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July 13, 2009



You will be that enthralled your whole life altho there may be times when that feeling is tested - some coming up soon likely. Altho I found that if you approach the 2's with the attitude that the baby is really just starting to be aware of the fact that he is an independent person & is flexing his "independence" muscles, it's a lot easier. And picking your battles is a big part of that - unless there is a good medical or safety reason for not letting a kid do something they really want to do, let him have at it. My older DD (very strong willed) started dressing herself (including picking out her own clothes) when she was not a lot older than James - which explains why she spent so much time wearing orange & purple outfits. At times I was temepted to pin a "she dresses herself" sign to her. We recently got back from visiting the grands in Palo Alto. The youngest is about 8 months older than James. When my SO did not respond quickly enough to he, she looked him in the eye & said, "You know I don't really like you that much." He, of course, realized that she didn't really mean it ut was flabbergasted (not having dealt to much with children.) And she has recently started to say (whenever she wants something from one of her big brothers & they don't want to give it to her) "But, I'm a girl." It's starting to sound like a litany, "No, you don't get special treatment because you're a girl." (We don't know for sure where she got that idea, but I suspect my former sister in law who visited a few weeks before us - it sounds like her.) The sok club yarn is even more beautiful than I ws epecting. I'm hoping to finish the socks I'm knitting now in time to start a pair from this yarn to work on at Midwest Fiber Fair.


goodness I almost forgot Happy Birthday, James!!!


Oh I completely agree with the hurry up and get thru this first couple of months. Except my first born was a handfull until he turned 2. THEN he got easy! LOL I think that's why being a grandparent to a newborn is actually better. You are alert enough to enjoy it.

I enjoy my kids more now. they are older and we can do more things together. It's more of an effort with my son since he likes some things that really don't interest me, but I want to keep that connection. I can see my daughter being my best friend when she's an adult.

Congrats on turning two James!!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES!!! You are sooooo cute and happy. Allison, you made me cry with your post, they are really the words of a wonderful mother, God Bless you. And do not worry that you will always feel the same.


You just described so accurately how I feel about my daugther. She is 20 months old right now.
Even though I loved having a little baby, I find this age even more amazing. It is so great to watch her communication skills increasing so rapidly. But of course, she responds when she wants to, and usually not when I'm aching to show off her new skills to other people.
But you are so right. It feels like I have won a prize. It's a kind of love it's impossible to imagine before you experience it. It's so overwhelming, and really scary at times, because I want to protect her from all the bad things in life.

Haha, I came by your blog looking for sockyarn, but my mind totally drifted off when I read your post because I relate so much to it. We are lucky to be blessed with beautiful children, and there is so much to look forward to. Good luck with your son's birthday:)


so sweet! Our 3 year old liked to respond to "How old are you?" with "Fifty (or sixty) cents old!" :D I was hoping the same for her 2nd bday. She can tell you how old she is now, and its great.

She too loves music and singing, and if one of us sings along (specially to Little Mermaid) she tells us "No Mommy (daddy), No singing! Just me".

Hope sock summit is wonderful for you!

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