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October 22, 2009



Lovely projects!

You're on fire!


I love those mitts! Gorgeous. And I had skipped over that color of Knitosophy, it didn't appeal to me. Definitely changing my mind on that!


Love them all!

Elizabeth D

And it's only Thursday!


Oh my gosh, you're right! Is it normal that I can't even keep my days straight?! I completely thought it was Friday!


Do you have your knitting mojo or what.. Congrats on your finished projects and the mitt is just beautiful. I am so inspired..


I am so jealous! I am trying to finish my socks I started this summer! I had to rip back all the way to the heel but was proud how fearless I did it. I wish I could finish two projects that quickly! I must say James looks so sweet and he has more hair than my granddaughter who is two months older than James!


Way to go Allison! I wish I had as much ambition. It is a great feeling to finish one project so 3 in one week...Time to celebrate!


By the way - James is a DOLL!!!!!

Amanda Cathleen

You are a finishing machine! LOVE the mitts! Can't wait for the pattern, looks like it would be a great gift, also I want a pair for myself. James is just adorable, and lovely scarf too!

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