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June 03, 2009



Three favs come immediately to mind. The Seacoast Merino/Tencel in Black Hills Gold colorway which is still in the petting stage because I just love it so much. Then there is the Malabrigo which I purchased in all but about 4 colors. And finally SSYC's custom colorway of Shepherd Sock--Margarita. Wearing those socks always makes me feel just a little bit happier. Thanks, Allison, for your fabulous store and great customer service. Congrats on your 4th anniversary. May SSYC continue to grow!


Congratulations SSYC!!! A favorite is hard to name. I'll say the Dream in Color line of yarns.


Happy 4th Anniversary! Some of my favourite yarns are the 1st Anniversary colourway that Fleece Artist dyed for you (I still haven't used it yet, it's far too pretty!), and Trekking XXL.


Love the Unique Sheep Gradience yarns. I haven't knitted it yet, but it is definitely on my list to do soon.


My favorite yarn I've purchased from SSYC I think would have to be one of the skeins of Handmaiden Casbah. Maybe the Masala colorway? Casbah might be my favorite yarn base ever and I loved seeing everyone's lace ribbon scarves when you did you the knitalong!


Happy Anniversary! So many faves to choose from... I guess I'll go with Opal.


Happy anniversary, Allison! I wish I could clone you. More retailers (online and in person) should take lessons in your customer service skills.

So many favorite yarns to choose from ... I'm going to say it was the yarn I used to knit my first pair of socks: Shelridge Farms, Soft Touch Ultra Heathered (Crocus). It was user-friendly and withstood many frogging sessions. After all this time, the socks are still wearable. It was such a pleasant knitting experience that I was immediately hooked on sock knitting. (You enabler, you.)


Might be DIC starry for me, Petal Shower and Beach Fog.
Happy Anniversary Allison!


Happy Anniversary! My favorite purchase actually didn't become socks: one upon a time your shop carried Crystal Palace Kid Merino, which I made into a lovely lace cardigan ( My ongoing favorite for socks, though, is still Trekking XXL (and now Maxima).


Happy Anniversary.
I don't think I have knitted any of my purchases yet. (why do things have to marinate in the stash before I feel I can cast on?) I think my favorite for petting is the Cherry Tree Hill Possum Sock. And the best eye candy has been Fleece Artist Nyoni Special, now to find a pattern to show it off.


My favorite was the anniversary yarn done by Cherry Hill one year - it was a white base with speckles of hot pink and brown? I did a feather and fan pattern with it and they were darling. Not many dyers 'speckle' their yarns so it's a little different from the norm.
(Anything by Dream in Color would be a close second. I love all their colorways.)


Happy 4th Anniversary!!
Great choice for this year's yarn!

It would be hard to pick just one but for now (my favorites changed when I'm seduced by a new yarn) I'd pick Malabrigo. It is so soft and wonderful to wear. (of course I still love Sleeping Dragon Wooly Bamboo, Schaefer Heather, Lorna's Laces, and Shibui sock, to name a few)


My favorite purchase was Wendy KnitsSunrise- I'm still drooling over it before starting my socks.


My favorite so far has to be the "James Danger" colorway offered in one of the sock clubs. Not only is the base a beautiful yarn that I simply can't get enough of, I kept turning the skein over in my hands wondering what it was about yourself and about your family that was presented in those color choices. What can I say - I'm a bit of a voyeur I suppose. But the colors were so vivid that I couldn't help but this of happy, colorful things. I never would have picked those colors for myself, but they shine like a jewel in my "sock yarn stash" - just waiting for me to be, ahem, daring when I make them.


Congratulations on 4 years! I appreciate your presence here so much and love every skein I've ever bought from you! My favorites, though, have been the Sock the Vote skeins and your anniversary edition skeins. I am also thankful for your support of Sock Madness - vendors like you make giving away prizes so easy!


I bought a lovely skein of Fleece Artist merino sock in Hercules that I still think is beautiful. I haven't knit with it yet, although the practical part of me says I should make use of the beautiful thing, but it is still so lovely in the skein.

