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May 20, 2009



The thing that helped me the most in between my two kids was to do a couple of exercise classes. I was in college at the time, so I signed up for PE classes, one term was a circuit training class, the next term a walking class. It was probably the most in shape I have ever been.


I managed to hold on to my baby weight for 4 years. For me weight watchers helped - mostly wanting to lose it helped more than the method. Good luck!


I loved that chocolate cake too. I kept my baby weight after my twins for 18 years - I finally had enough and cut my portions in half- eat half- digest and wait -if I was REALLY hungry I could have half of what was left but usually I wasn't hungry- That way I could eat what I liked without a problem - no feeling of deprivation.


Frequent small meals. If you let yourself get too hungry, it's all over! I try to not let myself even think about sugary treats. If you are craving sugar, the low-fat ice cream treats like Skinny Cow are quite satisfying without breaking the calorie bank. If I have one of those, I don't feel deprived of my sweets. Also, eating only half of what's on your plate if eating out and taking the rest home for lunch the next day.


I did the low carb thing a couple of years ago - lost 40 lb & have managed to keep it off, While not easy, I found that it worked better for me than any other diet. You can buy a lot of 100 calorie pack snack foods & South Beach bars. They even make a South Beach frozen pizza that's pretty good. I still try to watch my carbs & may go back on the stricter diet after I finish having all the dental work done that I need (I curse my former dentist every time!). I'd like to lose another 20 or 30 lb.

Cybèle de Jong

Be careful when cutting anything out that you will end up eating again when you reach goal weight. You need carbs to help you feel full and stave off hunger - your willpower will weaken if you feel hungry. Just eat carbs in smaller portions and eat wholemeal varieties - wholemeal pasta with a tomato based sauce (I make sauce with onions/garlic/mushrooms/red and yellow peppers/mushrooms/tomatoes), toast or jacket potato with baked beans.
I did WeightWatchers back in 2004 when I needed to shed my second baby-weight and felt I'd never eaten better. Also, small amounts of exercise will help. Apart from speeding up weightloss (if you don't eat up the calories you've burnt, which is a habit I have ;-) you'll feel better for it and it will help tone as well.
Good luck!

Jean Marie

I made a deal with myself to exercise 15 minutes each day - because that is an amount of time I know I can manage to fit in my days. I try to do this in the morning, although that doesn't always happen (but I managed about 25 minutes this morning!). Some days I get more time, although often it's 15 minutes in the morning, and another 15-30 minutes in the evening.

I have several different books with short exercise routines: DK has a series out(Yoga, Total Body, Better Back, ?); Morning Cup of Yoga, Morning Cup of Strength, a flip book with Pilates exercises, and several other yoga books, and I choose different ones depending on my available time, energy level, and overall feel.

And I walk the dog most evenings (but not last week, I had either a stomach bug or food poisoning last week which laid me out flat for several days).

I've also become a "snacker" - most days eating several smaller portions rather than 2 or 3 large meals. I find my energy level feels more even (and no nap attack after a large meal!). And I usually have a cup or re-fillable bottle of water to hand.

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