I used Cookie's Monkey sock pattern for Xmas gifts last year using Blue Moons Xmas colors.

Mary A

When our grown daughter was in 2nd grade, I was home room mother and made crocheted santa faces for everyone to take home & hang on their tree. The teacher liked them so well the kids put them on the classroom tree with no other decorations. One little boy came to me and said they never got to have a tree at home, I got a great smile when I suggested that it would fit on a doornob. I look at those santa faces on our tree each year and remember that smile.


My special holiday pattern is whatever I'm using to make Christmas ornaments in a particular year. Last year it was the knitted ornaments from Handknit Holidays. This year it's these cute little birds from Purl.


I knitted my first Christmas stocking for my granddaughter this year--and just sort of winged it from several patterns--her name, some trees, berries, etc. It was a labor of love made worthwhile by the fact that she loved it!


I saw that star and I think it's adorable. Not for this year, though! I knit up some tiny Santa hats last year and they are hanging on the tree and really cute.


The very first socks I ever knit were Christmas Stockings. I love that star, though, and now I have a good idea for a project for next year!

Molly Johnson

I made a felted pointsetta wreath for my mom last year. It turned out beautiful. It took A LOT of work, but it was well worth it to see the look on her face...


Im a sock fan... the wilder the colors the better... maybe some bright red socks?

I made my husbands brother a "naughty" reindeer hat for Christmas (see fornicating deer chart on Ravelry) He is going to LOVE it.

Sue H

My favorite pattern is the Forest Canopy Shawl - I've made two of them and it's my go-to pattern for quick shawl gifting!


When my children were toddlers I knitted Christmas stockings for them. They were red, green and white made in stripes, dots, hearts, plaid patterns. Their names were done in intarsia on the cuffs. They were huge and easy to fill. Each year after, in December, they would make their way back to my house and I would fill them again.


The very first sock I ever made AND the first time I ever knit with more than one color was a Christmas stocking from an old Bernat kit that was in my stash. We hang it every year and it represents my return to knitting after many years. I've used the pattern since to make additional stockings for friends and family.

Cynthia Landers

Don't really have a favorite but this year i've promised myself to knit several pairs of socks in Christmas colors this year. I always buy Christmas socks to wear and they never last longer than 1 year.


One of my favorites for gift giving this time of year is the Fetching mitt pattern from Everyone I've given it to loves them.


One of my favorites for gift giving this time of year is the Fetching mitt pattern from Everyone I've given it to loves them.

Kathy N

My fave holiday pattern is one for knitted ornament socks! These little cuties knit up in under an hour, and look amazing on the tree. That pattern is simply casting on 20 stitches and making a basic sock!

Denise Sheaves

My favourite pattern this year is the Ishbel shawl by Ysolda Teague. Looks great with just one skein of sock yarn! Heaven knows I have plenty of sock yarn!!! lol


I don't have a favorite holiday pattern either, but I love the star pattern. I am thinking about making that one up. I have been making a lot of fingerless mittens this year. They are fun and fast!


I always like to make ornaments from EZ's Knitter's Almanac. They're a fast last minute knit.

Cybèle de Jong

I love that pattern - specially since I discovered that it's a dodecahedron, which is a word I had never heard until a few months ago, when my son came home and said it - I hadn't heard the word and didn't even know what it was! I may just have to knit him one some time.


My favorite pattern isn't actually a holiday pattern but each year I knit a dozen basic bright orange mittens for the citys orphanage. They have a program in which all the children "run off" their energy daily. The mittens keep them warm and the color makes them stand out and keeps them safe while running. They run each day to train for this event.;currentVideoInfo


I have no particular holiday knitting pattern, but I am working on a countdown to Christmas hats and mittens garland--very cute, and maybe I will get it hung by the 24th!

Also have an ongoing project of knitting different Christmas stockings to hang along the staircase banister.


I really love Elizabeth Zimmerman's Christmas Fiddle Faddles from the Knitter's Almanac. It is a perfect way to use up the odds and ends left over from projects and you get great sized stars if you use sock yarn! They make great gifts and can be mailed in with your christmas cards!


I don't have a favorite pattern yet, but one I'm planning to make a fave is Alan Dart's Jultomtar & Teeny Tomte (aka Yuletide Gnomes):

How could I *not* want some gnomes like this around at Christmas? Hope to have some by next year!


