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June 23, 2009



Hmmm - I had been planning on not buying any yarn (we are leaving next Tuesday to visit DD) but I missed out on that Raspberry Cola the last time. Took the opportunity to get some of that new Alchemy Juniper. Wendy just gave it a great review on her blog & I had been meaning to buy some & forgot. I always loved having BD parties for my kids & now helping with the ones for my grands. It pains me that I probably won't be able to do that anymore (altho I may try if I can get good fares.) Enjoy Sock Summit - I thought about it but maybe net year I can time my visit to DD's family so I can go to SS10 before or after (or maybe even take her with - altho that's hard with the kids.)


I just heard a great water safety tip that I want to pass on. Grown ups or older teens need to take turns being the Water Watcher. 20-30 minutes at a time. The Water Watcher does NOTHING but watch kids in the pool or other water - make sure all the heads can be counted. They should wear something distinctive like a really big hat that they pass to the next Water Watcher. IMPORTANT - no one speaks to the Water Watcher during their tour of duty. Please please be careful! And happy birthday to that cute little boy!

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