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November 06, 2009



This is the alternative right leaning double decrease. It looks neater and is much easier to execute.

1) Knit 2 together
2) Slip resulting stitch back to left needle
3) Slip next stitch on left needle over the knit 2 together
4) Move the resulting right leaning double decrease to the right hand needle

The alternative to sssk, a left leaning double decreasse:
1) Slip 1 as if to knit
2) Slip, slip, knit
3) Pass slipped stitch over

I have a blog post showing pictures of the results here:

Tina Smith

When I have issues with either one of those, I leave the 3 stitches on the left needle and using the right needle, I stretch out those 3 stitches. It provides a little bit give in the yarn. I have more issues with the K3tog than the SSSK.
Hope this helps.


Another option for doing k3tog is as follows:

1) bring yarn to front between needles
2) bring yarn to back over LEFT needle
3) pass next stitch on left needle over yarnover and off needle
4) repeat step 3 twice more
5) slip yarnover to right needle (and tighten up if necessary)

(as found in a pattern by JC Briar)

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