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September 22, 2009



I always made my girls a "nest," putting an old comforter and their own pillow on the couch. Then I brought drinks to the nest, plus whatever their cuddle object was, books, and toys. They're 21 and 24 now, and they still like a nest with age-appropriate accessories!


That's a perfect idea, Lynne! I wish someone would build me a nest now.


My mom always made me hot tea and toast and checked a pile of books out of the library for me. Some of my best reading memories come from sick days at home.

Cybèle de Jong

My two are a bit older than your James (10 and 7) but treats when they're ill are lying on the sofa wrapped in their duvet, watching telly all day and getting a magazine to read. O and of course ice lollies or ice cream, which even when they're ill goes down well!


I like the nest idea! In fact, I may steal it.

Usually, I just dole out the love, give in to most of the reasonable requests, and try to pamper as much as possible. And often, if there's a fever, put a cool washcloth on their foreheads. That always felt so good to me.


love the new sock yarn kudos for solid colors!!!

Sick kids. lots of cuddles and hugs here. Even now that they are older, they still like to cuddle when they are sick.

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