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December 23, 2009



I knit every day, unless I'm too busy or ill. If I'm sitting I'm knitting.

I'd hate to add up all the hours per week, I'm sure it would be almost as much as if I had a paid job!


I don't think there's ever enough time to knit! I have a 3 hour commute and often think of all the time I could spend knitting if only I had access to public transportation (not an option where I live). I always have at least two sock projects on the needles and I always knit for at least half an hour every day.


Most nights I manage to knit for an hour or two while watching TV. I always wish I had more time though... it would be nice to have some dedicated quiet time for working on projects with complicated charts, but I find that even when I am knitting I am multitasking. :)


I try to knit every day- if I just have a little bit of time, it may be on a hat for charity, that doesn't need a lot of concentration. Projects for myself tend to be weekend knitting. Not sure I want to keep track of how much time I spend knitting!


Every available minute I can!! Some days 3 or 4 hours in the evening, other days 45 minutes is all I can squueze in.

Joan Merrifield

I knit most of the day. I knit while someone else drives, on the treadmill,at the movie, watching TV, listening to audio tapes or whenever I can. I will knit most of everyday. There isn`t a day I don`t knit. I`ve knit 300 pairs of socks plus much more. I love to knit. Joan


I'm pretty much always knitting in my free time, usually at home while watching TV. I'd really like to be able to knit and read at the same time, since those are usually my two competing hobbies, but I just can't do it.
I'd say I probably knit about 30 hours a week. Wow, adding it all up it really seems like a lot!
And I've recently started knitting more and more socks, probably because of the reasons you've listed. They are small, portable, and they take me longer than most projects. I am a knitter that enjoys the process more than the final product (which is why I knit so much for other people), so something that takes longer is usually better.


It definitely varies from week to week. Some weeks I get on a jag, and knit most evenings and for hours and hours on the weekends. Then other weeks, I can't work up the energy or motivation to pick up the needles more than just a couple of times.

I'm in a knitting jag right now, though!


Between working all day, going to the gym, coming home, making dinner, cleaning up after dinner, giving the toddler a bath and putting her to bed, I don't always have time for knitting every single day. I usually keep a project with me to work on during my lunch break and on weekends I generally get a few hours in...stupid work, getting in the way of my priorities!


I knit almost every day. If I'm doing anything that doesn't require the use of my hands, I knit. I like to multitask!


It's an unusual day if I don't knit at least some, at least for an hour or so. And it depends on what else is going on. So I will say 10-20 hours per week. What I like about handknits is, regardless of the yarn used, the material *breathes*, so handknit socks are so worth it.

Jennifer D

I usually knit about an hour or two a day. I've been knitting a lot more now that I'm on winter break, but I'm sure it will taper off again next semester.


Definitely not enough time to knit for me!!! I usually get an hour a night and on Thursdays I get about 3 hours. Having a child certainly takes a huge chunk of time!

Mary T.

I usually knit about an hour every weeknight and more on the weekends. But, it still isn't enough time.


I try to knit at least a little each day. If I could make more time for it, and still preserve my hands, I would!


I definitely try to knit everyday. Sometimes I can only manage 30 mins and other times it's a few hours. Makes it really hard to come up with a definite answer.


The time I get to spend knitting depends on what projects I am working on--I do lots of fabric stuff, too. So I would guess 6 hours a week.


I usually knit everyday. I'm sure my husband thinks I knit enough, but I'd like to be able to knit more. I love/he appreciates the relaxation I get from knitting. But more than that, I love the feeling of creating something beautiful and functional. Socks are little works of art at times. Shawls - even the little ones that I'm making tons of right now - are so sweet. A big sweater even of stockinette stitch can look warm and wonderful. I'm always hauling at least one knitting project around with me in hopes of "stealing" a few stitches here and there.

Cindy W.

Not sure how many hours. Try and knit before work and in the evening. Row here and there adds up.
Cindy W.

Mary A

I am probably a slow knitter, but I wouldn't want to count the hours, I already know it's no longer a hobby. My husband even sees that it saves my sanity. I do manage to read at times if the knitting is really boring. The kindle help there because it stays flat.

Nancy N

I usually knit an hour or two each evening, so I would guess 10 to 15 hours a week. Except for this week, of course. I am knitting several hours a day trying to finish all of the gift projects I so optimistically started.


