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July 31, 2009



Every Sunday I'm home I head to our local farmers' market to buy our weekly groceries. I'm particularly excited to go this week because they've added a new farmer to the roster -- one who sells local flours.


Now that I'm retired no special weekend plans except we always go to a bookstore on Friday or Saturday night - usually after we eat dinner out. This has been a great year for berries. I love all berries & I used to keep cereal, milk & berries at work & every day in the summer, I would have my "patriotic" red (raspberries), white (Oberweis milk) & blue (cornflakes). Lately one of my favorite things to do with berries is to make rough cut oatmeal & then stir berries (any & all kinds but most often blueberries) into it with cinnamon as soon as I take it out of the microwave - yummy. Your flowers are gorgeous - is it weird that the first thing I thought was wouldn't that make a great colorway for sock yarn?

Barb Rickman

Lost my job today. Unemployment looms. It's off to the farmers market in my town to get hold of some long staple alpaca to spin. That will make it all better..


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