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October 14, 2009



How about a Garden hat, white beard and red coat.

Debra Simon

Seen a garden gnome costume at the big box store - adorable!


Cowardly lion - you can be Dorothy and Joe can be a scarecrow ;)

Or a friend once dressed her son as a bee; she was a flower (green clothes, face paint and a petal headband) and her boyfriend was a gardener...

Heck, in that photo looks like the little guy would be a great rock star too!


The Little Drummer Boy, of course!


How about a football or baseball player, ball and all. They love that. Soccer player is the easiest. Or a drum player, he look like he enjoys that a LOT.


Ringo Starr?


How about Superman or one of the Power Rangers?


One year Julie was a red crayon. The costume was really cute and didn't tax my limited (knitting excepted) craft skills. All it required was a red sweatsuit with black bands sewn on, plus a red peaked cap made of poster board, again with black bands. I'm not sure what you and Joe could be: colored pencils??

Mary T.

I was thinking Ringo Starr also!


My two boys are only 17 months apart, so they always were dressed as "companions." The first year, Justin was a firefighter and Jacob was the dalmation. The next year, Justin was George Washington and Jacob was Lord Cornwallis (leader of the British forces at Yorktown, you know?). They also did Lewis and Clark, and my favorite was Captain Hook and the crocodile (try finding a ticking alarm clock in suburban Virginia).


I love all your suggestions! And I have to admit that we have considered the gnome. Joe has made a few out of clay, and we saw a costume at Target. Last night I almost caved and bought an adorable cowboy costume. But still, we just haven't decided and it's getting down to the wire.


How 'bout Animal from the Muppet Show? Big moppy orange yarn hat with ping pong ball eyes, use makeup to draw the mouth across the chin...


How about bat wings? From Felt- pin at the back of neck and elastic at wrists- easy to do!


My grandson is going to be Captain Feathersword - Check consignment stores for costumes.



We're going with Little Red Riding Hood, but zombie was our second choice. We're saving it for a year when she can actually say "brraaaaaiiinnnnsssss."

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