Besides Xmas (which is OMG KNITTING EVERY SPARE SECOND time to finish gifts), it depends. Sometimes I'm in knitting 'mode' and I do it pretty much every night while watching tv. If I'm in cross-stitch mode, then I can go a couple weeks w/o even looking at my knitting. :)


At least ten, sometimes as much as forty. It depends on what else is going on in my life.

When I relax in the evening and listen to an audiobook while knitting, the hours seem to fly by. It's oh so relaxing, leaving me ready to face the next day.


Typically I knit every day after work, for an hour or two or three...

Andrea (@shutterbitch)

I knit 2-3 hours a day on good days, about an hour on bad. 20 hours a week is probably a good estimate. I getcha on the long weekend knitting. I always have all these plans for weekend knitting and looking back on Sunday night, I see that none of it happened. It's hard to get chunks of knitting time when you have kids.


I've been knitting several hours a day since I first started (waaaaaay back in october of this year). I wish I could knit more, but I spend so much time looking at yarn and patterns that it eats up knitting time!


I usually knit every evening especially in the winter months so about twenty hours a week. In the summertime, a lot less, sometimes weeks will go by without any knitting.

Since my addiction to sock knitting, I knit a lot more than I used to.


It really varies for me. I usually spend at least an hour or four knitting in the evening - depending on what I'm watching and how I'm feeling. And I tend to knit more on weekends, unless it's a busy weekend and then I knit less.

Let's say, I knit as much as I can. :)


It's hard to say exactly how much time I spend. A little bit here and a little bit there, with some big blocks thrown in.
I guess about 10-15 hours per week.
I think it's just about perfect, since I get at least a little bit every day.

Marianne C

If I sitting, i'm knitting...just don't like my hands idle!


On average, I'd guess I knit an hour or two a day, most days. Some more, some less, depending on if there's a deadline. Trouble is, I have multiple obsessions, and need to spend hours quilting, reading, hiking ........ and probably too much time on the internet admiring beautiful yarn, fabric and patterns.

Lisa P.

It varies, but probably 10-20 hrs per week.

Usually in the evening while "watching" tv and time spent waiting picking up kids or at drs offices (I'm a caregiver for my elderly mother in law).

I just love to keep my hands busy and so love creating things that I love and that are so appreciated as gifts.

I mostly do socks now as I see accomplishment farily quickly, and I just knit some gloves for two of my kids for Christmas


I'm another daily knitter... hopefully for at least an hour every evening after work and for a little longer on the weekends. In fact, my husband jokes that "you wouldn't like her" (me) when I'm too busy with other things to knit... because knitting is my stress relief and my "Me" time.


2-5 hours a week. I have a 3 & 5 yo so large chunks of time disappeared with the end of nap times. The time is usually on the lower end of the scale so I would enjoy being able to pick up the needles everyday for a at least a 1/2 hour.

Carla in MT

about 20 hours sounds right - done in little snippets while watching TV, or attending meetings. Although I keep a project in the car, I don't have the luxury of knitting while in heavy traffic. Here in MT we just don't have it!!

Linda B

My knitting time varies. I'm also a quilter and reader. Right now, I'm recuperating from knee surgery, so as soon as I find a comfortable position to sit for more than 20 minutes, I'll pick up the needles and, hopefully, get more knitting done in the next few weeks. But any time spent with the yarn flowing through your fingers and the rhythm of the needles is time well spent.


I knit a few hours a day on goods days (3-4), but there are others where I only get 20 mins or none at probably balances out to about 15 hours a week. Sometimes when I'm going through a super busy period I won't pick it up for a a few days or weeks at a time, but I'm trying not to do that anymore!


Before toddler I knit 4 or 5 hours a day. Now I knit, on average, about 2 hours a day, but sometimes its in fits and bursts. Nap time is the best for knitting. I like to catch up with Gossip Girl or Big Love and knit away.


I just retired and the question I always get from friends and family is "and now what are you going to do with your time?" I have decided to give myself several months of knitting as much as I want and probably knit about 3 or 4 hours a day. Needless to say, I am finishing alot more projects and well made handknit projects are always appreciated by everyone. I like knitting socks because it is fun working with all the great sock yarns out there and I would like to start knitting other projects with sock yarn, such as a sweater for my grandaughter, scarves, etc. I looking forward to joining a Sock Club.


In the winter I probably knit 1 - 3 hours a day. Unless of course I have a deadline to meet, then the knitting consumes every spare minute of the day. Not so much in the summer.


