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September 17, 2009



Naming all the colors must be fun!

OK, the darker one looks like Titian Orange (after the painter) or Spiced Carrot.

The lighter one looks like Peach Smoothie.

And at this point you can probably tell it's past my snack time!


Curried carrot and Ginger peach.


To keep it simple, how about tangerine and peach latte?

Ann Denney

Sweet Potato Pie for the darker color; Peach Butter for the lighter.


The top one looks like Persimmon to me. Or maybe Paprika.


And I think the bottom one looks like the apricot crayon in my Crayola box.


lighter one: peaches n cream
darker one: apricot


The light brick looks like an "Adobe" to me (and not the car from the SNL skit). Peach is the only thing I can think of for the other (actually, I'd probably call it Peche (which is missing a circomflex on the first e, because I'm too lazy to look up proper coding for that letter, which is why I'm hesitant to suggest it), which is the French word for peach.


oh, I like Adobe. Both the color and the SNL skit.


Clay for the darker color, Bellini (a champagne cocktail with a peach floating in it) for the lighter color.


This is exciting! I thought Adobe too, perhaps Mohave for the lighter?

Kitten With A Whiplash

Nastursium for the darker and Pale Cantaloupe for the lighter. Both lovely shades.

Ann Denney

Okay, now that supper is over and I'm temporarily not thinking of food, I have a further inspiration: Sunset for the darker and First Light for the lighter color.


The first thought that came to my mind was Coral Reef.


How about terracotta (darker) and Creamsicle?


Salmon and peach fuzz!


I vote for Boca for the darker skein and Dreamsicle for the lighter one.


I vote for Boca for the darker skein and Dreamsicle for the lighter one.


Glazed Carrot and Barely Peach.

(Though I really prefer Terracotta for the first one, but someone else got there first.)


I think Salmon for the darker one, and Peaches & cream for the lighter one.


The darker one looks like a perfectly ripe papaya to me. Yum!


Here I go off the beaten path...
for the darker one- Navajo Clay
for the lighter one - Nana's Cameo
(she had a cameo pendant that color)


I think the lighter one should be called Babe. And I think I should have it!


The top one (darker one) Peony.


I'm seeing Apricot and Mango - they both look tropical to me...


Diane- you're thinking outside the box and I like it! Cameo is a really nice name!

Pamela, are you referring to Babe the Pig? Or Babe as in a baby? A friend said that same color looked like "baby cheeks".


I like Painted Desert for the darker one. Dawn's Beginning for the lighter one, or maybe Peach Milkshake for the lighter one.


And speaking of Steel Magnolias, I dare you to come up with a color that you can name Bleeding Armadillo. :) (I too love that movie.)


Terracotta for the darker and Peach Fuzz for the lighter.

(It was so nice to finally meet you face to face at the Sock Summit! Sorry we didn't get to chat more).


I was thinking Salmon for the darker one, although Adobe would work as well. The lighter I was thinking Creme Brulee.


Congrats on the new yarn! I vote for Pumpkin for the darker yarn and Dawn for the lighter yarn.

Amanda Cathleen

the top one looks like apricot to me, and the bottom either blushed peach, or sweet peach.

I love that movie! I need to watch it again, soon. Can't wait to see this new line!!


Going by your description of the other names, what's wrong with Light Brick and Pale Peach?

That's what they are. So I think you already named then and should award yourself four skeins of yarn.


Mango for the top one and Peachy Keen for the lower one.


the darker one looks like Sweet Potato Pie & the lighter one looks like Peach Yogurt to me.


The lighter peach color could be called Champagne.
The darker color could be Spice.

Very nice colors by the way! Congratulations!!!


Top to bottom: Lobster Bisque and Pale Punkin


Top: Peach Daquiri
Bottom: Butter Cookie


I immediately thought of Shrimp for the darker color.

I love Diane's suggestion of Bellini for the lighter one. It is one of my favorite drinks!

Jennifer D

I see Carrot on top and Bisque on the bottom


Autumn glow and early peach.


Terra cotta for the darker
Just Peachy for the lighter

Both are beautiful!


Top: Colonial (for the red brick color) and bottom: Softly.


Cantaloupe and apricot


Top yarn - Thousand Island
Bottom - Mango Tango


How about:

Peach Puff
Fuzzy Peach
Geranium (for the darker one)


Cantaloupe and white nectarine.


Not sure about the top one, but Georgia for the second one, as in Georgia Peach.


Strawberry Creme for the darker one and Apricot Sorbet for the lighter. They look positively delicious. I can't wait till they're up on the site and I can get my hands on some!

mary r,

As a change from food and flower names, how 'bout:

Mozart peach and Rossini pink ?


Call the darker one Coral Gables and the lighter one Shell.

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit

These yarn colors are just peachy. So,how about the following:
Dark peach = pumpkin mouse or sweet melon
Light peach = peach complexion or peach stone


The top one: Carrot Pudding; My Sweet Potato; Autumn Leaf; Tangerine Dream.

The bottom one: Peachy Keen; Peach Sorbet; Peach Fuzz; Creamsicle; Fuzzy Navel; Peach Schnapps.


tiger lily and peach blossom would be my choices

Kathryn Egan

The top color looks more like a "SHRIMP" color-not Brick to me. If you look at shrimp, there are 2 different colors Dark & Lt.

So, my color guesses are:

TOP---Dk Shrimp
BOTTOM---Lt Shrimp

Kathryn Egan

These colors look exactly like the Adobe & Bellini colors in your line. Was this a trick name that color??


Ha! No, Kathryn, those are the names that won the contest! Like I mentioned in the post, I'd leave it open until names were suggested that I liked.

Sue Sticksel

Darker- Coral sunset
Light - Peachie keen

BTW - Coral is my most favorite color


Stucco for the first one and peach dream for the second.

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