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May 26, 2009



I like chevron patterns for showing off stripes. There are some in "Sensational Knitted Socks" by Charlene Schurch, plus Jaywalkers (by Grumperina) and Crosswalkers (by Emily Miller) are two patterns that are very popular. I knit up Dublin Bay socks (Mossy Cottage Knits) using self-striping yarn and they were successful, too. Good luck!



I like Yarnissima's Spice Boy and I want to try her Kiila and Brainless patterns too.


I agree with Abby & I am currently working on a pair of Opal Cotton Petticoat in a Mistake Rib ( - super easy & it looks fantastic. I think I'd like this pattern in just about any yarn. Looks complicated but is super simple. Monkeys look pretty good too - the pattern still shows up in self striping yarn.


Should have looked in my Ravelry library before I posted - I think the daydreamer socks would look good in just about any self striping yarn too (that's why they're in my library.)


Ooh! I made Groovy Socks last year in Vesper Neopolitan and everyone LOVES them!


Hmph! It didn't link them...

Groovy Socks:


Check out my Roundabout Pattern on Ravelry. It's a freebie, and works with any striping or variegated yarn.

Jean Marie

Seesaw Socks by Kim Salazar; it's a pattern to purchase but if you look on her blog (String or Nothing, a few years back), she has some general notes - this pattern uses a "tilting block" stitch.

Feather and Fan socks - there are a variety of different versions, many free (Wendy Knits has one), which make the striping "wave" gently.

Ampersand (from Through the Loops)

Escher Socks from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn (there are several other tempting patterns in this book but I haven't gotten to any others...yet!).


I've been dying to try Margaritaville, which look great in self striping

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