This year I have knit socks in a Christmas color way and they are very popular gifts. I may do some more next year as I gave them early so they could be worn before Christmas and I got many requests for next year...


My favorite holiday pattern that I've made this year is the stuffable stocking pattern from Crochet Today! It's super fast and so cute! Here's a link to the one I made:


I like to make tiny sweaters, hats, mittens, and stockings as ornaments to be given as gifts. They're quick, people love them, and as a bones they're a great way to practice new techniques that you're too afraid to try on a large project (I just used beads in knitting for the first time while making a tiny sweater).

Nancy N

This little pine tree sachet from Purl Bee can also be used as an adorable tree decoration
If you want to use it for a tree decoration, just fill it with something lightweight like fiberfill or bits of quilt batting instead of lentils.


Hmm, no holiday-themed patterns that I can think of. How about holiday gifts? I love knitted coffee mug cozies, gifted wrapped around a paper cup full of coffee gift card, candy, tea bags, or whatever yummy things would tempt the recipient. :)


I don't have a favorite holiday knitting pattern because I haven't moved past socks yet! I'll be curious to see what the others say!


Not a specific pattern, but Iove to make something really soft and luxurious for someone special. My current favorite is Jared Flood's tweed baby blanket. I knit it in Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK. It is SO yummy!


I have a holiday pattern I hope to knit.
I was thinking of knitting it in a yarn with some sparkle to catch the lights from the tree. Of course I have had this book marked since the pattern came out and this year is still not going to be the year I cast on.
As far as stockings I would pick a favorite textured or lace sock pattern and cast on with worsted or bulky yarn and the appropriate needles. A Monkey stocking would be cool or one of the aran/kilt socking patterns.


I have a pattern for a cabled globe ornament! It's wonderful, especially with beads! It's a quick knit to boot!

Andrea (@shutterbitch)

I haven't been knitting long enough to have a holiday pattern. But I'm nostalgic for Harry Potter scarves, since my first FO was a Christmas present for my sister. I did a Slytherin scarf for her.


Top down 'emergency' hats.


I don't like any holiday-type patterns or yarn colors, actually. I don't mean to be a grump, but I find switching the summer/winter clothes enough of a chore to not want to add another layer of switcheroo into my mix. I mean really, how many times will one wear Thanksgiving socks...


I'm a new knitter and this is my first Christmas since I began knitting, so I don't have a particular favorite pattern. However, I am giving my siblings "Hot Head" knit hats for Christmas.


This is my first Christmas as a knitter, so no traditions yet! But I did knit my mother in law a pair of 'Cabled Fingerless Gloves' from a pattern by Kimberly Gintar for Christmas.

I'd like to knit some stockings, but that will have to wait. :)

Kathleen C

My holiday knitting this year has been hats, hats and more hats - plus one crocheted scarf! I made six different patterns with six different yarns and none are really my favorite. They all turned out just as I'd like. Last year, I made a little snow lady from the KnitPicks pattern and she, I think, would be my favorite winter decoration - but I didn't repeat her this year and, what with knitting the hats, I didn't get to the ornaments I wanted to try!


I can't think of any holiday knitting patterns that I love. However, years ago my sister gave me 6 crocheted (and heavily starched) stars that her MIL made. I hang them on my tree every year and love them.


I don't really have a favorite holiday pattern, but my favorite gift to knit has quickly become a simple mistake rib scarf. I use a more expensive yarn (hand-paint or luxury fiber)with a provisional cast on for the center and just knit until I run out of yarn then I crochet a border around in a solid coordinating wool. Every time I have made this pattern it has gotten rave reviews from the recipient and I get to feel good about using every single scrap of a really nice yarn. :)

Marianne C

nothing special for pattern ideas...they change every winter!

Terri Brinegar

I have never knitted an ornament for Christmas, but I might start with the Knitting Daily star!

rasa chambers

I don't really have a favorite Holiday pattern, because I'm too busy knittting gifts. I have knit most of my Christmas gifts for the last 4 years. I start planning and searching for the "right" patterns early in the year and start knitting over the summer.


Favorite holiday gift pattern: socks, of course! I try to "interview" my gift recipients at some point during the year so I know what kinds of patterns and colors they like.

