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December 23, 2009



I try to knit everyday. Days when I am off from work I knit just about all day. My knitting is my sanity. I also crochet a little bit and also tat. I like to keep busy because I dont like just sitting.


I knit every chance I get and that usually talleys up to at least several hours a day. This time of year when I'm working on gifts, I knit a lot more - probably 6-8 hours a day. I wish I could knit more, or maybe I just wish I was a little faster at it. Probably if I was faster I wouldn't find it so relaxing.


I would like to knit more, but I usually only get in about 3 or 4 hours a week. I take a few minutes here and there, but every little bit helps...


In a normal week when I am working full-time, I probably spend about 15-20 hours knitting. This includes short bursts of knitting on breaks as well as TV-knitting in the evening. When I am on vacation, it can be much, much more!

Betty Peterson

Depending on the state of my hands I might knit from 2 to 4 hours a day, sometimes scattered in 15 to 30 min slots. Every so often I might go through a spell and knit most of the afternoon or evening until a specific project is finished. But then I might be a week before I start the next project. I no longer knit fast and I often end up unpicking for one or the other reason. If the pain is too acute to knit, I might spend some time on the web checking patterns, looking at what other people have done, planning the next project. At the end of the day, if I have had fun knitting and look forward to the next day, then it continues to be the best hobby in the world!


I usually knit about 3 hours a day, so that's about 21 hours a week! I love knitting and really not a day goes by without me knitting for awhile. Even with children I make the time to sit and knit!


I knit at least several hours every day. I knit when I watch TV and sometimes I take my knitting to work. I have taught several people to knit at work and we have fun at lunch knitting and talking. If I have to estimate how many hours I spend knitting I would say 20 to 30 hours a week or more. The big advantage that I have is that I only work 2 days a week. If my husband and I are going some where that takes some time to get there I am knitting. I feel that the amount of time is just right, but my husband may not agree.


I probably spend about 15 hours or so. I'm not sure....but I do knit every day.


I try and knit about an hour weekdays evening and more on the weekend. This week I've had the joy of being home all week (the snow helped) this has helped to get more knitting time in.


Not enough (according to me)--too much (according to family). An hour or two every weekday, approximately 4-6 hours on the weekend days.

Stephanie Miller

Oh, about an hour or 2. Almost every day. As long as my carpal tunnel will let me! Sure wish I could knit constantly!

Becky in Georgia

I'm a new knitter. I had my first sock lesson this afternoon. My guess at this moment, is 3 hours a week, but I'm sure that will change. I've been "bitten" by the knitting bug. I'm prepared to knit over the holiday. Can't wait for my first pair of knitted socks to be completed. Thanks for your blog! I love reading about the habits of other knitters. Happy holidays!


I usually knit at least a couple hours a day, mostly in the evening while watching a DVD. I also knit whenever I'm in the car, which is not all that often, but I do manage to finish a pair of "car socks" (in an easy pattern, often plain stockinette) every month or so. I'd like to knit more, but if I knit too much (especially on small-gauge items like socks) my hands get sore. It helps to have several projects going, socks and maybe a sweater and something lacy, so I can switch off between them.

Emily S.

Only about 3-4 hours on a good week lately. I wish I could spend MUCH more time!


I used to be able to knit at least an hour a day, and at least 4 to 6 on the weekends. But life has had some pretty big changes for me in the past 2 months or so, and I have been lucky to be able to knit 1 to 2 hours in a week. I am hoping that will change soon.


I would imagine I spend between 15-20 hours a week knitting. I would love to spend more, but find that my hands cannot tolerate too much more than that. But sometimes I'll knit for over an hour at a time and realize that I am "frozen" in place and have to get up and move around.

Josephine In Oz

At the moment, it's none. It's high summer and the yarn is too sticky. But in July/Aug when it's cold here, I can spend 3 hours a day knitting, mostly on the bus to and from work. Now if only I could overcome my Facebook farming obsession - oops, I mean my important social interaction with my friends on Facebook - I could add another couple of hours each day.

Connie Garry

I knit about 30-40 hours a week and I just love it. I'm 80% retired so I can spend the day at the yarn shop knitting with friends.

Debbie B

I try to knit every day.


Not enough! I knit most evenings and usually at lunch at work. I don't think a day goes by that I don't knit for at least 15 minutes.


I knit every day. Sometimes for ony an hour or two but it's a way for me to settle my thoughts after a busy day.


i have been knitting at least a couple hours a day, knitting 25+ xmas gifts since september. but even so, i would still like to be knitting at least a couple hours most days just to work on projects for myself & my guys:)


On a good day I can knit for a couple of hours or so, Sometimes I'm only able to get a few rows in while I wait to pick up kids etc... I probably get in about 3 days of knitting per week. So many other things going on, but knitting is definitely my free time choice of activities! Last year we got snowed in and I spent 3 blissful days of knitting!
Happy knitting to all of you!!


It seems like it really depends on the season also. In winter I do faster projects (mittens/hats) so I need more (3-10 hours). During the summer I usually do more detailed projects and don't knit as much.


