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May 29, 2009



Me! I'm going! (And I'm looking forward to meeting you.)

I managed to add a half-day class I actually wanted to take to the handful of one-hour ones I grabbed originally, so I have great faith that I'm going to learn lots of unexpected things.

Now I'd better get on that plane ticket...


Never underestimate the power of sock knitters to overwhelm anything! Remember when the credit card companies refused to process the charges for the Socks That Rock sock club because they couldn't believe that anyone would spend over $200 for sock yarn & thought it must be some kind of scam? That pork chop marinade sounds so yummy it makes my mouth water. I had a tooth surgically extracted a week ago (which made me curse my former dentist who acted like I was crazy when I kept insisting that I had a cavity in that tooth & now it couldn't be saved.) Anyway after a day of no food & 3 days of yogurt & cottage cheese, I can eat soft food like hamburger but I'm still not ready for hard things that need a lot chewing which made the thought of those chops especially tempting. James is so cute! I totally get the boring thing. I'm not going to SS09. We're off to California to visit the grands (& their parents too, of course) in a few weeks &, when we get back, there is the Midwest Fiber & Folk Fair, which I highly recommend to all. I am a sponsor & went last year. Took a fantastic dyeing class there last year. That is a great looking sock pattern - would look fantastic in that semi-solid pink yarn from the sock club (can't remember the dyer& it's on another floor of our house.) James is getting so big - toddlerhood is one of the most exciting times in a child's life - when they start to communicate & give feedback. I'll never forget the first time my oldest grand called me grandma or the first (& every other) time the baby (now 2½!) ran across the room & jumped into my arms with a big hug & kiss when I entered their house!


Oh my goodness, I just took a look at the SS2009 classes and schedule, it is like getting a PHD in sock knitting! WOW. I can speak to the beauty of the Gradience yarn...beautiful saturated color. I can not wait to knit it up! Gretchen


One word of warning about the Nutkin: all those decreases right in a row tend to make the pattern not stretchy very much. Make sure you try it on as you go to make sure you can get it over your heel. I did one toe up, and had to increase a few to account for the non-stretchy-ness on the foot portion, and then neglected to check for fit before proceeding up the leg. Guess who couldn't get it on after she bound off? I'm going to try it again someday when I'm not so mad at myself, and either add in some purls between or just make the backside all K2P2 rib or something.


Kathy, you are so right. I had to tear it out once to get something that fit me. It's definitely a concern when starting the pattern. As written, it would only fit those with VERY narrow legs and feet.


Hi Allison, I'm coming to Sock Summit, and I was one who suffered the crashing server, took me 30 min. to get into the classes and then it wouldn't let me finish registering and when I did get back in only had 3 min. to finish! What a deal, I did get 2 classes tho, so I'm happy about that. I'll see you there -- I live about 25 mi. north of Portland, so will be driving down 2 days for classes and shopping of course. Linda Gettmann

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