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October 08, 2009



Do you have a pattern for that first sock? I've often wished for small cables and can't seem to find them anywhere, and I'm too new a knitter to have the audacity to think I could make my own pattern.


What gorgeous sock colors! That'll brighten up the winter.
I'm in danger of becoming obsessed with sock knitting after being inspired by reading all about Sock Summit '09. Not a bad thing at this time of year. Most everyone on my Christmas list will be receiving a pair of socks, with either a gift card or a donation to a favorite cause added. They get a little something they can really use, feel cared for by the time and effort of the knitting, and nobly charitable about the donation.
I'm also looking forward to casting on the Stormwater pattern, in scarf version. It looks so beautiful. The first will be for me, and I may make another for giving.


I have one Wallaby finished except for weaving the underarm stitches & weaving in ends & another one about a third finished. I have to finish those & knit another ( for my 3 grands). Everything else is for me - mostly socks. My oldest socks (at least 10 years old) are actually starting to wear thin along the bottom (probably because I mostly wear clogs - at least around the house or when it's cool but not icy.) I find myself liking green (especially bright light shades) a lot more than I used to.


Andrea, it's the Yarn Over Cable from the book Sensational Knitted Socks. Very, very easy.


I love that you have a color called Fiesta Lime. I have 2 Fiesta bowls and a platter in Lime that Momma found for me. Obviously, they are my favorites!


love the contrasting heels and toes... very classy looking :)

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