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October 27, 2009



Thank you for sharing your beautiful pattern. I've been coveting those mitts since you posted them.


The more I see that colorway the more I like it. It is similar to (but nicer than) some Regia that I used for one of the first pairs of socks I knit about 10-12 years ago. I love blue & brown together. The soles of those socks are wearing rather thin now (probably because I mostly wear clogs) & they really are not anywhere near a warm as they used to be. I will definitely be ordering some of that when I get back from California next week. (I would order now but it always takes me a long time to narrow my choices down to a reasonable number & I have laundry to do & a costume to finish before I pack.)


One more use for mitts: going for walks with your iPod; iPods require contact with your actual skin for you to operate them. Wearing mitts, you can adjust the sound or skip songs without holding a glove between your teeth. This makes them a great gift for people who are always using iPods outdoors...


Lynne, you're so right! I use an iPhone and didn't even realize that was a great perk!


Thank you, Allison, for the great pattern. I just ordered two skeins of Milan in Sapphire for mine. Can' wait! These would make great Xmas gifts, but these are just for me.

Amanda Cathleen

thank you so much for sharing your pattern with us!! This might be *the* perfect pattern for my lone skein of Claudia's handpainted that I've had for a very long time.


I may be reading the pattern wrong, so forgive me if I’m missing something, but the pattern states:

“Now you'll knit the hand, keeping with the stitch pattern, for 12-14 rounds, then cast off. You'll want the finished mitt to come below your middle knuckles, as pictured.”

In the picture, it looks like you did some more ribbing at the top of the hand … am I seeing that right?


Yes, Colleen, you are right and I'll make the changes in red to the pattern now! Thanks!

Kris with a K

When you place the gusset stitches on the holder for the thumb, do you not cast on stitches in the hand?


What does M1 mean?...a yarn over to make a stitch is what I think. correct?


I can't wait to make these! My teenager will love them, and want them as gifts for all her friends! Thank you for sharing.

cathy goldman

I love this pattern. But is there a printer friendly version so I don't have to print out the entire page????? thanks cg


It is automatically printer friendly. At the bottom of the post, next to the date is a "permalink" button. You click that and if you do a print preview you'll see that the pages are already printer friendly and within proper margins.
Hope this helps!


Kris- no, you don't cast on stitches at the thumb gusset. You'll instead pick up stitches opposite later.
Deb- M1 means that you make a stitch by picking up the horizontal yarn between two stitches, the knit a stitch into it. Unlike a yarn-over, it doesn't create a hole.

Wanda these I'm planning to knit for each of my girls..thanks so much


Beautiful pattern, thank you for sharing it.

Amethyst Fields

What a unique and beautiful stitch much texture and without using cable needles. How beautiful! (I will be making these my next project.)

Jay Smith

Allison, I love the pattern and have just finished increasing for the thumb gusset. The pattern says "Knit each round 7 more times, and keep the k1tbl, p1 pattern in the thumb gusset stitches." Which rounds are you talking about? It took me 7 rows to increase the gusset to 15 stitches.


Love the pattern! Fingerless mitts are wonderful innovation - they are really more useful than complete gloves.


Not only did I find a fabulous hand warmer pattern here, but I learned about your 'permalink' way of printing text-shortcut, as well! Thanks so much, you are such a talented knitter and designer, Lise

Margaret Hans

What a beautiful pattern! Thank you for sharing it! I have just one question...This is the first time I've worked with a chart while working in the round. I am reading the chart, beginning with row 1 - left to right. Then I'm reading row 2 - left to right. Continuing with rows 3 through 12, also left to right. Is this correct? I am getting pattern, with large spaces of stockinette in between the pattern.

Am I doing the chart incorrectly?

Margaret Hans

Oh! I've got it now! The chart reads right to left!

M. Hans


I love this pattern. Thanks for sharing it. The pair I have made I wear them all the time in my cold office. They work great for keeping your hands warm while I am typing.

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