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December 24, 2009



Today its snowing! Its actually very nasty outside but I am in my house, its warm, and I feel very cozy. Thats my fave.

Debbie B

Spending more time with my family, baking, all the decorations, the music, the love and the laughter. I hope you enjoy your Christmas! May it be a merry one.


Holiday music, lights, food (especially cookies). Ok, I just love the holiday spirit. :)


traditions, gift giving, shopping with friends, winter knits, holiday food consumption!


Christmas shows. Rudolph, Frosty, Grinch, etc. I LOVE all of those shows!!

Lisa P.

I know it's corny, but truly, spending time with family and friends.

Although they drive me crazy at times, I love having my kids home for two weeks of no school, baking, and in general getting ready for the holidays.

As I get older, I also cherish the memories of my christmases as a child, and grandparents that are no longer with us.

Merry Christmas to you and yours Allison and thanks for all you do!

Becky in Georgia

I love spending time with family and friends. I love the extra effort to be together. I love the FOOD! I also love having time off of work to keep a slower pace.

Merry Christmas! Hope Santa is extra good to your little one!


I love the growing light after the solstice. Yay! More light!


Pick just one favorite? Well that's going to require some pretty broad phrasing... ;) All the traditions together, and everything they stand for! The goodies that stand for nourishing family, the songs and decorations that proclaim our joy in our chosen holiday (coming from a family of mixed religious backgrounds, I have to be careful not to leave anyone out there!), gifts designed to show how much we've been thinking of our loved ones, and most importantly time together so we can actually see our loved ones!

There's a reason the song goes, "It's the MOST wonderful time of the year!"

J.T. in missouri

Seeing how excited the kids are about Christmas, and not just about getting presents, but giving them too.


I have two favorite things about this time of year. First, I sing in a church choir, and Advent and Christmas have some of the music I love best. Second, I like all the special holiday foods and flavors: gingerbread, eggnog, peppermint and so on. It marks this time of year as special, and lets me indulge just a little.


My favorite thing about this time of year is the excitement of the children, and myself as well!


Definitely spending more time with the family. We don't see our extended family at all during the holidays, but the four of us spending this time together is priceless! My kids will be gone from the home soon and I am not sure how we will spend the holidays when they leave and before they start bringing their own families to share Christmas with us.


My favorite is that everyone is in a joyful mood, food and family.


Spending time with my family


I love that people in general seem so much more cheerful - smiling and saying "Merry Christmas!"

Emily S.

Seeing those people who come home only for the holidays that I miss all year through! Plus, all the baking and giving away gifts to everyone!


Having time and good food with family is wonderful.

But, my very favorite thing about Christmas is having it over, good memories in place, and knowing when the roads are bad I can just stay home, stay warm, and relax.

Kathleen C

Baking and family and family eating the baking! :)


This time of year is like A big gift box full of my favorite things. Unpacking ornaments my grown up daughters made for me years ago, my childhood Christmas decorations that bring back sweet memories of family members that are no longer with me. Baking cookies with my darling grandson and waiting to see my granddaughter.Family ,friends and good food! Merry Christmas!


Baking and knitting...the creativity that I'm inspired with during this time of year.


My favorite thing about this time of the year is having time with my family and friends, the music, and the lights. I like finding or making special gifts for my favorite people. I also like all the memories of holidays past.

Betty Peterson

My favorite part of Christmas is to be able to make a small gift and thank all those people who make life so special. I love to watch my son enjoy his presents and to have some time to relax, read and knit.

Denise Sheaves

Spending time with my family.

Peggy Oppocher

Knitting in my recliner next to the beautiful lights on our Christmas tree while the snow is falling outside. It is nice and cozy inside while outside the snow lightly falls on our little spruce trees with their twinkling lights. It is like magic looking out the window at them. I love looking at the Christmas village my husband painted for me. The scene is of a time years ago when everyone walked to where they were going, meeting friends and neighbors on their way. Such a peaceful scene.


