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August 16, 2009



I was at SS09, but was in my booth 99% of the time and didn't get to come and meet you. I was pretty disappointed by the end by that. :( My order will come through shortly though.

Barb Rickman

You are the second sponsor of SS 2009 that noticed few people in the stores during the Summit. I think that is where the bad economy made itself known. You can't pay for a plane ticket, classes and buy all the yarn you want on a budget. Something has to go and it usually purchases.

Folks came to SS to LEARN and MEET! Purchasing can come later for many. That was why I wanted to go to SS. I wanted to learn things and meet folks. I have sock yarn for YEARS!!!



Ooooooh - just got my sock club yarn & it may be my favorite so far - absolutely gorgeous colors & soft. Soon as I finish the Monkeys I'm knitting out of some old Trekking from my ginormous stash, they'll be next to be cast on. I;m gonna have to go to Ravelry & see what patterns folks are using for it! I tend to think Barb is right about the economy. Even I with my pretty bullet proof income & general lack of restraint where yarn is concerned have been buying less yarn lately - lots less at Midwest Fiber & Folk Fair (partly that is due to the expenses involved with flying from Chicago to San Francisco several times a year now that my DD's family lives in that area.)

Eleanor White


I have run out of the dark grey Jawoll Silk about 2 inches before the end of a pair of men's socks. i need another ball of the dark grey. Do you happen to have one?

Eleanor White, in Markham, Ontario in Canada.


Yes! We do have that one in stock now.

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