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August 12, 2009



It was great to meet you -- to finally put a face with words on the screen! And I'm looking forward to knitting with some of your new line.


I am glad that you had such a great time. I hear only positive reviews about the summit and I hope there is another one to be able to go. Did you sell all the new or special yarns that you had in your booth? Can we hope for left overs to be offered on the site? Jet lag is horrible and it takes a few days to recover, so take it easy for a while. What did James do when he saw you?


James woke up in the morning very happy to see me and spent the whole day not more than a foot away. I think he had a great time with Daddy, but we all really missed each other.
And yes, I do have special yarn to share that I had at the Summit! More on that next week!


It was so nice to meet you! It meant so much to me that you recognized my name - after a day of goggling over "knit-celebs", you made me feel like I was kind of one too! Thanks!


One hard part of organizing any event is balancing the number of attendees and classes with the number of vendors. If the event is just too good (it can happen), then nobody spends time shopping. If there are too many vendors for the number of buyers, either a few break even and the rest sell nothing, or they all get just a few sales. Since SS09 was a first for everything, obviously there was no way to predict whether everyone would be in classes or hanging out almost the whole time. Proximity matters too - if it's too long a walk to the sales room, people who have a full schedule of classes have no time to shop.

Marianne Graves

I and my buddies here in Florida are green with envy! Thanks for sharing. We have a locally famous yarn dyer that we love to buy yarn from, her colors are just incredible! She and her husband (and baby) made it out there so we are waiting for her report as well. Please do keep us informed if you hear whisperings about next year. Thanks so much! Marianne Graves

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