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November 25, 2009



Thank you for reminding me (and everyone else) how each choice we make affects so many others! I've been almost too busy to realize it myself (and I'm even one of those "cogs" in the system).

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a wonderful day and get to enjoy your family.


I don't know about your other customers but I have deliberately considered those reasons for buying from Simply Socks. And one other reason - it means that you can stay at home with James. I make an effort to support small SAHM businesses whenever I can. Of course, your wonderful selection & fantastic customer service would have me coming back anyway but I like to feel I have a small part in helping a mom who wants to stay home with her child do so. I firmly believe in the right of women to work outside the home if they so choose but too often it isn't a choice. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family & your other customers.

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