The amount of time I knit varies widely. I usually knit while watching tv and that's what varies :)


I made spreadsheet out for my Holiday Knitting and calculated approx hours I knit a week and used approx hours per project to figure out how I stood in terms of project deadlines :) It worked out wonderfully and I ended up done 2 weeks early (yay I've done knitting for myself :))
I calculated that I spend about 2.5 hrs a day knitting on the train and another 6 hours a week knitting either at a knit night, at lunch, or on the weekends That comes to 18.5 hours a week, but for my calculations I cut 2 hrs from that in order to have some wiggle room. I would like to knit more, I feel like I waste 8 hrs a day at work not knitting :p

Dawn K-M

Lately, I haven't been able to knit as much as I'd like. I am in school full time, so that has taken up a lot of my time. I try to knit for at least half an hour every other day. I'd love to knit more though.


I knit every chance I get, even have it in my work bag and purse. Not a clue how much time I spend on it. But I grab a few minutes here, and hour there and when lucky a day on occasion!


Most of my knitting is done in small spurts whenever I can find the time, so I really have no idea how much I knit. If I'm working on reviewing a lot of documents or a big research project for work, then I get more knitting time in as I'll work on a simple sock while reading - it helps keep me focused.


I try to knit every day. During the week it's usually only an hour, but on the weekends it's usually about three hours. But when I'm not knitting, I'm thinking about knitting or reading about knitting. I can't turn it off. <3


I probably spend about an average of one to two hours per day knitting. Sometimes it's when we are watching the news or other tv or visiting with friends, and often it is just knitting all by itself. I would love to be able to spend more, but the necessities of live get in the way. I most like to spend a while knitting, then get up and do something, then back to knitting. If I go at it for too long of a stretch I sometimes get a little antsy, especially if the pattern requires a lot of concentration. And then there's the other extreme -- drifting off to sleep when I'm just doing stockinette!


I probably spend 12-15 hours a week knitting, except for the past week when I've been trying to get Christmas gifts finished and have been spending a lot more time on it.

I'd spend more time knitting on a regular basis, but I also have a reading habit.


Lots of variables here! Hubby and I have a music-based business that we run from home. If nothing is going on, it's life as usual, and I knit appx 10-12 hours or so a week. If we are on a concert tour (as I will be over New Years) I'll knit six hours or so on rehearsal day, and then five hours or so at each concert. That's about 40-some hours plus the odd hour or two for the average tour.

Concerts are like a 'Stitch and Bitch', since most of the ladies in the orchestra are knitters, too. We compare projects and talk knitting.

Kathryn in Minnesota

Like MaryEllen, I typically knit for an hour or two in the evening. Sometimes I knit off and on all day, if it's a low-key weekend or we're watching Bowl games all day on New Year's. (Yes! Right around the corner!) I've taken a page from the Yarn Harlot's book and usually have a couple of projects going from which to choose. Plain sock pattern, complicated socks pattern, and something else. Right now the "something else" is the Perl Grey "Ana" hat, but I'm sort of itching to get another sweater on the needles. 'Tis the season -- all that warm wool in my lap -- mmm!


I probably knit about 20 hours a week.
I've become very slow and I seem to be
doing a lot of frogging. I love to knit,
but I just don't have the patience when
things don't turn out and I have to do
them all over again. I knit a lot of
socks and scarves. I'm trying to make a
lace shawl right now and some socks are
on the needles as is a baby hat.


I'm a stay at home mom to a 6 year old and 2 year old and I recently went back to work part time, which has really cut into my knitting time. I think I manage to knit about 30 hours a week, which is pretty good.


I go back and forth, depending on whether it's knitting or reading that's the current obsession. Currently it's reading, so my knitting time has dwindled to an hour or two here and there, but when I'm feeling passionate about a project (rather than a novel) it can jump up to three or four hours a night.

And if I could spend more time to devote to both of my favorite things, then of course I'd like to. But they refuse to pay me just to have fun!


My knitting time varies - according to motovation, how spent I am after I get home from work, or if I am working on something else (painting a room, quilted wallhanging, etc) I usually have something I am either knitting, finishing knitting, or considering knitting and am always on the prowl for more patterns - so if I don't feel like knitting on a given day - I read the blogs, get ideas, print out patterns and organize them in plastic sleeves in my project ring binder - or buy more yarn :-)

Beverly Shearon

I would like to knit everyday, but my job as a schoolteacher gets in the way sometimes. I also like to read so it's always a toss up what to do. I haven't had a completed project in so long, it's not funny. I want to knit more than I do. I'm going to try to get some knitting in over the Christmas break after the visit with the grandkids.


