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September 14, 2009



I love the look of that sock -- If you don't want the pair, I'll find a loving home for them!

As for the plant, I'm going to take a wild and uneducated guess and say it's honeysuckle.


I think your plant is sweet autumn clematis. I love mine! It grows and blooms best on new wood, so cut it back to knee high this winter and it'll grow even taller next spring.


hmmm - I'm also guessing honeysuckle vine.

I love the color of that sock yarn!


My first guess is honeysuckle.
I can't wait for your sock yarn to be available!! I definitely need some solid color sock yarn.


Looks to me like you've got some Star Jasmine there. We have some that ate the fence by the pool :-)


Love the blue color. I'm with you about sock patterns though. I tend to like a simple rib, mock rib, more symmetrical things. But it is a beautiful pattern. Is Simply Sock yarn going to be more solids, semi-solids or hand-painted? Can't wait to see it!


That IS Sweet Autumn Clematis - used to have that growing - smells WONDERFUL - especially in the evnenings. I used to get loads of Ladybugs and their "offspring" on it (very beneficial to the garden!) My neighbor's Maple tree shadowed the spot where my vine grew and it died off - and I miss it. The sock design is very nice -nice movement to the pattern - but I don't like symetrical things. Usually people who are very technical or teachers, etc. prefer symetry. I think it's interesting how one's mind prefers one over the other. Will be curious to see how the Simply Socks yarn is sold for just in case I get brave enough to something in colorwork...still looking at that sock pattern in the Fall Interweave Knits...


Lovely color for the sock yarn - I'm eaagerly awaiting the debut of the SS yarn. I'm with you on liking symmetry. I think this pattern might have been very nice without the YO's. They abruptly change the direction your eye is traveling in & it seems too abrupt & jarring. And I am a big fan of Cookie A's patterns but this one just doesn't cut it for me. Good thing she is so productive - new book coming out in the spring.


Julia & Diane- you are right! Thanks so much! I Googled it and found that's exactly what I have. I also learned that it can cause hayfever symptoms (which I've had for the first time in my life- and the vine is outside our family room window) and skin issue- which make me feel like a bad mom, b/c James has had little welts on his feet for a week and we weren't sure what was causing it. Turns out, the flowering vine he walks past/through everyday. Time for us to cut it back a bit.


This is a "wild" clematis vine. We have it growing here in Maryland, and it was planted by the birds. I've seen it on a neighbor's fence too, and it looks like white stars against the dark green leaves. Feel free to relocate it, it's pretty good about regrowing elsewhere.

I love the blue color. Wonder how the sock would look in a deep red, just as wonderful? Must be the yarn itself making it look so nice!


I am knitting that same sock pattern, and I'm not thrilled with it either. It's not hard, but I have to keep looking at the chart, and I don't think the result is worth it. There's something odd about the transition between the different swoopy lines. I may rip back (only on the heel flap of sock 1) and try something else.


Brenda, I believe there is an errata page on Interweave's website for this pattern as well. I think it has something to do with the direction of a couple of the decreases- before I found the errata, it looked even more odd.

mary r,

definitely not honeysuckle; honeysuckle flowers are tubular, 1" to 2", off white, and have a creamy, almost pale pink interior

do you know of any sock yarn called "honeysuckle" in that colorway?


Lisa Petrovski


I too believe the plant is sweet autumn vine. It's a type of clematis vine. we have it in our backyard and I cut it back to about a foot and a half from the ground and it climbs again every year to massive proportions.

Enjoy . . . . .Lisa P.


Mary- I don't know of any Honeysuckle colorway, but perhaps it's something I should ask one of my indie dyers to work on!

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