Favorite holiday pattern: Kalamazoo Knits Deck the Balls. Use leftover sock yarn to cover glass or plastic ball ornaments. I'm addicted - and it's a great way to use those bits of leftover sock yarn.


I am a new knitter, just having started a couple of months ago. I just started looking at holiday patterns recently and while this is not what you're looking for as far as ideas for yourself, I found a dishcloth that has a raised tree pattern, but it's subtle and from knitting only, and not from colour. I liked it well enough to think I might try to make something like that for my mom next year. Too late for this year!


I'm afraid I don't have favorite holiday pattern, unless you count dishcloths, but that's for presents. I do like that star pattern though.


I don't have a favorite, but I do like many of the patterns in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Well, perhaps my most knitted is the gift bags pattern in that book.


Here's the link for the dodecahedron:

Funny how I can always spell dodecahedron but never Berroco (2 r's? 2 c's?) There's also a crochet version in the same area.

It looks like fun!


If you're looking for a fairly simple holiday stocking, berocco has one here. I'll actually be making two of these soon, a friend asked for a pair as a wedding gift for her and her husband-to-be.


Not convinced my html worked.


No real favorite holiday patterns. But I just got "100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet" and the poinsettia in there looks promising for package decorations. Next year, though.

Back when I was in high school, I did an entire crocheted nativity - something like 20 figures. My mother still puts it out every year. It's the nativity that the kids can play with without breaking anything.


This is my first year knitting, so I don't have a favorite holiday pattern as of yet. However, I have enjoyed knitting hats and matching fingerless gloves for all of my relatives for the holidays!

Lisa Petrovski

Don't have any holiday pattern, but this year I knit socks for all my nieces and nephews (10 of them) boys all the same Opal DK and Girls an Opal DK from your site Allison!

I've just knitted my first glove for my daughter in funky colors.

It's very motivating to see what other comment.


no favorite "holiday" pattern, but i've made over 20 knitted gifts for xmas this year already!


It might not be specifically holiday, but I made it for Christmas knitting this year in a white alpaca, and it sure looks like Christmas to me! It's the Ridged Lace Cowl. With white alpaca and that hint of a halo... it just screams winter holiday to me. I really hope my mother in law likes it!!!


I think my favorite changes each year, plus it never seems to be a single pattern and is instead more of a theme. One year it was felted clogs, the next fingerless mitts, and this year socks.

Next year I think it will be scarfs and shawlettes.


Usually I knit a few hats and scarves for charity around thid time of year -- good TV knitting. The patterns vary.


No special pattern for me either, although the felted elf slippers that debuted last week are ADORABLE! Perhaps future Christmas knitting?

I think the star might be a bit lumpy for a comfortable pillow, but YMMV.

Lennette Daniels

Whenever anyone needs a stocking, I make the decorated stocking from Lion Brand found here...
I love it.


I saw that pattern also and put it in next Christmas projects. I love to gift new Holiday dishclothes to family and friends. It is a simple token. Knitting them in Christmas colors also gets me in the mood for the holidays.

This year I made patterned Chrismas socks from Marathon Sock yarn my dear friend gave me. I loved them so much, that I bought more to make socks for my daughter.


I try to make a hand knit gift for all my friends in my craft group each Christmas. This year it's a coffee cup cozy that I'm loving. Simple, quick, very little finishing and looks awesome and might be slightly useful.


I don't know that I have one favorite holiday pattern but I do love making mittens and scarfs for holiday GIFTS. Especially mittens. They don't take too long and there are so many patterns to choose from, you never get bored. :)


I love Shibui!!! So soft and squishy!!
I decided this year instead of knitting ONE stocking for my son and ONE for me, I would knit several different stockings. I'm leaving the name area blank and will do a separate "name tag" with his name and mine ("Mom"). And then each year we will be able to pick the stocking we want to use and pin our name to it. I will have a couple in the traditional red and green and a couple in a lime green and bright cherry pink. 2 basic striped stockings and 2 from the 2nd Mason Dixon book.
I hope I have made my idea clear enough!

Linda B

My favorite holiday knitting is pretty much anything Christmas related that I make for gifts. I have made, socks, scarfs, dishcloths,the list goes on. I even manage to get a few quilted Christmas gifts in the mix. Who wouldn't love holiday knitting with all the gorgeous holiday yarns??