I don't dare to add it up. It's a lot, especially lately when I've been procrastinating working on my graduate thesis!


My knitting comes and goes. Sometimes I will knit for at least an hour every day. Other times I'll pick up my knitting during a weekly meeting. In December, well...I've got a mitten that has been waiting for decreases on the thumb for weeks!


I am lucky in that I am able to knit at least 4 hours each day....but it still not enough. I would knit 24/7 if there was a way.


Now that I'm a mom I don't get to knit as much as I used to. I miss it. I sneak in a row or two here and there. I like to have a simple project I can pull out when the kiddos are both busy playing. But most of my knitting is done in the evening after everyone is in bed and the house is cleaned up.

Pat Martin

I try to knit some each day - often only 1/2 hr at bedtime - as many above have said, it is relaxing.
But I always have a couple pairs of socks on needles as I knit during meetings, church, etc. It keeps me awake during long sermons, etc.
Have learned to have a handy bag for each project with pattern and all the notions, etc. Then when there's a chance like sitting in the car with someone else driving or waiting at a long dr. app't with my husband or my mom I can pass that time profitably.
Never quite enough time to finish all the projects we would like to do.

Amanda Cathleen

I think I find quite a bit of knitting time as a mom of 4. I do most of the household chores while my children are awake, so I have naptime and bedtime to knit/craft. There are still days that are crazy busy and I don't get a chance to knit. Those are the days that I find that I'm cranky!

Pat Kelley

I knit almost every day, several hours (or more) most days.

Molly Johnson

I probably knit 4-5 hours a day...although it depends on what it going on and could be more or less..:)


Hmm...that's a good question. I bet I knit 14 hours a week. While I'd like to knit a little bit more, when I add up those hours I wonder if there are other things I should be getting done!


I have yet to do socks, except for kiddy socks, but I like your thoughts on them, and I want some for me!

I knit for 15 minutes or so on the train going home from work, and maybe (not lately) a half-hour to an hour while watching TV at home. Knitting is something I want to do more, but cooking/eating, exercise, sleeping, working are getting in the way!


I try to knit everyday so I estimate I knit between 20-30 hrs a week. It is a luxury to have this amount of time to knit. Sometimes I wish I had more time to knit when I have a gift needing to be finished. But, I'm sure it is the right amount of time for knitting. (it leaves time for reading and other stuff like house cleaning, ugh)


Did anyone ever ask Mozart how many hours a week he spent at the piano? Or Michangelo with a paintbrush in his hand? Einstin probably spent every waking moment thinking about gravity. I refuse to answer this question.


It depends on what is happening in our lives right then. It used to be able to knit for a good 4 hours a day, then we got a puppy and it has gone down to maybe an hour a day if I am lucky. On weeks that I work, I may do 10 minutes.


Well, it depends a lot on whether or not I am busing or driving to work. If it's a week where I can ride the bus, that adds at least 4 hours of knitting time to my week, which is good since I can often only get a few hours in otherwise. I don't have kids, but I do medical fostering for an animal welfare group and it is amazing how much time that can absorb.


Probably 3 hours a day on average. Lots of TV or radio/audio-book knitting. That's a guess, though, because a lot of it gets done in 10-15 minute snatches throughout the day.


I knit a little every day. Sometimes when I sit down to watch tv I immediately fall asleep and then I wake up with this burst of energy. I'm on vacation and last night I was working on a project (and ripping the cast on)so I was up until 3:30 AM! Oops. My husband came out looking for me and his quote was "Are you a vampire?". Which I thought was funny because he hasn't read Twilight. In a PERFECT world 2-3 hours a night and 4 hours on Sat and Sun - at least!


I wish I knit more. I probably knit about 30-45 minutes or so a day, but I love it and it is relaxing for me. So maybe 4-5 hours a week.


I knit on the way to work in the monrings. In the afternoon I am on public transportation and it is usually crowded. Right now since it is so slow at work I have cast on some opal yarn bought from SSY for a pair of socks. Starting early for next year.


I would say I probably spend between 2 and 4 hours a day knitting. Of course I'd like to spend more time knitting but that pesky job of mine gets in the way!


I don't keep track of the hours I spend knitting; that would make it seem like work!