Congratulations on your anniversary!


Happy Anniversary Allison! I've purchased so much yarn from you, it is hard to list my favorite. But, if I had to pick one, it would be Pagewood Farms Alyeska (love the cashmere)! I've made two pairs of socks and kept them both for myself. It is such a wonderfully soft yarn and my socks have been through many, many washings and held up very well. Wish I could make it to the Sock Summit!

Ann Denney

I stumbled onto your web site about a year ago--and what a find! I have acquired a stash of beautiful yarns, but I must say my favorite so far is Dream in Color's Starry Plum Paisley. I didn't really mean to order the Starry (with silver strands), but it is absolutely gorgeous. I still haven't decided what it will be, but I get a lot of pleasure out of just looking at it. On days that I'm expecting a yarn shipment from you, I can't wait to get home--and it's always a good day!


Congratulations on 4 wonderful years! My favorite yarn I've bought from you is the anniversary sock yarn from last year, the Lorna's Laces in Simply Sock. I absolutely love the socks I knit with them.

Here's a link to Ravelry page for them:

See you in August at the Sock Summit!


Happy anniversary! May you have many more.

My favorite skein of yarn is always the one I'm currently working with (well, with the exception of the skein of Noro I'm using at the moment), so my favorite from your shop is the Dream in Color Starry. I bought a skein of Night Watch to knit the Viper Pilots socks (because that way they twinkle like they're in space!), and it's just a dream to work with. The colors are gorgeous - they give depth without obscuring the intricate cablework. I'd add a picture, but I haven't got one at the moment.

That said, I've also loved the Lorna's Laces, ShiBui and Panda Cotton I've bought too.


My favorite yarn so far is the Schaefer Anne in the colorway Sophia Smith. My daughter will graduate from Smith College in May 2010 with a major in plant sciences, and I am making her a flower-petal shawl ( with the yarn as a graduation gift. This is one project that will have layers of meaning!


Happy Anniversary!!! I remember when you first started and thought, what a great idea!!! And then I was worried that you wouldn't last a year. The fact that you've been in business for FOUR is amazing! Esp with the economy the way it is and the fact that you really are a specialty shop. Then again, that's probably your saving grace. Sock yarn is a quick mental fix. Better and cheaper than therapy!!

As far as my favorites, it's hard to say, but I do like the dream in color line. and LOVE the way Lorna's Laces knits up and lasts and lasts.


Wow Congrats on 4 years! I recently discovered Simply Socks Yarn and haven't made a purchase yet, but I do have a list of yarns I will buy. A couple includes the Seacoast Panda Sock and the Farmhouse, Bo Peep. Yay! I'm looking forward to my purchase...plans for the yarn are brewing already! :)


Congratulations! I love the Schaefer Anne line and am waiting for the thistle-Shibui yarns are gorgeous too-actually all of the yarns are pretty swanky!


Happy anniversary! I just placed my first order. I've been meaning to place one, but have been restraining myself from all purchases. I love so much of it. The Zauberball intrigues me, but this time I went for the WendyKnits and the gradience.


Happy Anniversary. I really liked all the yarns I have tried from your store and it's hard to pick just one favorite. I really liked the Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Fruit Punch. It was enough to make a simple pair of socks and also a pair of wristlets. The colors are wonderful!

Molly Johnson

Hmmm...this could be a hard one...I think it's going to be a toss up between the Sock Clubs Casbah in the Syrah colorway and the clubs Purple Flat Feet.
Congrats on a job well done! Thank you for offering such great customer service.


I've been reading your blog for quite a while, but I have only purchased yarn once so far. I bought 2 skeins of Fleece Artist Nyoni in the Paris colorway. (See it here: )

I am planning to make a sweater, possibly incorporating a second yarn in a K1b or a mosaic technique. I just don't know yet. It's waiting patiently in my stash for now.

