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September 19, 2009



Congratulations on your new line! I bought 2 shades of blue at the Sock Summit. I haven't decided what to knit yet, and I'll surely look at all new projects with great interest.


Congratulations, I'm off to shop the colors!!


Love the yarn colors! I'm glad you're offering some solid/semi-solid colors. I love the stitch definition I'm getting with the color Sunflower! and it feels wonderful to knit.

Elizabeth D

Very exciting! Is it possible to get a color card? My monitor is never very truthful, and it's particularly off on the Simply Sock page for some reason -- I have NEVER seen a tangerine or copper any color like what shows up on my screen. I can guess by color name for many of them, of course, but I'd love to know for sure before I place an order.


Elizabeth, colorcards will be available once the entire color line is complete. It will be at least a month. Sorry!

mary r,

Congratulations! The colors are gorgeous. Just think of the millions of happy hours that will be spent by sock knitters designing with and knitting with the yarn.


The new yarn colors are lovely. I will have to figure out what I want to make so I will know what color to get! You did GREAT!!!


Beautiful colors. This is going to be fun!

Sandra D

Wowee zowee! These are great. Six skeins just jumped into my shopping basket. What a wonderful resource. I can't wait to get it on the needles. Thanks so much!


Just seeing these now - FABULOUS! I have been wanting to use more solid colors, for exactly the reason you mentionn: showing off intricate patterns. Thank you so much, and long live Simply Sock yarn!


I am so excited for you! Now to find just the right colors for the Ophelia that I am starting in January! Thanks so much for your semi-selfish desires. The rest of us get to reap the benifits.

Barb Rickman

WONDERFUL! Who say's capitalisim is dead!! You Go Girl!!!!

When money surfaces, I shall indeed support your efforts. Many, many congrats!


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