Dani C.

i try for at least once a day, times vary from 2 hours to 5 mins. Im having foot surgery in jan/feb and wont be able to do anything but knit & read for 4-6 hoping to get my log-cabin blanket completed then!

Sue H

I would LOVE to knit each night but it boils down if I can concentrate or not. Times range from @1 hour to 7 hours a week. Would love to be able to knit more but the job gets in the way!! Haven't found anyone to pay me to knit - LOL!

Tammy Edwards

AS much as I can and never enough! it is highly variable from week to week, but I do try to do at least a little every day.


I try to knit every day, but I don't always get the chance. If I do get the chance, it's usually for an hour or two while watching TV. My problem is with reminding myself to get up and stretch out my hands, arms, shoulders, and neck!

carmela smythe

I knit about 2-3 hours a day, but only after my daughter has gone to sleep before I go to bed - which makes for some late nights, unfortunately. I also squeeze in a bit of knitting on my lunch half-hour or at traffic lights. Would love to knit more, or find some longer spans of uninterrupted knitting time, but that likely won't happen until my daughter is much older.

Lennette Daniels

I spend 60% of my time knitting, 30% working and the other 10% eating, sleeping, bathing, etc. I would love it if I could spend all of my time knitting but I haven't figured out how to go that long without sleep.


Maybe an hour or so a day, not as much as I'd like...

Kathleen C

Well, it depends on the week. I'd say about 10 on average. With more near the holidays or a deadline and less right after the holiday or deadline. I know I'll be knitting MORE than that in February as I try to make an argyle sweater for my son during the Knitting Olympics!

Kathryn Sigman

I knit every day! I come home from work, sit in front of my computer and knit! It's my stress-reliever after teaching all day!


I probably spend about 3-4 hours a week knitting. Would love to have more time, though.


I spend around 40 hours a week knitting and crocheting, but I'm a fiber arts teacher and designer. I can't really spend more or I aggravate a couple of repetitive strain injuries.


On a normal week I usually get in 10-15 hours per week. It's mostly while watching movies or TV at night and during naps. I have a 21 month old that keeps me busy so I don't have as much time to knit as I used to.

Kevin P

Enough knit time, no there is never enough knit time. I try for at least an hour a day. At one job (have two full and one part time)I can work on mindless as they wander the store or while on the phone. At least 10 hours a week. Socks and hats in the rounds are good small projects that make good gifts.


Have NOT been spending enough time knitting lately--at all!! Try to knit some every day, but I need to spend more time at it---slow knitter! But I love the process as well as the finished product so it's all good! :) I should try to stick to one project and finish some things!!


I knit 2-4 hours a day--usually after dinner while watching TV. Sometimes less. But it works out I guess. Weekends a lot more. What is ideal? Well, to get to ideal I need 30 hour days!


I hope to do about 10 hours a week, though I've never really measured it. A little here and a little there...


I knit all my free time, almost every day. I find I need it to keep me grounded. I'm trying to take on more challenging projects instead of just watching TV and knitting. I've started the swallowtail shawl and have almost finished Cookie A's Summer Socks. Of course, I now go on knitting retreats where we knit, talk, sleep, and eat for 48 hours. Is there a better way to spend time?

rasa chambers

I knit about 20 hours a week. With the winter here, I probably increase that by about 8 hours a week.


I knit everyday. Always of a night I knit while hubby watches TV. If the needles get put down so do the eyelids. Usually have something simple on a second set of needles so when I go visit my mum I am knitting and both of us are talking. She enjoys knowing what I am knitting and for who.


I try to knit every day, but I don't always succeed. So in an average week, I suppose I spend about 10-15 hours a week knitting. (I make up for it on weekends!)


Oh gosh, I can't keep track. There's never enough time to knit!


I knit every day, time varies depending on what else is going on but on average I probably knit about28 to 30 hours in a week.
Most of it is in the evening while watching TV, but I knit in the car, on the ferry, on airplanes and even sitting poolside in Honolulu when we go for 2 weeks every January. Definitely sock knitting poolside as they're small and portable and don't lie on my lap when it's hot.


I go through wave, but in a good week, it's maybe an hour a day.


I'd say 15 hours per week, occasionally more if I can fit in some finishing work in a chunk or I'm watching an important Red Sox game. This is about the right amount of time for me. I'm not fast, but I'm consistent, so I eventually get a lot of projects done.

Deborah Fillmer

I am a graduate student and I spend lots of time knitting at the moment. I know I am spoiled, but I have to use the time now as I know I will be too busy in the

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