I will be at the Sock Summit, so I hope to meet you in person there!


Congrats! Four years is really something! I love looking in your shop, there is such a great selection with so many colors in stock. I've purchased some skeins over the last four years and consider them all my favorites. Dream in Color and Casbah sock are two that come to mind as my current favorites.


My favorite yarn I bought from SSYC was definitely the Handmaiden Casbah in Cosmic Dawn. Prettiest project EVER


So far the best thing I've made with yarn from your store is a set of plain ol' stockinette socks for my baby and my husband. You can see them at


My favorite had been Fleece Artist Nyoni special, which you mentioned here was on sale and once I clicked the link I was sucked in. It was such a huge skein that I decided to make a cardigan out of it and did Hannah Fettig's Featherweight, which is from her blog. I ended up knitting each piece twice and having to do a lot of work to keep the variegated yarn from pooling too badly, but the colors made it such a pleasure and I absolutely love the cardigan. Not too heavy, but still warm enough for a chilly office. I'm still wearing it into the summer!
Here's my rav page for it:
So glad you're here! I love being able to read about you and behind-the-scenes at your company, instead of just seeing the storefront.


Congratulations Allison. Hope you have many more!

Beth from Lorna's Laces

Kristie Hammond

Happy Anniversary! My favorite yarn (so far!) is the Trekking Brach's candy colorway.


Congratulations on 4 years. I really enjoy your shop and your blog.. My favs over the years are from the sock clubs. My all time favorite was the Cottage colorway in the sock club. Just beautiful..


Happy Anniversary. I would have to say my favorite yarns are Trekking Brachs Candy and Pagewood Farms.

Holly Bergstrom

Thanks for all your great yarns! I love that you are making your dream work, even with a little one at home. It's inspiring to those of us trying to find a similar balance between kids, fulfillment and knitting. I would love to make some socks with the gradience yarns - they look so amazing!

Happy Anniversary.


Happy 4th! My favorite sock yarn (so far) is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in solid colors, for the great stitch definition.


Happy anniversary! One of my favorite SSYC yarns is Lorna's Laces in color Sunshine. I purchased 3 skeins because the Nancy Bush pattern I used comes rather far up the calf and called for more than the usual 100 g. I made those socks (Gentleman's Shooting Stockings and they came out great. A few years later, I used the leftover yarn to make a small pair just like them for my 4-year old (Preschooler's Shooting Stockings


Happy Anniversary! I've been knitting for 4.5 years and have followed your blog and store for a few years. I've bought several skeins of sock yarn from of my favorite projects was a pair of socks knit for a friend from Lorna';s Laces...mine are still waiting to be knit:) Here's the Ravelry link to my socks .


Happy 4th Anniversary! What an accomplishment!
I have purchased many wonderful yarns from you. However, I must say that my favorite, by far, has been the Sknitches Syncopation. Love how neatly the stripes develop. I just wish it was still available!
So as far as currently available yarn, my favorite would be the Dream in Color--many wonderful choices, including the Starry!


Happy Anniversary! I think my favorite would be Sleeping Dragon.


Happy Anniversary!
It is hard to pick just one, I love all the dream in color smooshy, and the handmaiden casbah.


I love a site that I can dream over for hours! But for buying, a staple is Opal yarn, as it's so reliable as a gift sock.


Happy anniversary! You have so many great yarn choices, it's hard to choose my favorite. I guess my favorites are from the semi solid club. The Casbah and the lilac Flat Feet I used in Cookie A. patterns. They are so pretty!


Congratulations!! My favorite yarn is Dream in Color, Smooshy, though Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock is a close second. Thanks a million for being the absolute best yarn store!!!!!


Happy anniversary! My favorite was from the Schaefer Anne Sock the Vote series - I bought Michelle. The colors are beautiful! I haven't used it yet but I can't wait!


Happy anniversary! My favorite purchase so far has been Online Supersocke. It's just such a great workhorse yarn. And, you had it for sooo cheap.

