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October 02, 2009



One of your cross stitch gifts hangs on my oven at all times!


This free pattern from Elann is not exactly what you asked for but it is my favorite hat pattern for cold winter weather: It is a double layer of sock yarn with 4 layers over the ears if you turn up a cuff. there is no ribbing but I have made it at least 4 times for my grandsons & my great nephews & the design is such that it fits close to the head - fits really well without ribbing. It is definitely warm enough for Midwestern winters. And you can go crazy with patterned sock yarn or use up leftover ends & make stripes or whatever patterns you want. It is an excellent "blank canvas" pattern.


James looks sooo big, he is very handsome!!!!!! Those eyes are alive. Congratulations!!!!! But you know that, do't you.
I am making the Marsan Watchcap, many ravels say that the pattern is very small and can fit a child. You can always swatch (AGH!!). It is very tight and will not be lost in the wind.
The sock yarn is beautiful, I have bought a lot of it from you and everything that I made turn out beautiful. I wonder how many skeins will be needed for the shawl, let us know. I remember your Curve of Pursuit, you posted it on several stages a long time ago. I have the pattern but never had the time, and now I feel hesitant because of the size. I like blankets too, but you should finish it anyway, maybe after the Christmas......


James is turning into a real heart-stopper. Those eyes! What a cutie. You've inspired me to knit that shawl as well. It's just the sort of simple garment I've been looking for that is mindless knitting and will showcase a great yarn. What do you think about doing it in silk garden sock? Or, if I choose Alpaca Sox, have you figured out how many skeins? I would have to purchase more because I only have single skeins in my stash. I'm thinking about using the dusk colorway--purples and blues. I think the reds would be gorgeous!


I CANNOT believe how big your little boy is getting!!! Didn't you just blog questions abt pregnancy?!?! WOW time sure does fly when little ones are involved.

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