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September 30, 2009


Deb K.

Well, I have several food allergies, including to melons of all sorts. So far no drift towards squash (in same family & like you I have a lot of it), thank goodness. My experience is certainly not a replacement for a physician's advice, so please go to your physician/get a referral to an allergist, etc. That said, I found that most of my food allergies started with a little itchiness on my tongue/lips, and spread from there. So with melons I continued eating them until they caused remarkable by others reactions and were bordering on causing my throat to close. Not ideal. They can be very serious and are nothing to mess around with. My NON-medical advice is to cease all contact (hand or mouth) with squash until you've seen a doctor/allergist & had sensitivity testing (scratch test or subdural). Best of luck!

mary r,

Did you grow the squash or purchase it? Perhaps it has a pesticide or herbicide on it.


We grew it and used no pesticides or fert.


I agree with Deb's advice about the allergies. I don't know much about food allergies but I do know that they can progress rapidly & are nothing to be careless about. You should go to a doctor (an allergist if possible) & avoid all squash in the meantime. I think our need for sleep varies with age & circumstances. Fortunately both of my girls were very good sleepers (although one only slept 8-10 hours even as a newborn & wanted to be entertained when awake - at least she slept at night); so I actually got the best sleep I ever got when they were little (partly exhaustion I'm sure.) For many years, when I was working 45-50 hours a week, I slept much less - about 6 hours a night. I was also going to school for part of the time & have always worked out several times a week (while raising 2 girls - the working out did fall by the wayside when I was going to school.) I think that the working out actually gave me the energy to get by with less sleep. However, I have fibromyalgia & rheumatoid arthritis & , as I get older, I find I need a full 8 hours of sleep a night - more when I'm having worse symptoms. So I'd say that, if you feel okay, can think coherently & don't rely on caffeine too much, don't worry about it - your body will let you know if you need more sleep.


It is possible to develop a contact reaction to squash, especially buttternut (it even has a nice latin medical name). That reaction is not indicative of a systemic allergy. I'd still check with your doctor. This happens to me when I carve pumpkins or butternut squash.


Contact dermatitis can be caused by cutting the skin of acorn and butternut squash. Wear gloves when preparing these squash.


It may be something on the squash that is causing the problem - a good allergist or acupuncture should help it.


I have the same thing with potatoes, peel a potato and swollen hands and they break to the point of bleeding. Never had a problem eating them. I agree that you need to ask your doctor. I wear disposable gloves without powder (Wallmart or Target or any pharmacy where the Neosporin, bandages and antiseptics are) every time I touch a raw potato.
I try to sleep 8 hours at night. When I do not there is a feeling of tiredness all day. It is different with everybody and your body will tell you what is right for you. I guess that with a toddler, house and business you need a a good sleep every day.
I love when you share your things with us, it makes you more real and we like to pamper you.

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