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May 05, 2009



I like the look of that Zauerball a lot. I hadn't been tempted by the original line, but I like this twist. As far as trends I would like to see more of, I'm really getting into the semi-solid/slightly variegated lines like Smooshy. With the addition of Wendy's new book and cookie a's new book, I'm wanting to do near solids in great patterns. I also am totally in love with Starry and would like to see more metallics that aren't garish.


I too am getting into the semi-solid/solid yarns. I've been into knitting cables socks. And I also just got both Wendy's and Cookie A's new book. (I'd like some more Wooly Bamboo in the semi-solid. I love this yarn!)

Mary A

I too would like the semi/solid more. If Casbah had more semisolid colors and more yardage I would buy no other sock yarn. I worry with only 355 yards, I don't like short socks, thus I order two at a time and that makes expensive socks.


Hmmmmm, I'm seeing a trend here - maybe we're all getting tired of the self patterning yarns? I know I am. I find myself looking for more subtlety like the semi-solids And I think that Wendy & Cookie A have something to do with it (or maybe they are just reacting like the rest of us.)


Hmm, these remind me of Trekking, but presumably softer and subtler...

I'm on the solid and semi-solid bandwagon these days. If I'm going to knit a pattern I want it to be seen.


Wow, what a trend! Anyone else want to weigh in?


This isn't a new thing at all: anyone who's been knitting socks for a few years will remember Socka Color (I think I have the last balls of their 9140 shade to come out of the mill!) and the wide range of Trekking XXL colourways with similar effects. Still, I'm delighted that the fashion seems to be coming back, because the subtle colour shifts are great fun to knit with, lovely to look at, and much kinder to textured stitch patterns than the bold self-striping yarns that have been so popular recently.

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