My favorite Christmas moments are those when the whole family gathers together. Everything this time of year seems a little more special from little get-togethers to full press family dinners. Merry Christmas to all my fellow knitters!


Getting to eat a meal with my siblings. One lives an hour away, the other 5 hours away so seeing them at the same time is pretty special


being with the family. and pumpkin pie!


Focusing more on family than work and school....snow.....extra knitting time after Christmas


Ok, that yarn is seriously gorgeous! I think it's my favourite of the 12.

I love the Christmas carols, spending time with family and that the summer sports start in earnest on Boxing Day (with the cricket at the MCG and the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race).

Carla in MT

My favorite thing about Christmas is the music - the 'real' music that tell the stories of Jesus. I miss singing in a church choir. But we do have an instrument ensemble that is just wonderful. I also love the lights on houses, the smiles on peoples faces.

laura b

Christmas eve dinner with family I don't get to see very often, hanging out with friends, the wonderful food and sweets! Watching A Christmas Story all day :)


Love the food,last minute power knitting, being with my family and lots of chocolate!


The use of handknit items goes up dramatically, giving me an excuse to buy more yarn.

Andrea W

My favorite thing this time of year is giving gifts...most of which I've made...and seeing the reactions. Of course that also usually means getting to spend time with family + friends too. People in general are usually nicer this time of year, even when we are all a bit "stressed out" getting ready for the holidays.

Just wanted to say thank you for having this contest. It's been fun both writing responses + reading those of others. We are all so very similar in so many ways...wherever we are in the world. Love, Lots of knitting time + Best Wishes for Happy Holidays to all!!!


How it makes us better people in our dealings with each other, at least for a little while.


My favorite thing about this time of year is being with family and the kids opening their presents on Christmas morning!


I love, LOVE having down time with my kids - pj days, movies, games, and knitting... couldn't ask for one more thing!


Normally, when it's over. This year, however, because of medication, it's a much pleasanter experience. I love watching all my adult kids interact trying to take over the world playing Risk, the grands playing together as well as possible for six kids from 3 to 10 years. Then there is the turkey.....


My favorite thing this time of year is watching my kids. Watching how they react to the decorations as little ones and then start being involved in decorating as they get older. How they love the tasty treats as little ones and then get more and more involved in making the treats as they get older. Ultimately baking and packaging treats to pass on to their friends.
I am curious to see how the progression continues over the coming years. The years have all been wonderful and have all been different.

Kathryn in Minnesota

Going inward. Taking time to bake, knit, think about and be with friends and family, watching the snow fall, curling up with tea or cocoa and reading a book or two . . . I think it adds up to more peace than usual. :)


More time to knit with friends, of course! And after the holiday knitting is done, I dive into exactly the projects I most want to do at that time. Lovely. Merry Christmas!


Family! This year is especially meaningful because it is the first Christmas we have had our granddaughters nearby. The laughter of children is so wonderful!


Sitting by the fire and watching the snowflakes fall. I usually have my knitting with me. It's also nice to have the holiday knitting done, so I can focus on something for me.


The very best thing is spending time together with family.


One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to go out to the barn at night. All the horses (24) are snug in their stalls, munching their hay. The smells and the contented sounds are so peaceful.


My favourite thing at this time of year is the extra time people take to hold the door for others, to say thank you, to let another car jump into the queue, etc.
If I could bottle it for use during the rest of the year, I would win the Nobel Peace Prize for sure!



all the kids who pass thru:)


I don't have an empty nest for one day!

Amanda Woods

I allways love the excitement that just comes with the season. It is beautiful.


Family, traditions, memories, time off, and the food.

ruth anne shorter

I think LOVE is expressed more and significantly. Everyone takes the time to just be with each other and not running all around to do things that probably aren't that important anyway. So, I guess my love gift is time with loved ones.


Family. The excitement and joy on kid's faces. How even strangers are more nice to each other than any other time of the year.

Nancy Miller

Traditions--family--It is so special to see the traditions started--passed from generation to generation--from cookie making to the cutting of paper snowflakes.

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