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November 05, 2009



Very nice list!

(Yes, I did admire that ring for a moment. Then I realize I would snag it on everything. Now I am thankful I don't have it. ;^) )


What a wonderful idea!!

I'm thankful for Simply Sock Yarn Co. A wonderful webshop containing gorgeous yarn! (so I can add to my stash)

I'm thankful I learned to knit. I love the process and love making things for others. (and knitting is a great stress reliever)

I'm thankful that my youngest daughter's pregnancy is going well. (She has had some problems in the past)


I love your list - I love red, too! And I'm glad you decided to participate. I think it's important to be thankful for the little things. We're all thankful for family/friends/health but what about electricity?!?


I'm thankful for SSYC too. I love doing business with you (even though I'm back on the yarn purchase wagon) and I love reading your blog. I'm grateful that my permanent dental crown has been installed and so far [knock on wood] no pain. Which reminds me: I'm thankful for nitrous oxide. And if my soon-to-be-acquired carpet steam cleaner actually works properly, I'll be ever so thankful for my spot-free carpet.

Oh, wait. That's 4 things I'm thankful for. What can I say, I'm just full of gratitude. You caught me at a good moment!


I'm most thankful for my 3 daughters, all wonderful women and for my mom who taught me how to be a great mother. My ability to express myself creatively in my quilts and knitting has been a lifesaver.


I am thankful for cold winter nights that give me an excuse to cover me and my family/friends in warm wooly goodness (I live in Edmonton and - 46 celsius is not uncommon, not counting the wind chill).

I am also grateful for access to clean, hot water, which is a luxury many people in the world do not have.

Finally, I am thankful for the dyers who create skeins of yarn in colours I would never even think of putting together, but look so cool as a result.


After a long day I am thankful for tasty leftovers and a microwave to heat them in.
I'm thankful for knitting blogs - I love to read about what's new, what others are working on and see finished projects or WIP. I'm thankful for all of those dear sheep who constantly give their wonderful wool so I can enjoy hours of content filled relaxation, creative creating, and the absolute joy of taking that wool and making something wonderful out of it. Am also thankful for all of those gifted pattern designers along with the dyers too!


It's hard to say no to Carole, isn't it? My list just went up a little while ago. ;o) Love yours!

Debra Simon

I am thankful for my wonderful, caring husband; my two beautiful granddaughters, and being able to knit and do other crafts to keep from going stir-crazy while out of work!


I am thankful for a lot of things.
One being the internet. I would never had met so many neat people, including you, or had a chance to expand my yarn tastes.
I am thankful for days off of my main work job, to work on my other job (which is really the one I love).
I am thankful for knitting. It is a great stress reliever and such a meaningful gift.


I am thankful for my understanding (if sometimes cranky) partner, my 2 accomplished & beautiful daughters, my sweet, smart, funny son in law & my 3 amazing, gorgeous, smart, funny grandchildren who appreciate my knitted gifts more than anyone I've ever knit for in the past.


After this horrible week... (daughter had minor surgery for possible cancer, my sister was diagnosed with cancer, the frig broke down, ugh!!!!!)...I am thankful for all the love that surrounds my big, crazy family, my daughters and my lovely grandchildren that make everyday A blessing.

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