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November 12, 2009



1. I am thankful for this time of year - the fall. Just cool enough to inspire more knitting, to give you a lift with the leaves changing color and putting you in the mood for comfort foods(just what I need)
2. I am thankful for the non material things I inherited from my (no longer living) relatives (aunts and grandmothers)...likes, love of needlework, and just the way they were that I can feel and see in my own personality - which is nice!
3. I am thankful for my son who is now 25 - am so proud of the man he became and - well in addition to loving him - I really like who he is!! Turned out awesome!!


Those are great!


Definitely with you on coffee. I stayed in a hotel for the past 4 days and there was no coffee in the room. What a pain to have to get dressed and go down to the lobby to get some coffee! It really made me appreciate just walking into the kitchen today and pouring myself a cup.


1) Tea - most kinds (Raspberry Zinger is my favorite herbal lately & I love the Republic of Tea teas but even plain Lipton or their Blackberry). Today I am also feeling grateful for tomato juice, Lipton Cup of Soup, yogurt & all those other comfort foods that soothe me when I'm under the weather - as well as cough drops.

2) Computers - as much as they make me want to swear, they have opened up so many new worlds - made buying yarn, finding knitting patterns, communication with other knitter & (more importantly even) distant family. And I love the ability to instantly research anything. For example, I am going to find a site that lists apple varieties & their uses so my partner will know not to buy Pink Lady apples for snacks again (I wouldn't have known either.)

3) South West Airlines. I do not love to fly (although back in the 60's I did) & hadn't done so since around 2000 - not because I am afraid of flying (as some people insisted) but because I did not like being treated like cattle. But, with family 2,300 miles away now, much as I love it, the train is just too expensive to take on a regular basis. SWA makes flying pleasurable again - they have the nicest employees & fantastic customer service (I noticed yesterday afternoon that I had not gotten Rapid Rewards credit for our recent return flight from SFO to Chicago or for the round trip we took over July 4th - they resolved it by this morning!) And they have just about the best on time rate of any airline.

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