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October 12, 2009


cockeyed pretty! can't wait to see the pattern!~


Very pretty - I never feel the need to justify starting a new project. But then I'm an extreme process knitter. I just love the act of knitting - it really is very much like meditation for me. If I get a lovely wearable item, that's a bonus! Very good picture of the colors of that yarn - it has that almost luminescent look of a real butterfly wing. I'm anxious to see the final results. I just started sorting through soe patterns I printed with the intention of making them some day & have been very attracted to the Serpentine mitts. So maybe the weather (very similar in Chicago to yours)is affecting us all the same way.


I'll help you come up with other justifications if you help me come up for some for myself - just ordered Butterfly and Laugh - because the colors are awesome, and I like the freeness of a butterfly and after these past 2 weeks I could use a good laugh - will wait for your pattern for the fingerless mitts.


My only justification for casting on new projects is that it's fun! You don't need any more reasons than that.

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