Keep up the good work!

Judy L.

Happy Anniversary. I'm so glad you're my favorite yarn shop! :) In this blog post, I show 4 or 5 different yarns I ordered at one time and of all the boxes I've received from you . . I believe this was my favorite shipment!

Thanks again for the wonderful selection of yarn and the fantastic service you've always provided.


Congratulations on four successful years in business! It has been fun to follow you and your family via your blog while buying my favorite sock yarns. So far, I think my favorite yarn purchased at SSYC is the Zauberball Crazy I just received in the mail this week...What a FUN idea, and it is super soft. I can hardly wait to start a pair of socks with it! I really have my eye on some of the Gradience yarn as well..I just can't decide what color I want!


Thank you for your wonderful site Allison! Wishing you many more successful years. My favorite yarns purchased from you are 2 skeins of a lovely blue/pink/purple Koigu KPPPM and some Cherry Tree Hill in Cherry Blossom. Both are still in the stash waiting for the perfect pattern. I have to save them for something special!


Oh, the unique sheep gradience sock yarn is by far my favorite yarn yet. It is soft, the colors are rich and the gradience is an exciting concept!

Lisa K.

Happy Anniversary!!!!

My fave has got to be the Seacoasat Merino Tencel. I have no memory whatsoever fo the colorway, but it reminds me of seaweed washing up on the beach - blues and greens and a hint of sand. Perfect. I made my own pattern out of it - no-name simple socks to show off the colors.

blogless grace

I do not have any particular yarn that is my favorite--my favorite is the sock club yarns. They are always a wonderful, welcome surprise to open. The yarn is fantastic and the colors are a delight to the eye. I get the most compliments on the socks knitted from sock club yarns. Thanks.

Sue H

Happy Anniversary!

I keep eye-ing the SC Merino Tencel Silver Gold - wouldn't that look spectacular in a wrap??? Someday soon I will do it....


I was going to say that the juniper sock varegated yarns really caught my eye, but then I fell in love with the shibui sock transition sock.

I'll be sure to stop by and say hello at sock summit!

victoria moss

"Smooshy" "Smooshy" "Smooshy"

And oh ... did I mention "Smooshy?"

Current fave is Spring Tickle, I'm in a green phase.


Happy Anniversay!!

I just found your site.I have not order yet.As far as a favorite yarn
goes that is a really hard one.You have so many.And my list is so
long of different yarns I want to try.But my all time favorite is Opal.

Linda Gettmann

Congrat's Allison, what a great shop keeper you are, such good service and these products are so wonderful, they must be hard to keep in stock as you so often say -- You Rock! My favorites are numerous, Dream in Color Smooshy, Seacoast Handpaints w-tencel, Shaefer Anne, anything with bamboo, the list goes on and on -- see you at Sock Summit, I live close to Portland so will be driving in for classes and shopping 2 days. Here's to another 4 years for you -


I purchased the good n plenty colorway sock yarn - just love it!
Thanks for a great site and blog
Vanessa in Upstate NY
butterflyjones03 At Yahoo DOT Com

Kathy Sue

I think that I love all sock yarn. The size of it fits perfectly around my fingers as I knit. I most love STR--it is so squishy! I have hardwood floors and sensitive feet, so it makes great house socks. Fortunately, I have cold toes, too, since it makes such a warm fabric! I am now saving up for a set of gradience. I also need to decide which color I need the most!


Conratulations on four years! I bought a skein of Cashbah, and it was so generous that I am actually making a second pair of socks with only the addition of a small bit of a contrasting color for the heels and toes. if I could figure out how to attach a photo, I would. Thanks for encouraging the dying of beautiful years.

Denise Sheaves

Congratulations. My favourite would have to be the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. Looking at purchasing the Unique Sheep Gradience, just not sure what colourway to choose!!!


Congratulations and happy anniversary! My favorite purchase was Schaefer Anne in the colorway "Sarah". I'm looking forward to four more years!