I guess I never added up the time per week I spend knitting. I also love to knit everyday but housework###**#! cuts into my time and I care for my grandson when he is not in school. There are times when the urge to knit is so strong that I will sit and knit for as long as I can! We all know how it is, we try and squeeze in A few rows between life ...there is never enough hours in the day!


I knit about 4-41/2 hours about 5 days a week, so my guess is about 22 hours a week. Now if we are talking about being under pressure to get something finished it could be as much as 6 -7 hours a day.


I think 20 hours a week is a good estimate. I usually knit up to 3 hours a day on weekdays and up to 16 hours on the weekends -- it really depends how "into" a project I am or if I have a deadline.

Peggy Oppocher

I try to knit in the afternoon and early evening. But I am not knitting steadily. I'm up and down doing other things in between. An estimate would be 25-30 hours a week. This is the advantage of being retired! I love to knit, crochet, and tat. It is very relaxing to me. Also, it is a good way of getting rid of tension - I can knit really fast when I'm stressed.....


I probably knit 8-10 hours per week, unless I'm really trying to get something done and then it would be more. More would be better, but "stuff" gets in the way :)


As much as I can, but no where near as much as I would like.


lately, I'd have to say zero, as my knitting mojo is MIA


I am in between jobs and knitting about 5 hours a day! I know when I resume working it wil be closer to 1 hour a day. I only wish I could knit at work!


Terri Brinegar

I try to knit every evening, if only for 10 mins. I helps me unwind, and keeps my projects going.


It used to be probably 20-30 depending. Now with a lot more free time (not by choice either) I probably spend much closer to 45+ hours a week. I realize that won't last so I'm enjoying it while I can!

blogless grace

Most of the time weekends are more knitterly than weekdays but in a good week my hours are 8-10. Not as much as I want.


I would say 10 hours a week spent knitting on the average. After work, sometimes lunch at work, sometimes weekends. I love TV, and it makes me feel like I'm being productive while sitting in front of the idiot tube.


In a good week, I might get in 5-6 hours, which probably explains why it takes me so long to complete a project. New Years" resolution--spend more time knitting!


interesting question! i've never tallied it up but i'd guess ~15 hours a week although i wouldn't be surprised if it was more. that's a lot of knitting and i'd love to be able to knit even more but still do all my other activities.

laura b

Anywhere from 0 to 10 hours, and sometimes more.

Thank you for the giveaways!


I try and knit every evening. Sometimes I get 1-2 hours in. I try and get one weekend day to just sit and knit. This time of year that just doesn't seem to happen. Knitting is very relaxing for me and the price per hour especially when knitting lace is extremely inexpensive.


Usually I don't get to spend enough time knitting because of too much life in the way. Probably 1 1/2 hours/week all told. Thus is makes me happy when I am stuck in one place with a couple of hours of knitting time.
Now if I could only knit as fast as I think of new projects....

Nancy J

I probably knit 3 to 4 hours per week and wish I could spend more time doing so. Car trips are the best for putting in knitting time although my husband says if we got in an accident I could get stabbed with a knitting needle. Isn't that sweet???

Andrea W

I try really hard NOT to add up the hours...nice to be able to say "dunno" if a non knitter asks how many hrs!!! I'm sure it's @ least between 30 - 40 hrs a week as it would be a rare day that I didn't knit. Probably more this time of year + other gift giving times. It goes where I go also, so I do knit when a passenger in a vehicle/ or visiting/ or anywhere I can make it happen!!! If I sit for any reason...I knit. How much knitting time is right??? is there such a thing as too much knitting time??? When my wrists get sore...I strap them. I am a knitter first + foremost!!!


Oh god..I don't know, at least 2-3 hours a day. It really depends on the day!!


Currently, I'm knitting for hours every day. I just started knitting this winter. I knit at least 40 hours a week. I have a toddler and a 4 month old and live in Alaska where it's dark 20 hrs. per day. I knit while I'm nursing the baby, which is a lot of time - (knitty knursies). It's my excuse to sit on my bottom and knit.


Generally, I spend at least 30 hours a week knitting. That is actively knitting, not counting time just holding yarn because I got distracted or fell asleep. I would love more time to knit, but there is the whole going to work thing, and needing hot water thing, and house torture, and shopping, and...


I would guess I'm knitting about 20 hours a week on a good week. Could I knit more? Most definitely!


A lot less than I used to. A year ago, my answer would be 6-8 hours a day. Now, maybe 3-4. I have a life now thanks to my anti-anxiety meds. Knitting is still my mainstay for sanity, though. I'm just not as reliant on it as I used to be.


I knit a hour a day on average -- some days none on weekends much more. I take my knitting in the car, so I'll have it if I have to wait.


Unfortunately I'm pretty busy, so I don't get to spend nearly enough time knitting. Hopefully I can change that a little bit over the Christmas holiday.

Anna Marie

I knit every day at lunch for about an hour then at night while watching tv. I would guess about 20 to 25 hours a week. More if I am trying to get a project done to meet a deadline!


I try to get in some knitting every day. Sometimes I can manage a good long session and other days I might get just a few rows. I would love to have more time for my knitting but what can you do? Maybe someday.

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