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October 16, 2009



I wonder if putting socks into a pillow case and then tying it closed would substitute adequately for a lingerie bag...

We had a moth incident this summer, so I'll be joining you on the repairing kick this fall.

I can't wait to try this pattern, maybe for some Xmas presents. Please hurry to put this delightful pattern :)

PS Moth: try putting some lavender, rosemary, wormwood or sandalwood shavings. Basically you need to use a scent that will hide the wool scent attracting moths. Also they like dark spaces where items are not moved often. Opening your cupboard's doors regularly might deter them.


I just received my Knitosophy order (Butterfly and Laugh) and they are SO soft. The colors are very pretty - you can tell a lot of thought went into each color way. Can't wait to finish what I am working on now to knit something up in one of these colors. Am also anxious for this pattern. It suits the colors in the yarn and the mitts are feminine looking. Never thought to use sock patterns for the mitts. I knit some mitts up last year and one of the postal clerks at the post office asked where I bought them as she had never seen anything like that and wanted a pair. And they DO work up faster than socks!

Allise Vicens

Looking forward to the pattern. Looks great!

Molly Johnson

Velcro is just as out for that sneaky stuff!!

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