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August 25, 2009



Awww - how cute - somehow a child's interest in hand knitted socks is very reassuring - like with such a grounding, he can't ever go wrong. Gorgeous socks - I love the Monkey - am right now on my second pair in Trekking 136 which is more contrasty than I thought it would be from the ball but still the Monkey can handle pretty contrasty yarns. I love both those color ways especially the Underwater Moonlight. But I have discovered (after several years - I'm a slow learner in some ways) that I am sensitive to some dyes - mainly dark & intense colors. I noticed that I have no problems after several washings so I am going to try to wash a pair of already completed socks in Alpaca Sock (in a color way that is similar to the Underwater Moonlight) several times before I wear them to see if that helps. i would hate to restrict myself to pastel colored socks! (even though there are many lovely color ways.) if anyone has any other suggestions, I would appreciate hearing them. thanks for posting about Nutkin - I always forget about it when I am starting a sock - I've been meaning to knit that for quite a while now. I just printed it - maybe I'll start a pair now before I forget (radical departure for me - I am monogamous as far as sock knitting goes.)


Jamesy loves socks and I love Jamesy.


And, jamesy love you, Shera. Mostly for your blankie sewing skilz.


What a cutie pie he is! I love babies and toddlers in foot p.j.s.

Kathy in KS

You have something I've been looking for! No, not sock yarn, or boys, while I have plenty of both, I really don't "need" any more. I'm talking about your feet forms! I'm planning on entering a pair of socks in the state fair, and they're sort of cabley, and I'm concerned that even with blocking, they're going to sort of fold in on themselves. I've been wondering where I can get my hands on one, so can you tell me where you got yours?

mary r, mother of 5

Thanks so much for the picture of James and the story of his love of socks. Its wonderful. He must be a very happy child. Also he's learning to appreciate color and texture..pleasures whimch will bring him happiness all his life.

mary r

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