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November 19, 2009



Oh, James is an adorable little elephant.


1. I am thankful for 2 especially good friends I have known over the years and how very dear they are to me.
2. I'm thankful for the people I hugged this week and for how much they mean to me.
3. Am also thankful for this mild fall weather. It's just fall enough to be pretty but warm enough to really enjoy the color changes.


What a cute costume! He looks like Babar!


Things I am thankful for:

1) You! You are all sorts of awesome and meeting you at SS09 was wonderful.

2) That yesterday, while I was have lunch with the Hubbalicious we walked by the giving tree in his office building. People at risk or in need write down what they want on a card and it is hung on the tree like an ornament. You take the card that appeals and fulfill the wish. A 16 year old girl requested a red hat and red scarf. What's a knitter to do! I am already 12 inches into an Irish Hiking Scarf in red 220 doubled. So very thankful that I get to step up and give something that will hopefuly be loved.

3)That Angus turned 9 this Tuesday and that his he happy, healthy and a completely goofy and fantastic 9 year old.

4) (I know but I couldn't help it) I am ever SO thankful for insulin. It lets me have Angus with me every single day.


Cute Halloween pictures and a great list of thankfulness.

Marti Johnson (aka Sock Queen)

I was thinking this morning of things I'm thankful for, so this is a perfect opportunity to share!

First, I'm thankful for a friend like Connie who walks with me three mornings a week so we both stay healthy (at 65 & 62, health is important!), and walk 6 miles a week; second, I'm thankful that my 71 year old husband has decided that he'd rather walk with me right after he gets home from night shift work in order to avoid going onto insulin shots for his diabetes (of course, the downside of this one means I walk every day with him, one mile a day to start with, at some ungodly hour, and before I walk with Connie. Now I'm up to 11 miles a week!); and finally, I'm thankful that with all my exercise, I now find my quilting & knitting socks' mojo back in full force! Life is good!


1. I am thankful for computers which make long distance communication simple and affordable.

2. I am thankful that on Tuesday we closed on the home we have been waiting to buy for more than three years.

3. For the many people in our soon to be home town who cared enough to work overtime over the last three months to help with #2, "thankful" barely scratches the surface of how I feel.


I am thankful for....
1. Having married my wonderful husband
2. Being able to read some really nice blogs, especially this one! Lots of great ideas and wonderful insight into your life
3. Having a job


Awww - James looks so cute in his elephant costume - with those adorable begging to be smooched cheeks!

1) I am thankful for your wonderful store & for all the gorgeous sock yarn I have around my house. As Yarn Harlot has rationalized, if our heat fails in mid-winter, I can just pile all my yarn on top of myself to stay warm (& my partner & our cats)

2) Indoor plumbing & central heat. I remember going on vacations to the North Woods as a child to cabins with a hand pump, an outhouse & a wood burning stove. Imagine living like that (I guess this cold rainy weather is making me think about that kind of stuff! Can't seem to get warm with the damp chill in the air!)

3) Having a reliable source of retirement income & good (altho costly IMHO) health insurance & a partner who is still working - allowing me the luxury of buying yarn & traveling to visit my grands.

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