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April 24, 2009



Allison, you must be having the beautiful weather that just passed through Montana. We had two days in the 80s and now it's snowing heavily and is 27 degrees. Bummer! I just don't see how things can change so rapidly and so extremely. This is my second Montana winter after having transplanted from Texas, and I swear it will never end. Anyway, I'm happy for you. Enjoy some sunshine and warmth!I have sunshine in my soul because my son returned from an eight-month tour in Iraq yesterday. I won't see him for a couple weeks, but he is safely back on California soil and I am very grateful.


It looks lovely out your window! We're getting a taste of summer here too. I am excited to be taking my first week long vacation in over 5 years - on the beach!


I'm so excited about Sock Summit in August. Some of my dear friends from my old knitting Group in Chicago are going to come and I know we'll have a blast!

I'm also looking forward to being outside more with my little one (she's 13 months old). I got her the cutest swimsuit and can't wait to watch her play in the sprinkler!


What a beautiful photo! It looks like any minute someone could come strolling up the path with a warm pie to share! (Yum!)

I just got married, and this summer I'll be able to introduce my new husband (omg) to my dad and that part of my family. In the Florida Keys! Woohoo!

susan osann

Coldwater Lake - my favorite pastime from Washington DC. If only it weren't so far away. . . . .


Yes we had that beautiful weather here in the Chicago area but unfortunately I could only see it out the dentist's window (they do have huge ceiling to waist -high sill windows with a view of the Chicago skyline.) The dental assistants & clerical staff were all complaining about having to be in on such a gorgeous day. I did get to spend much of the evening outside & it was almost as nice. This summer I am looking forward to visiting my daughter & grands in Palo Alto a couple of times & spending time getting used to my new camera by taking pictures along the Chicago lakefront & maybe going to some Midwest photogenic areas for a couple of weekends. Any suggestions for scenic spots in northern Indiana or southern Michigan? Your childhood summers sound idyllic - mine were almost as good. The also included taking the bus to my cousin's house (about 2 miles on one bus) & going to CYO summer camp during the week & Saturday afternoon matinees of old Abbot & Costello movies (sometimes Francis the Talking Mule movies - I had a huge crush on Donal O'Connor as a little girl.) And going to carnivals & eating cotton candy.

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