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October 19, 2009



Great Jaywalkers and so nice that they're on a healthy mom. That is so good sock mojo even if they bring back tough memories.


I have a pair of socks I made in the cottage colorway from one of your sock clubs a way back. It is a lovely light minty green,chocolate and peppermint pink. It reminds me of the spumoni ice cream my Dad bought for me when I was a little girl in Baltimore. Takes me back to a carefree time of life. So glad Mom is doing well and she is enjoying James and lots of "Grandma time".

Marti Johnson (aka Sock Queen)

Absolutely I have items that I associate with people I've known & loved. A vest I was working on at the time of my father's death 25 years ago still makes me think of him, and the quilt I designed the year after for my mother to celebrate her strength at that time. And, I took up knitting socks three & a half years ago on the suggestion of a friend to help me get past the depression I was suffering from after finding my best friend dead. Needlework has always been my strength and solace in times of trouble, as well as my joy, and I made sure to pass that onto my two daughters who both are accomplished needleworkers.


I have an afghan I made over 26 years ago that I kept on my hospital bed when my children were born. Whenever I come across it in my closet, I am always flooded with memories of how I felt when they were first placed in my arms! The colors in the afghan are definitely dated and not at all what I would pick now, but that was my first attempt at an afghan and I will never get rid of it!


It's funny that sometimes I put on a handknit item, usually a sock, and I can remember exactly when I made it (i.e. traveling to Florida on vacation, etc).


I have a small poncho that I call my chemo-poncho because I knit it while sitting next to my husband as the chemotherapy drugs dripped into his veins. During that time, and every since, knitting has helped me cope with what life throws my way.

My husband just had his 3 year, all is well check-up. Such joy to have that news. And such joy to hear the same for your mother. Wearing my chemo-poncho reminds me to slow down and enjoy the small things in life. Think I'll go give the kids a snuggle now. (It's been one of those tough days to be a mom, so thank you for the prompt to be thankful for even the tough days.)

mary r,

lots and lots of projects with memories

any intersia socks take me back to sitting on college steps knitting them with bobbins dangling for fraternity letter insets and angora topped beer mugs - very impressive then

a counterpane pattern knitted with leaves in the center, openwork triangles and a lace edge which I knitted as a pillow with undyed wool when a very dear one was hospitalized with a heart condition we didn't know she had - helped us both get through it

my first afghan, a patchwork one made of scraps which began with our firstborn near me during a bitter winter in Kansas during the presidential inaugration when
Robert Frost spoke and the wind blew his white hair

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