I LOVE making felted Christmas stockings with Noro Kureyon. You can use any basic sock recipe (I CO 64 sts, and use size 8 needles)and make a big ol' sock. Then toss it in the washing machine and it felts into the most beautiful, thick stocking. It is so easy and the results are so colorful. My LYS has had one of my pre-felted stockings and one of my post-felted stockings hanging up next to the Noro Kureyon for years.


My favorite? The knitted pickle from Knitpicks! I think its soooo cute and funny! Just the things we like in our Christmas tree.


I don't have a favorite Christmas pattern. I did knit a mini pair of mittens last year. I'm looking forward to knitting a bunch of mini sweaters... some year.

I saw the "star" pattern on Knitting Daily too. We don't have a tree topper so I was thinking of doing that. I love the idea of doing it in a shiny yarn! I may have to add it to my list too.


I love the Candy Cane socks from Knit Picks. I'm knitting my second pair this year!


I am with Gabriele, Fetching is my favorite Christmas present pattern. It's fast and everyone loves a pair of fingerless mitts!


I love to make the small miniature sweater ornaments. One of these years, I'm going to make one to represent each member of my family and have them decorate tags to mark their own.

Mary T.

I don't have a favorite Christmas pattern. I do want to make the Weasley sweater ornaments from Charmed Knits one of these years, though.


One of the cutest holiday projects I've seen was an advent calendar made up of tiny knitted socks. I don't know that I'd make one, but it was cute!


I don't have a holiday pattern (yet) but I'll be watching the comments for a favorite stocking!!

Andrea W

I don't really have any one pattern @ Xmas, but I do have a yearly knit tradition. I "invent" a new knitted or crocheted ornament pattern each year + make for myself + one for a very good friend. Usually an angel...but sometimes other stuff like a mini pointsettia in a pot. We both have a big angel collection after many yrs! After the initial year... sometimes make them for others too. Bet James would LOVE some cool Celestine Star pillows.

Kevin Pollard

For a fast (at least for me) I use the small stocking found at the below site. They are easy can be adapted with many designs and work well for gift tag holders, small gift holders. Have made 30 or so to be given out for various reasons. Kaybe it would help your stocking project.


That is a really neat pattern and I agree with you on the Starry. It would be awesome!

My favorite Christmas patterns are the stockings from Brunswick my mom has made for all of us.

Too cute!


No, no special holiday pattern, but a new warm winter scarf is always on my mind when it gets colder.

Dawn K-M

It's not exactly a holiday project, but I love the little knitted Harry Potter Weasley sweater ornaments for my tree (which I don't have up yet).


I don't have a favourite holiday knitting pattern, but I like Gayle's idea of having dishcloths on hand.

Jennifer D

I'm another person who doesn't really have a favorite holiday pattern (or a specific holiday pattern for anything really) but it's been interesting reading through some of the links others have provided.


My friend Molly made a beautiful tree skirt that I love.


I made this for a baby borm on December 11! It was quick and easy and very very cute! The little elf socks were especially adorable...


There are so many patterns I think I will get to and before you know it is December! I always knit alot of socks and basic hats for the guys as they always seem to like them-for the girls I can do more new and fun stuff-I always run out of time!

karen hofmann

i love to make mittens for the holidays. a few years ago i was inspired by the story "the mitten tree" and like the old lady in the story, i make a few to give away each year. this year i am giving mittens to the girls on my bus. i've made convertable mittens and conventional ones. i hope everybody likes them!


I love crocheted snowflakes. I have several teeny ones as ornaments on the tree.


I don't have a favorite that I've knit yet, but I've got my eye on some stocking patterns. Originally I saw an ad for Judy's Colors ( in the back of an Interweave, and fell in love. However, I don't currently need stockings, so it stayed as fantasy. Then, I picked up a back issue of Interweave that had a stocking pattern in it that I love - So, now I've got the pattern, I just need to knit one up. (Which I won't do until I have a need - my family currently doesn't do the stocking thing, because we kids are adults. But that's just us.)


The one I've done the most, and everyone seems to love, is the Beaded Spiral Ornament from Ornamental Knits. But I love that star pattern from Berrocco, and want to do it myself when I can!

Thanks for the lovely contests!


There's a sweet little drawstring bag pattern in Not Just Socks that uses leftover sock yarn and makes a perfect "gift wrap" for small presents. A great way to use up some of those leftovers - you can even make a bag to match a pair of socks!

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