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October 06, 2009



Those are awesome! I especially like Blossom.


I really love the colors - AND the philosophies behind them. What a clever idea!

Amanda Cathleen! oooo I can't wait for these colors to come in! Love the philosophies behind each one.

Molly Johnson

Wow...all I can say is Wow..I think I am going to need one (more than likely most all) of these new colors...if not for the color, for the sayings..they sort of seal the deal!


Ooooooooo - I think I see some Blossom, Discover & Strength in my future!


I have to admit that as soon as the yarn arrived here, I snagged myself a skein each in Butterfly and Superhero. And I'm likely going to cast on asap, even though I have several other projects underway...


The colorways are all fantastic! But there is something in the colorway Find your STRENGTH that makes it fantabulous. The statement that inspired them is the absolute truth - we start as wrinkled as a raisin and while bathing in that hot water, we come to the realization of our strengths.

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