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December 11, 2009


Nancy N

What a great holiday idea! Here is a question I would like to see answered. I am a new sock knitter and would love to give hand knit socks as gifts. I would like to find a sock pattern with a fairly simple, but pretty, design that is also a bit forgiving in terms of fit. Any suggestions?


What fun!

Personally, I love to hear about others' holiday traditions -- the things that make the holidays the holidays for them. But all that other stuff is good too. ;)


What a wonderful idea! I'm always interested in travel plans and traditions.


As I'm finishing knitted gifts before Christmas I'm already planning and designing next year's. Of course planning to start earlier, but then I never do.


Socks are a big part of my Christmas gift giving. I knit all year to make socks for Christmas gifts.

Laraine Dodd

This is a lovely idea. My daughter has become addicted to knitting socks, not that I'm complaining as I receive them from her. Any yarn I win will be for her.


I'd like some good patterns for men. Most patterns I see are for women.


One of my favorite traditions is decorating the tree as a WHOLE family. It is getting harder as the kids get older but we managed again this year. Our youngest, who is in high school now, particularly likes this.


One family tradition is baking cookies during the weeks before Christmas. This year, I am making cookie platters as gifts. I am also knitting/sewing gifts for friends and family. I prefer homemade, heartfelt gifts.


Favorite holiday tradition is the baking of cookies the weekend before Christmas. All that sugary goodness to share with friends and family.

Betty Peterson

Where are the questions? I thought it would start yesterday but I can't find them anywhere just yet :) Ty for answering


My favourite family tradition is enjoying quiet time with my family and enjoying each others company without the running around. On christmas day we ground ourselves and go slow


We celebrate Hanukkah. Before the holiday my children and I would dip white candles into paraffin that we colored red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and magenta with stubs of old crayons. We enjoyed making multi-colored candles and my sons got creative and even carved into and shaped softened candles. Then we lit the candles in our menorah during the eight days of the holiday. We also sang many songs together after lighting the candles and saying the blessings.


Hi guys, this is the link for the contest details- go to www.simplysockyarn.typepad everyday to see the contest posted for the day.
Post your answers in the comments below each day's question to be answered. Thanks!

Emily S.

I have two favorite traditions. The first is picking a fresh balsam tree every year and spending a day decorating it with all the ornaments. The other is our candlelight Christmas Eve service at our Church. We have a small congregation and it's nice to see all the pews filled and everyone coming together. Even though everyone needs to go home and ready for the big day and Santa to come, we all stand around and visit for awhile and see those who have come home for the holidays.

Pat Martin

This year I started a new tradition for Christmas - working with a group of ladies (at 65 I am the youngest one!) making lefse for the Church bazaar. Prior to this year, one person made all of it herself starting with cooking and mashing 30 lbs of potatoes!
It is a lot more fun to do it together and get to know these ladies better.
One of them is Latvian and told about her time in a resettlement camp in Germany during WWII and eventually getting to England, then Canada and finally to the USA.
What a blessing the lefse "work day" is. I've dubbed our group the Holy Rollers (lots of dough rolling involved with lefse) and I plan to come up with a graphic logo for us.

Pat Kelley

With just the two of us since my stepdaughter has grown up (21 in January) and living in a city some distance from us, we no longer do much decorating for the holidays. However, my Mom's collection of wooden Santa's have a special place on the mantel.

blogless grace

It is something of an every-other-year tradition. We put chili in the crockpot and stay home. We just laze around for an entire day--me and sweets.

Diane Dixon

My Xmas sock gifts travel to both sides of Canada - three pairs to the far north of BC and two pairs to Southern Ontario. One pair cannot contain wool so I'm always looking for alternatives. I love to hear the comments when they see each year's creation. Non-knitters are always so surprised what us knitters use to create. I always ask for knitting-type Xmas gifts - and get some nice surprises.

Shereen Letz

How very interesting. Will tell my GOOD knitting friends. I made one pair of socks recently with a yarn that changes colors automatically. The first sock was fun but then I got bored with the second and made it shorter. No one but me can wear these socks because I have one foot shorter than the other. Friends like to laugh at them.


Yes I wear shawls this time of year, although only indoors - I typically take them off to put on a coat. I have two made from sock yarn - Miralda (Panda Silk, nice and drapey) and Milkweed done in one skein of Alyeska (only inches remained!) I got the Alyeska from you at Sock Summit.

Nancy J

I have 2 shawls I have made for myself. One summer (ribbon yarn) and a winter-colored novelty yarn. So, yes I wear my purple/lavender shawl whenever it fits the winter occasion. I have made sock yarn "collars" but not a sock yarn shawl-----yet. Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway.

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