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September 24, 2009



Yes, the TV watching is addictive. I'm watching House, Biggest Loser, Grey's Anatomy (probably the last person holding out for better plots in the new season), True Blood and catching up on older shows from Netflix, like Battlestar Galactica, Six Feet Under, Weeds, Dexter, and I'm gonna see if I like Sex and the City since I missed the entire series because I was in the trenches of new parenthood.

The shawl is bee-yoo-tee-ful.




Love House and really enjoyed Modern Family (Wed nite) and the first show of The Good Wife was good too. I am still watching Grey's Anatomy and love the original CSI. Community on Thurs. is good, of course, I love Chevy Chase.


I admit to being addicted to the MSNBC evening political shows - esp Rachel Maddow. Like Andrea, I still hold out hope for Grey's Anatomy. I didn't watch it at first & then, when my daughter had knee surgery & I spent a week at her condo to help while she was newly post surgery, I bought the first 2 seasons (she was a big fan) & watched both straight through in a couple of days. I plan on doing the same with Mad Men - not sure why I don't start watching these shows from the beginning like everyone else. My favorite shows are cable & have different schedules than others. I love the new show (that is just starting another run through the season which just ended a couple of weeks ago) is Nurse Jackie - great actors, great writing. I have the first 2 seasons of Weeds waitiing to be watched also - maybe when it gets really cool. I also love the Monday sitcoms on CBS - my favorite is Big Bang Theory. I didn't know that about home made grape jelly. I grew up thinking that grape was the only flavor jelly came in. Have you ever made freezer jam? It is so luscious - tastes much closer to fresh fruit than the cooked kind & you don't have to heat up your kitchen in the summer. Years ago, when my older daughter went to camp in Lawrence Mi, we would stop on the way back from dropping her off & buy big flats of berries & I'd fill the freezer with enough jam for a year. No one to eat it now so I don't make it anymore.

Debbie B

I love House, did you see the Season Premier? I had almost given up on them, I read the other day that the actor that plays House may not be able to much longer, pretending to limp is actually causing problems physically on his 50 year old/young body. His family stayed in London (wife and kids) and he is in California, not happy in Cal and misses his family terribly. Your latest blog postings are too tempting, I don't know if I can stay subscribed!

Marti Johnson (aka Sock Queen)

I can see why you love that shawl! Its gorgeous! The recipient is going to be so happy at Christmas!
I too love Bones & Castle; also The Mentalist, Leverage (terrific series!), and NCIS. The Good Wife premiere was every bit as good as they advertised, so I hope it can keep it up.


CSI and Survivor, with a little Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother thrown in for some laughs.

I'll have to check out the scarf pattern - btw I love your new yarns. So many great colors, and some really nice ones for men's socks. I have a very conservative spouse with really big feet (size 13), so great to be able to get 3 skeins if needed.

Do you have the same cold my kid gave me? Less than one week of kindergarten and my son brings home "the creeping slime." Poor boy has a new school, new schedule, new kids to meet, Dad traveling for 2 weeks, and now the creeping slime of a cold. For spoiling, freeze pops and nests with TV and movies. The freeze pops are great 'cause they are easy on a sore throat, get some liquid into the kid, and they think it's a treat. We also do picnics on the living room floor with TV on for dinner as a treat.

Be well out there.

Allise Vicens

From Netflix,
RESCUE ME! All the acting is top notch and so is the writing.
The Tudors was also wonderful, and of course Weeds.


Your scarf is lovely! The only show I watch on A regular basis is Mad Men, love it! I miss Pushing Daisies ;+[


loverly scarf!!!
Sounds like we watch the same shows. we also watch Big Bang Theory, and Glee has become popular in our house also.


Oh, I too love Mad Men and Glee. The Testostertones..... Bwahaha!!!


Ah yes I fogot Glee - ti's so new - I've enjoyed the first few episodes & I too miss Pushing Up daisies.


Since we like a lot of the same shows, I'd recommend checking out Numb3rs. And the current version of Mystery! is Inspector Lewis, which I'd also endorse.

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