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April 08, 2009


Cybèle de Jong

I've only had an Easter tradition for the past few years, when I met my current partner. Between us we have four children, and he lives in a new house with lots of land around it. Every year he organises an Easter Egg hunt with little rhymes as clues. Because there is so much space, there are lots of hiding places, and the kids love running around and being the first to work out a clue and find the egg. They get so many chocolate eggs that they're still eating them at the end of the summer... but they've made it a tradition in asking for it time and again.
Have a good break!

Jean Marie

We also have done a "treasure hunt" for our older son, although, alas, he more-or-less "outgrew" it a couple of years ago (he's 15). Younger son isn't quite ready to start yet (he's just turned 5), maybe next year! DH writes the clues, leading from one plastic egg location to the next (clues are in the eggs) with the basket at the last location.

Very little candy tho', we used small items (colored pencils, erasers, small Lego sets, card game, computer game -usually second hand, books, puzzles, bouncy balls, etc.) rather than candy (around our house, sweet stuff just disappears exceedingly and shockingly rapidly!).

It is lots of fun! Enjoy your break!


I'm not really a blogger but wanted to share this.

When I was growing up, all of Lent, Holy Week and Easter were focused totally on the life of Christ. Church was "where it was". My mother cleaned, baked, washed windows, washed and ironed curtains far into the night for days so everything would be ready. Of course we dyed and decorated and hid eggs and then waited for our beautiful baskets with special chocolate goodies.
A tradition which was and is special for me..having Easter food blessed.
A special basket would be chosen, lined with a fine linen cloth or doily, and samples of Easter breakfast food would go in: eggs, ham, placzek, pickled beets and always a lamb made out of butter. The women of the parish would try to outdo each other with their beautiful baskets. These would be taken to church on Saturday afternoon and blessed.
Then on Easter, this food would be shared by everyone in the family and as we would share we would ask for special blessings to each as we gave it to each other.


Our family tradition that the kids (grown kids) still want when they are home is an chocolate egg trail. My mother always said the Easter Bunny left a trail from the bedroom to the basket or nest to make it easy to find. There always were some odd extra placements like in shoes or on top of the toothbrush holder. Fond memories and lots of fun.


When I was little, our Easter celebration was almost identical to Jean Marie's. In this area (& maybe everywhere?) the tradition of the blessing of a basket of food is a Polish Easter tradition. My (Irish) mother adopted it & even began making her own Polish sausage (the fresh kind - not the kind one gets at hot dog stands.) When my girls were little, in addition to the traditional Easter basket, we always colored eggs the day before & then the "Easter Bunny" would hide them (very important to make a list of exactly where each egg is - you don't want to find one a few weeks later by smell!). Now that my girls are grown, we just mostly go to a restaurant for brunch. My younger daughter does hide eggs for the 3 grands (I think she uses the plastic kind) & I always make baskets for them. This year, since they are 2500 miles away, I had Easter pails with their names printed on them from the Personalization Mall - less candy, more little toys & crafty stuff & they can use the pails afterward at the park. The one thing our Easter baskets have always contained (& this tradition goes back to my childhood) is bubbles &, if one can be found, one of those paddles with a ball attached to it by a rubber band.


Have a wonderful mini-vacation with your family :-)
and thanks for the gorgeous scarf pattern. How very fun to drop and unravel stitches on purpose!

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