Margaret Marquis

My new favorite will be the Schaefer yarn special edition color to celebrate your 4th anniversary. Love the sock club too! Margaret


Congratulations! I love the Casbah yarn the most, but I keep a window in my browser open to your page to catch all the changes, and browse when I'm bored. It's a wonderful site, and I wish you many more years of yarn!

Pat Martin

Congratulations, Allison, on 4 years and counting. My favorite thing about your store is the personal service and caring attitude - you always find a way to work things out - even when we have crazy requests!
My favorites so far are Fleece Artist products. My husband loves his Sea Wool socks and they soothe his foot problems.
I'm still swatching and doing the math to use Fleece Artist Nyoni for a February Lady Sweater.
See you at Sock Summit.
Pat Martin


i haven't purchased anything from your site yet, but i love the malabrigo & the shibui yarns...haven't gotten a chance to knit with either, but they are on my wish list!



I have recieved speedy and pleasant service from your store. Happy Anniversary!!

Meeta Vats

Congratulations on 4 years. Happy Anniversary! My favorite is Fleece Artist, Casbah: Twilight
Many thanks!


That Zauberball intrigues me as do the bamboo/wool sock blends and I love the variety y'all have!


Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have many, many more.

My favorite yarn from SSYC has to be Dream in Color Smooshy. I love, love, love this yarn in every way. For me, it is the gold standard for all sock yarns.

Jo Ann (shamrockknits)

I loved the Smooshy Dream in Color yarn that I bought to make a shawl. It is beautiful!


Happy Anniversary Allison! Until I found you I didn't know how many differents skeins of sock yarn I could wallow in and still have new stuff to buy! But, one of my favorite basic yarns that you introduced me to is Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Ultra. I love it! My first skeins turned into a new design,
I have 2 more stewing in my stash that want to be something soon. Another that I truly love is Opal's 6 ply DK. Use it often for winter socks that just don't wear out! Thanks again for everything you have done for internet yarn shopping. Love You!

Ashley Wade

I'm new to simply socks, but I've always wanted to try Fleece Artist Sea Wool in the Amethyst colorway. Austermann step has always been a drool-worthy yarn for me as well. I've never tried DIC smooshy, and absolutely love the 480 and 430 colorways. Finally, I've always wanted to knit Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock, especially in the "Franklin's Panopticon" colorway. :) I absolutely love your store, and hope to purchase much fiber from you very soon!~

Diane Salmirs

Happy Anniversary! I love poking around the store and even buying occasionally. I love the FA Rose Garden colorway! It really does remind me of a rose garden, and roses are my favorite flower. Look forward to meeting you at the Sock Summit in August.


Happy Anniversary!! I have a long (and getting longer!) wishlist of yarns, you can bet I'll be at your booth at Sock Summit!

My wishlist includes- so many colors from Dream in Color and Shibui. Also the Malabrigo sock and Lorna's Laces (I love your Simply Socks color!!). :)


My first order was to do a KAL, I got the Dream in Color Baby, Pansy. Since then I have ordered other yarns and have ALWAYS been happy with the yarn and service. I cringe when I receive your emails because I know I will spend the next half hour or so looking at your site with the sales, beautiful yarns, so tempting! So many yarns, so little time....

Congratulations! on your four years and wishing you many, many more!


Unique Sheep Gradiance!

Anna Marie

Happy 4th Anniversary! I have to say Unique sheep yarn. I have made socks with the gradience yarn and I just love it.

Holly Barcelo

It's so hard to pick just one! However, if I narrow it down to the yarn that I've knit with (not nearly the selection I would like to claim) I'd have to say that Malabrigo is still my favorite for both color and feel.

Patricia Martini

Happy Anniversary...and many more to come. Keep up the good work...all the best!


My fav has to be the the sKNIThes sock yarn. I made a really pretty scarf from it. thanks for the contest. Debbie


Happy Anniversary, SSYC!
After my sister-in-law informed me that I HAD to check out this website, I have been a customer for almost a year now and have placed a few orders. After looking over the website today I just had to order the Transition Glove pattern and enough Shibui yarn to make 2 pairs of fingerless gloves. Oh yes, I also had to order a skein of the anniversay yarn. Love! I also love the Dream in Color Starry. You just have too many wonderful choices.


Happy Anniversary Allison!!

Favorite yarn? Heather, Heather, Heather!!!

Did I mention HEATHER? :)


It would be online -no picture given to a friend knit while traveling to Indiana last year.
Great to see you are FOUR--may you have many more.


I love the Cascade Fixation effects socks
I made out of the yarn I bought from you in 2007 the best of any socks I own.They are still wearing good .
I also love the Trekking XXL yarn and I still have some of both Cascade and trekking in my stash.So I guess I'll have to say these tow are my favorite because they last and last.
Elsie ogle <><


I'm dreaming of making socks from Dream in Color, and also very eager to make something with zauberball or zauberball crazy.

Jennifer barr

I'm new to your site, however what catches my eye is FA Merino Angel Marine

Karyn Haydock

Happy anniversary! I placed my first order about 2 yrs (and how many pairs of socks??) ago. You have played a vital role in my addiction to sock knitting. While I am thrilled, the sweater pieces and worsted skeins in my stash tubs are not thrilled. Congrats and here's to many more!!



My favorite skein so far has been the Trekking XXl colorway 26. THe neopolitan colors were spot on and the yarn itself was a joy to work with.

Your customer service has been excellent, even to the point of personally calkling me when a shipment didn't arrive when expected. You speedily took care of the problem.

Thank-you, so much, for great products and customer service.



Happy Anniversary! You have made a lot of knitters very happy these past four years. We all thank you for that. The Dream in Color Starry that I would love to try would be the color #450 Pansy-go lightly. It looks beautiful. Best wishes in the many anniversaries to come for Simply Socks.


My favourite of them all is certainly the Woodstock Gradience. A neutral that is not boring at all!


Although I have not made a purchase yet, I have enjoyed shopping and viewing all the yarns. My favorites are Dream in Color and Cherry Tree Hill. I have my eyes on Cherry Tree Hill Super sock in Silent Night to buy soon. Thanks for such a wonderful selection.


Allison, HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY. can you believe it's four years already!!! I belive my favorite yarn would have to be Dream in Color.


Happy Anniversary! I buy most of my sock yarn from SSYC, as your service is great. For yarn I really like Cherry Tree Hill; for amazing colors Fleece Artist yarns are my favorites. And when it comes to semi-solids, I really like Dream in Color Smooshy. I'm glad you have a good mix of new, indie dyers and the larger company yarns. They all have their uses. Best wishes for continued success!

Kathy V in NM

Happy Anniversary, Allison! Hard to choose a favorite since everything I have ever purchased from you has been stunning. But, Dream in Color Smooshy in all weights seems to be the product I order most -- and that Starry Dream in Color works up beautifully!

Kathy V in NM


My favourite is the one I'm using right now - (and I'm almost ashamed to admit it's not a small company hand dyed sock yarn) - Trekking XXL in Brach's Candy - colour 126. I was travelling and pre-wound yarns make good friends, because you can stuff them into briefcases and they don't need winding from the skein. Not easy to do on the plan. Now, please understand, it's not that I don't have other favourites I've ordered from Alison - I haven't met a Fleece Artist or a Handmaiden I can't find room for, but the Trekking is on the needles and I'm a bit like that old song - If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.

Happy Anniversary Alison. Your health, my poor credit card.


Funny, I've ordered for swaps and friends but never for myself! Smooshy 08 is gorgeous, Aracunia... could I just list ALL the yarns ;) Congratulations!

Jackie Provau

I remember when I first found this site and how excited I was about it. My favortie skein I bought from you is the Fleece Artist Seawool in the pinata colorway.

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